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If you have an obituary that you have written, or one that was published
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          Gina Brown - Alabama Obituary File Manager


Houston County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
ANDERSON, Mamie Jul 1954 Tina M.Willis
ANDREWS, Johnnie Merle Feb 1994 Judith A. Fowler
BEASLEY, Lonnie W. Jan 1930 Kenneth Stacy
BLACK, Charles L.. Jul 1943 Kathryn Morrow
BRADBERRY, John Franklin May 1978 Sharon Schmidt
BRADBERRY, Martha Suzanne Sellers Feb 1973 Sharon Schmidt
BRANTON, Betty Joyce Hinton Oct 1988 Paula Johnson
BUTLER, Infant Jun 1969 Alice F. Kelley
CLOWER, Talbot Morris No Date Joy Fisher
CROOK, Nannie Larkin Barefield Sep 1998 Kay Music
DAVIS, Elbert Franklin Sr. Aug 2010 Carolyn Golowka
FAULK, Ray May 1888 Carla Miles
FULFORD, Willie Thelma Aug 1952 Judith A. Fowler
GILLEY, Alvie Dec 1972 Alice F. Kelley
GRANGER, Mary Ann Nolan Sep 1944 Sharon Schmidt
GREATHOUSE, Crawford Jan 1976 Pat Greathouse
HALL, Ellis Oct 1944 Sharon Schmidt
HARRIS, James F. Apr 1969 Alice F. Kelley
HOLLIS, Clarence Edward Jul 1997 Judith A. Fowler
HOLLIS, Dovie Reynolds Mar 1961 Judith A. Fowler
HOLLIS, Emmett H. Aug 1960 Judith A. Fowler
HOLLIS, William Isaac Jul 1956 Judith A. Fowler
HOLLOWAY, W.F May 1988 Carla Miles
JONES, Myrtice Bradberry Meadows Apr 1991 Sharon Schmidt
JORDAN, Emmett O'neal Oct 1970 Judith A. Fowler
KINSAUL, William John Oct 1998 Judith A. Fowler
LEE, Annie Mae Benton May 1978 Judith A. Fowler
LEE, Clarence May 1991 Judith A. Fowler
LEE, Horace Jun 1980 Judith A. Fowler
LEE, John Robert Dec 1995 Judith A. Fowler
LEE, Lonnie Elzora Apr 1982 Judith A. Fowler
LEE, Mary Etta Mar 1995 Judith A. Fowler
LEE, Wade Harold Jul 1980 Judith A. Fowler
LEWIS, Louise Fowler Mar 1992 Judith A. Fowler
MCGRIFF, W.P Mar 1888 Carla Miles
MEADOWS, William Talmadge Frank Apr 1946 Sharon Schmidt
PEGUES, Edward Mrs. May 1888 Carla Miles
PITTMAN, Bonnie H. Jun 1969 Alice F. Kelley
PITTMAN, Clinton F. Jul 1969 Alice F. Kelley
REEVES, Nellie J. Nov 1972 Alice F. Kelley
REYNOLDS, George Feb 1995 Judith A. Fowler
SELLERS, Mary Alice Granger May 1951 Sharon Schmidt
SELLERS, Robert Gaston Feb 1976 Sharon Schmidt
SHELLEY, Dona Jordan Feb 1939 Paula Dean
WATSON, Claiborn Jr. Oct 1937 Sandra Watson
WATSON, Elbert E. Apr 1956 Sandra Watson
WATSON, Euriah Mar 1929 Sandra Watson
WHATLEY, James Franklin Jun 1992 Judith A. Fowler



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