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Etowah County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
ADAMS, Bessie Ida Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
ALDRIDGE, Mattie Garner Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
ALLISON, Leila May 1915 Carla Miles
ALLISON, Sam Jan 1912 Carla Miles
AULTMAN, Velma Matilda Rinehart Nov 1963 Claudie Hudson
BAGBY, Albert Ian Oct 1988 Vinita Shaw
BAGLEY, Sylvia Oct 1962 Pamela Treme
BARKLEY, Alvin G. Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
BARTLETT, E.E Mar 1952 Claudie Hudson
BATCHELOR, Joseph William Jul 1956 Claudie Hudson
BENTLEY, Isiah Mar 1961 Pamela Treme
BEVERLY, Marie Aug 1962 Pamela Treme
BOND, Johnny Oct 1881 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
BOUTWELL, J.W Oct 1956 Claudie Hudson
BREASSEAL, Fannie Nov 1955 Claudie Hudson
BREEDLOVE, Gordon Oct 1984 Cindy Dicken
BREWSTER, Emma Powell Jan 1969 Claudie Hudson
BROCK, John Lowell Mar 1961 Claudie Hudson
BROWNLEE, T.E Oct 1949 Claudie Hudson
BUIE, Callie Mar 1961 Pamela Treme
BULLARD, Vida Lee Oct 1961 Pamela Treme
BURKE, Lillian May 1963 Pamela Treme
BYRD, Nathan Clyde Jan 1966 Claudie Hudson
CAFFEE, William Milton Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
CARTER, Girley Bonds Wright Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
CAUDLE, Nora Bell Aug 1962 Pamela Treme
CAUSEY, Clarence Oct 1962 Pamela Treme
CHAMBLEE, Cordelia Mccreless Oct 1955 Claudie Hudson
CHILDERS, Lillie Mar 1961 Pamela Treme
CHRISTOPHER, Abihue Jan 1935 Linda Blum-Barton
COBB, Mollie May 1963 Pamela Treme
COIN, Sarah Elizabeth Bryant Gattis Oct 1965 Claudie Hudson
COLLINS, Bogue Aug 1967 Claudie Hudson
COLLINS, Luther Thomas Jr. Oct 1961 Pamela Treme
COOPER, Jesse Elbert Feb 1963 Claudie Hudson
COSTLOW, George F. Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
DANIEL, John Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
DANIEL,  Linda Ann Feb 1949 Claudie Hudson
DANIELS, Nathaniel M. Oct 1955 Claudie Hudson
DUNLAP, John P. Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
DUNLAP, William Polk May 1963 Pamela Treme
ELKINS, Doogen May 1958 Claudie Hudson
ELKINS, Ella Nov 1958 Claudie Hudson
ELLIS, Ellie Green Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
ERWIN, Howell Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
FAUST, John F. Oct 1961 Pamela Treme
FIELDER, A.C Mar 1944 Claudie Hudson
FIELDER, W.C Feb 1951 Claudie Hudson
FOSTER, Ada Lou Della Rasberry Oct 1961 Pamela Treme
FOX, Benjamin Harrison Sep 1963 Claudie Hudson
FOX, Mary Angeline Mullinax Jun 1965 Claudie Hudson
FOXX, Thomas Willard Jun 1952 Claudie Hudson
GAINES, Mae Alewine Aug 1969 Claudie Hudson
GAITHER, John Milton May 1960 Pamela Treme
GALLOWAY, Georgia D. Jul 1960 Pamela Treme
GARRARD, George W. Jul 1952 Claudie Hudson
GECKLES, Johnny Jacobs Oct 1962 Pamela Treme
GENTRY, William L. Aug 1962 Pamela Treme
GIBSON, Emma Harris May 1960 Pamela Treme
GIBSON, Margaret B. May 1960 Pamela Treme
GOLDEN, Deborah Annette Jul 1969 Claudie Hudson
GOLDEN, James Wesley Jun 1969 Claudie Hudson
GRAVITT, Mandy Hefner May 1958 Claudie Hudson
HALL, Lula Octavia Oct 1961 Pamela Treme
HAMMETT, Irvin Monroe Apr 1969 Claudie Hudson
HAMMETT, Lula Pearl Jul 1969 Claudie Hudson
HARDY, Rufus Wesley May 1947 Valerie Freeman
HARPER, Zula Jul 1960 Pamela Treme
HARRIS, Buford Altus Oct 1961 Pamela Treme
HAWKINS, Infant of Mr & Mrs. Willis May 1963 Pamela Treme
HAYMON, Carl Aubrey Oct 1961 Pamela Treme
HEAD, James Truman Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
HELMS, Olive Irene Oct 1962 Pamela Treme
HERRING, Carl L. Mar 1961 Pamela Treme
HILLIARD, Tony A. Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
HOLLIDAY, Jasper Newton Oct 1963 Claudie Hudson
HOOD, Maleskey Craig Oct 1962 Pamela Treme
HOPPER, Ruby Faye Coheley Aug 1962 Pamela Treme
HUDGINS, Steve Clark Aug 1961 Claudie Hudson
HUDSON, James Oct 1889 Claudie Hudson
HUDSON, Jefferson Davis May 1926 Claudie Hudson
HUDSON, William George Aug 1991 Claudie Hudson
HUDSON, William James Aug 1967 Claudie Hudson
HUDSON, William Riley Sep 1990 Claudie Hudson
HULSEY, Lula R. Mar 1961 Pamela Treme
ILG, John Jul 1960 Pamela Treme
INNERARITY, Edward H. Aug 1962 Pamela Treme
IRWIN, Ruth Cooper Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
JACOBS, L.C Nov 1969 Claudie Hudson
JAMES, Sarah Elizabeth Nov 1950 Claudie Hudson
JAMES, William Strauder Aug 1967 Claudie Hudson
JARMON, Jan Marie Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
JOHNSON, James Willie Apr 1956 Claudie Hudson
JOHNSON, R.E Jul 1960 Pamela Treme
JOHNSTON, Fred Mar 1977 Claudie Hudson
KELLEY, Katie Jewell Hawthorne Feb 1965 Claudie Hudson
KILPATRICK, Harrison Mar 1961 Pamela Treme
KNIGHT, Robert F. Oct 1962 Pamela Treme
LAMBERT, Claude Shelby Jun 1974 Michelle Baker
LAMBERT, John Robert Jun 1952 Michelle Baker
LEE, Curtis Gilder Jun 1970 William J. Carroll
LEE, Lena Rogers Jan 1971 William J. Carroll
LEETH, Florence Aug 1967 Claudie Hudson
LOWE, Henry Clifford May 1963 Pamela Treme
LUSK, Rufus Benton Oct 1962 Pamela Treme
MADDOX, A.C Oct 1962 Pamela Treme
MADDOX, Sybil Owings Mar 1961 Claudie Hudson
MAISE, James Ross May 1961 Claudie Hudson
MALONE, Henry Lee Aug 1959 Claudie Hudson
MARTIN, Eugene Sep 1956 Claudie Hudson
MARTIN, Robert Charles Sep 1956 Claudie Hudson
MASHBURN, Henry Dewey Jan 1961 Claudie Hudson
MASHBURN, Sarah Bouldin Apr 1961 Claudie Hudson
MCCAIN, Mary Jane Moore Feb 1966 Claudie Hudson
MCGAHEE, Arthur Glenn Jun 1961 Claudie Hudson
MCLAUGHLIN, Myra Mitchell Apr 1910 Meredith Clapper
MCMURTREY, Lena Croft Jun 1958 Claudie Hudson
MCNAIR, Myrtice Jul 1960 Pamela Treme
MCRAE, Hattie Emma Moore Aug 1965 Claudie Hudson
MCRAE, Joseph Henry Aug 1968 Claudie Hudson
MCRAE, Thomas Hiram Aug 1974 Claudie Hudson
MCRAE, Thomas Joseph Jul 1953 Claudie Hudson
MILLER, Leila Lewis Mar 1961 Pamela Treme
MILLER, R. Andrew Oct 1962 Pamela Treme
MILWEE, John Mar 1951 Claudie Hudson
MIMS, Francis Bowlen Jun 1950 Claudie Hudson
MOORE, Charles Alvin Nov 1971 Claudie Hudson
MOORE, John Henry Apr 1964 Margaret Murphy
MORGAN, Julius F. Mar 1961 Pamela Treme
MULLINAX, Victoria Dec 1944 Claudie Hudson
NAUGHER, Oran B. Oct 1962 Pamela Treme
NOEL, Pearl L. Jun 1958 Claudie Hudson
NOOJIN, Kate Elkins Dec 1958 Claudie Hudson
NORRIS, William Cicero Aug 1962 Pamela Treme
NORTON, Martha Holt Jun 1899 David Norton
NORTON, William Abercrombie Apr 1967 David Norton
OBRIEN, Patrick Terence Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
OLIVER, Mamie Cordelia James Mar 1970 Claudie Hudson
OLIVER, Walter Feb 1963 Dustin Oliver
OWENS, Matilda Elizabeth Mar 1961 Pamela Treme
PARKS, Mary Lou Hibbs Nov 1969 Claudie Hudson
PENTECOST, Percy Munnerlyn Jr. Aug 1997 David Norton
PETERS, Norma Lee May 1960 Pamela Treme
PITCHFORD, Adella McGee Feb 1963 Claudie Hudson
POINTER, Elliot J. Aug 1962 Pamela Treme
POWELL, Claudia Dec 1955 Claudie Hudson
POWELL, George W. Sr. Apr 1950 Claudie Hudson
POWELL, Sam Jul 1952 Claudie Hudson
PRICE, Franklin Aug 1967 Claudie Hudson
PRIVETT, Olivia Oct 1962 Pamela Treme
PULLEN, Billy Ladon Mar 1963 Claudie Hudson
REAGAN, Oscar Harvey May 1960 Pamela Treme
ROBERSON, Ena Wynell Aug 1962 Pamela Treme
RODEN, Jewel Low Aug 1962 Pamela Treme
ROSSER, Mary Elvie Richardson Mar 1956 Claudie Hudson
ROSSER, William Wadworth Dec 1956 Claudie Hudson
SAMPLES, Infant Daughter Apr 1956 Claudie Hudson
SHADIX, Nancy L. May 1960 Pamela Treme
SHELL, Ollie Feb 1927 Claudie Hudson
SHORTNACY, Minnie V. Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
SILVEY, Delphia Victoria Jun 1945 Claudie Hudson
SIMPSON, Ethel Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
SIMS, Johnny Sylvester 1953 Claudie Hudson
SLAY, William Jesse Mar 1961 Pamela Treme
SMITH, Ben L. Nov 1961 Claudie Hudson
STEWART, Carl M. Oct 1962 Pamela Treme
TARPLEYS, John T. Sr. Mar 1961 Pamela Treme
TEAGUE, Bernard May 1959 Claudie Hudson
THOMAS, Charlie R. Jul 1960 Pamela Treme
TIDWELL, Bessie Oct 1962 Pamela Treme
TIMMONS, Robert A. Apr 1904 Jacqueline King
VINCENT, Elizabeth Jane Jackson Aug 1949 Claudie Hudson
WALKER, Caro Hubbard Dec 1963 Claudie Hudson
WALKER, Lillie Maye Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
WALLACE, Mary B. Mar 1952 Claudie Hudson
WALLS, John Robert Nov 1952 Claudie Hudson
WEEMS, Nancy Dye Jul 1956 Claudie Hudson
WHISENANT, Gertie Mae Jan 1956 Michelle Baker
WHITE, Evered H. Nov 1952 Claudie Hudson
WHITE, Jerry Wayne Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
WHITT, Lester J. Sr. Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
WHITT, Luther M. Jan 1949 Claudie Hudson
WHITT, S. Emmett Nov 1963 Claudie Hudson
WHITT, Samuel Walter Mar 1969 Claudie Hudson
WHITT, Willie H. Dec 1969 Claudie Hudson
WILLETT, Steven Wayne Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
WILLIAMS, Dora Belle Jul 1975 David Norton
WILLIAMS, Hank Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
WILSON, Jessie Greer Mar 1956 Claudie Hudson
WISE, David N. Mar 1949 Claudie Hudson
WOJIECHANOWSKI, Edward May 1960 Pamela Treme
WOOD, George William Feb 1961 Pamela Treme
YOUNG, Melonie D. Mar 1961 Pamela Treme



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