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Geneva County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
ALBRITTON, James Buchanan Jul 1932 Starla
ALBRITTON, Valdosta Elizabeth Broxson Mar 1962 Starla
BEASLEY, Daniel Apr 1885 Carla Miles
CALDWELL, Rosa May 1953 Alice F. Kelley
COLLINS, Cyrus P. Dec 1968 Alice F. Kelley
COLLINS, Dixie H. Jul 1969 Alice F. Kelley
COLLINS, Hosea Paul Jul 1968 Alice F. Kelley
COLLINS, Hosea T. Jul 1968 Alice F. Kelley
COLLINS, Joshua L. Jul 1916 Christine Grimes Thacker
COLLINS, William A. Jan 1920 Alice F. Kelley
FOWLER, Joyce May 1946 Judith A. Fowler
FOXWORTH, Thomas Walter Feb 1974 Judith A. Fowler
HALL, Gerald May 2007 Kemis Massey
HARRALSON, Huey May 1953 Alice F. Kelley
HODGES, Ira O. May 1953 Alice F. Kelley
HORN, Thomas J. Mrs. Dec 1884 Carla Miles
KELLY, Henry C. Oct 1967 Alice F. Kelley
MCGOWAN, Lindsay Hope Jun 1997 Judith A. Fowler
MOSELEY, J.C Aug 1885 Carla Miles
MYERS, Oscar Galileo Jul 1979 Alice F. Kelley
OWEN, Jimmy Reeves Aug 1995 Judith A. Fowler
OWEN, Ruby Lee Reeves Feb 1978 Judith A. Fowler
OWENS, J.W Apr 1989 Judith A. Fowler
OWENS, Larry Wayne Nov 1991 Judith A. Fowler
PETERS, Arlie Earl Jun 1962 Fred H. Bennett
REEVES, Roy M. Dec 1990 Judith A. Fowler
REEVES, Walter Monroe Jan 1967 Judith A. Fowler
RIGDON, Ester Clark Jan 1968 Alice F. Kelley
RYLAND, Alvin Jan 1885 Carla Miles
RYLES, Nancy Aug 1972 Alice F. Kelley
SHIVEY, Ada M. Oct 1968 Alice F. Kelley
SMITH, W.H Jun 1970 Alice F. Kelley
SORRELLS, J.S May 1969 Alice F. Kelley
VAUGHN, Frank Mar 1973 Alice F. Kelley
YONGE, Henry Augustus Oct 2000 Christine Grimes Thacker



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