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Jefferson County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
ALLEN, George Jun 1882 Kenneth Stacy
ARGO, Betty Eliza McKinney Dec 1964 Melissa Hogan
ARGO, Charles Jul 1942 Melissa Hogan
ARGO, Lidge Thomas May 1947 Melissa Hogan
ARGO, Mary Alice Smith Jun 1930 Melissa Hogan
ARRINGTON, Susan Margaret Jul 1920 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
BALLARD, Jesse C. Dec 1945 Melissa Paulk
BEGGS, Hamilton 1918 Joy Fisher
BLACK, D.M Feb 1943 Kathryn Morrow
BLACK, Rev. H.M Mar 1953 Kathryn Morrow
BLACK, John Olen Apr 1936 Kathryn Morrow
BLACK, Mary Ann Dec 1951 Kathryn Morrow
BLACK, Robert William Feb 1944 Kathryn Morrow
BLACK, S.D Apr 1934 Kathryn Morrow
BLACK, Thomas William Apr 1940 Kathryn Morrow
BLAIR, Esther Glasgow Dec 1945 Melissa Paulk
BLANCHARD, D.B. Jerry May 1976 Paul Blanchard
BOORSE, Arthur 1918 Joy Fisher
BOYKIN, Arthur Vester 1918 Joy Fisher
BRAKEFIELD, John Raymond Apr 1994 Yvonne Brakefield
BRAKEFIELD, William David Feb 1940 Mary Kirkpatrick
BROOKINS, Charlie T. Oct 1919 Scott Fraser
BROWN, Maggie L. Dec 1956 Melissa Hogan
BURDETTE, James Alexander Jun 1923 Meredith Clapper
BURNS, Lillian Frances Mar 1939 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
BUSBY, Chester Arthur Oct 1975 Melissa Hogan
BUSBY, Claudia Octavia Green Mar 1961 Melissa Hogan
BUSBY, Henry L. Feb 1961 Melissa Hogan
BUSBY, Pernecia Angeline Feb 1948 Melissa Hogan
CALE, Albert Duncan Mar 1942 Tina Stewart
CAMPBELL, Alta Victoria Aug 2003 Deon Russell
CHADBOURNE, Fancher Ezekiel Dec 1972 Kathleen Goodell Brown
CHASE, Minnie Lee May 1939 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
COLLIER, William Hooper Jr. Feb 1982 Patricia Duggan
COLLINS, Haywood Nov 1951 Pat Fine
COOK, Aaron L. Dec 2011 Ruth Mitchell
CUMMING, Bryant Fourney 1918 Joy Fisher
CURRY, Bettie Hammond Sep 1902 Kenneth Stacy
DAVIS, Andrew Oliver Oct 1946 Stephen L. Lee
DAVIS, Virginius Pierce Apr 1928 Stephen L. Lee
DAY, Edward Charles Jr. May 1961 Christina Anthony
DEJARNETT, Daisy L. Jul 1935 Carolyn Golowka
DEJARNETTE, James Terry May 1933 Carolyn Golowka
DEJARNETTE, John Pemberton Feb 1924 Carolyn Golowka
DEJARNETTE, Lizzie Belle Wood Oct 1938 Carolyn Golowka
DEJARNETTE, Mims Winters Dec 1953 Carolyn Golowka
DICKSON, Infant Sep 1903 Carla Miles
ELDER, Joseph Oct 1912 Linda Fincher Wood
ELLIOTTE, Mildred Oct 1912 Linda Fincher Wood
ELLIS, Tom Feb 1888 Carla Miles
ENGLAND, Rena Barber Apr 1951 Melissa Hogan
ERICKSON, Augusta Jun 1939 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
FIKE, Jack Apr 1951 Melissa Hogan
GIBBS, Theodore Monk Apr 1915 Diane Lancaster-Lovejoy
GLASGOW, George Burton Dec 1945 Melissa Paulk
GLENN-KILDRON, Mary Emma Sep 1928 Mary Kildron
GREATHOUSE, Ada Bell May 1938 Pat Greathouse
GREATHOUSE, James Trumbal Apr 1940 Pat Greathouse
GREATHOUSE, Mrs. M. Mar 1957 Pat Greathouse
GREATHOUSE, Margaret Nov 1940 Pat Greathouse
GREATHOUSE, Marion V. Mar 1970 Pat Greathouse
GREATHOUSE, Mrs. Ollie B. Jul 1952 Pat Greathouse
GREATHOUSE, Sarah Adaline Jan 1978 Pat Greathouse
GREATHOUSE, William H. No Date Pat Greathouse
HAGAN, Frank Mar 1901 Carla Miles
HALL, Elizabeth Neal Apr 1951 Melissa Hogan
HARRIS, Willie Mrs. Feb 1910 Carla Miles
HAWKINS, John Welton Apr 1951 Melissa Hogan
HILL, Mimer Jul 1947 Melissa Hogan
HOLLAND, John Edward Oct 1925 Scott Fraser
HOLLAND, Maggie Belle May 1948 Scott Fraser
HOLT, Mary Oct 1912 Linda Fincher Wood
HUBBARD, Lottie May Oct 1912 Linda Fincher Wood
HUGHES, Harry Mrs. Oct 1912 Linda Fincher Wood
JOHNSON, Bryant B. Dec 1937 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
KING, Emma Brakefield Jan 1986 Mary Kirkpatrick
KIRKPATRICK, Avery O'Barr Jan 1954 Mary Kirkpatrick
KIRKPATRICK, Joseph Tillman Jun 1959 Mary Kirkpatrick
KIRKPATRICK, Mary Pauline Sep 1990 Mary Kirkpatrick
KIRKPATRICK, Russell Warren Mar 1977 Mary Kirkpatrick
KIRKPATRICK, William Green Nov 1956 Mary Kirkpatrick
LAVENDER, Kate No Date Kay Music
MARSON, Claudia Sep 1891 Phyllis Thompson
MARSON, Sallie Sep 1891 Phyllis Thompson
MASSEY, Robert Fulton May 1953 Linda Taylor
MAUST, Warren A. Jun 1940 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
MCCORMICK, W.J Apr 1930 Willie Barton
MCDONALD, Allan May 1872 Linda Blum-Barton
MCEDWARDS, Mary Alice Gochenour Aug 2007 Don Brownlee
MITCHELL, Sarah Byrd Wood Aug 1924 Meredith Clapper
MITCHUM, Thadeus C. May 1937 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
MYERS, Katherine Oliver DeJarnette Oct 1947 Carolyn Golowka
NALLS, Samuel Willis 1918 Joy Fisher
NASH, Freeman Allen Apr 2005 Brenda Floyd
NEIL, Minnie May 1888 Carla Miles
NEY, Ophelia Kirkpatrick Aug 1954 Mary Kirkpatrick
OBARR, George Richmond Apr 1941 Mary Kirkpatrick
OWEN, Arsular Obarr Apr 1987 Mary Kirkpatrick
PARKS, Walter Marion Apr 1951 Melissa Hogan
PAUL, George A. Apr 1968 Alice F. Kelley
PAYNE, Dora K. Apr 1975 Kathleen Goodell Brown
PAYTON, Era Kirkpatrick Dec 1963 Mary Kirkpatrick
PHILLIPS, Daisy Alexander Oct 1912 Linda Fincher Wood
PORTER, Mary Aletha Wallace Jan 1968 Carolyn Golowka
RATLIFF, Mattie Barnett Dec 1945 Melissa Paulk
ROLLINGS, Sarah Hastings Jan 1976 Paul Nichols
ROLLINGS, William Robert Mar 1931 Paul Nichols
RUSSELL, Lonnie Jr. Oct 2005 Deon Smith
RUSSELL, Walter May 2008 Deon Smith
SEIER, Alfred Wallace Jr. Apr 1966 Carolyn Golowka
SMITH, Billy Ray Sr. Jan 2004 E. Stephens
SMITH, Dorothy Irene Dec 2004 E. Stephens
SMITH, Lorena Ruth Jan 2004 E. Stephens
SMITH, Mabel Doss Dec 2004 E. Stephens
SMITH, Mary Thompson Jan 2004 E. Stephens
SMITH, Roy T. 1918 Joy Fisher
SMITH, William Hugh Jan 1899 Linda Ayres
ST.CLAIR, Major W.J Oct 1912 Linda Fincher Wood
STEAGALL, W.C Oct 1912 Linda Fincher Wood
STRICKLIN, Mollie Oct 1912 Linda Fincher Wood
WALTERS, Alcy Vincent Jan 1954 Carol Carmichael
WILDER, William Lee Mar 1954 Kaye Watts
WILLIAMS, Fred A. Aug 1959 David Norton
WILLIAMS, Paul L. Nov 1970 Christina Anthony
WILLIAMS, Sidney Lorenzo Mar 1916 Lana Floyd
WILSON, Sarah Elizabeth Moore Dec 1974 Phillip Davis
WOOD, Jane Staggs Aug 1892 Elizabeth Verchio
WOOLEY, H.E Oct 1912 Linda Fincher Wood
WYNN, Alvin Roland Dec 1974 Ben McLaughlin
YARBROUGH, Lonie Apr 1936 Candace (Teal) Gravelle



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