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Elmore  County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
ALFORD, Gerald Wayne No Date Sue Alford Nobles
ALFORD, William P. May 1938 Sue Alford Nobles
ANTHONY, Evander Jan 1948 Brenda Lewis
BAILEY, J. Hugh Nov 1936 Frank Nolen
BASS, John Green Apr 1917 Naomi McFadden
BENSON, Grandison Walter Aug 1885 Ronald Bridges
BLACK, James Henry Aug 1945 Kathryn Morrow
BODDIE, Henry Bascomb Nov 1925 James Boddie
CAIN, Anne E. Jun 1875 Ronald Bridges
CAIN, Eugenia Jun 1958 Ronald Bridges
COOPER, Milton Aug 1879 Paul Miller
FOSTER, W.W Jan 1915 Lygia Cutts
GADDIS, Charles Benjamin Oct 1969 Naomi McFadden
GADDIS, John Bass No Date Naomi McFadden
GADDIS, Naomi Brock Apr 1971 Naomi McFadden
GADDIS, William Peace Mar 1889 Naomi McFadden
GOLSON, Alabama Goldsmith May 1926 Carolyn Golowka
HALL, John Feb 1882 Ronald Bridges
HALL, Mary Louise Nov 1997 Regina Hughes
HOWARD, George Houston Mar 1971 Barbara Walker Winge
HUDDLESTON, R.L Mrs. Mar 1960 Barbara Walker Winge
HUDDLESTON, Robert Winston Oct 1969 Barbara Walker Winge
KYLE, Osceola Mar 1888 Carla Miles
MCINNISH, Duncan Huey Oct 1892 Debra Crosby
NASH, G.B Apr 1885 Carla Miles
PICKENS, Martha Aug 1823 Ralph Cokonougher
SPIERS, John T. Aug 1892 Lygia Cutts
STROCK, Henry Taylor Apr 1877 Larry E. Caver Jr.
WALKER, James S. Feb 1825 David Norton



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