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If you have an obituary that you have written, or one that was published
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          Gina Brown - Alabama Obituary File Manager


De Kalb County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
BATY, John R. Apr 1929 Laurel Baty
BAULDWIN, Rufus John Dec 1955 Claudie Hudson
BROOKOUT, William L. No Date Davie Dunlap
BROOKS, Davis Johnson May 1966 Jamie Brooks
BROWN, Ada Davis Apr 1896 Lana Floyd
BROWN, James S. Jul 1876 Lana Floyd
BROWN, Jennie Brown Apr 1890 Lana Floyd
BROWN, William J.G. Oct 1892 Lana Floyd
BURROUGHS, Barbara J. Dec 2007 Gavin J. Louis
COLLINS, Alabama Horton Jul 1942 Valerie Freeman
CORBIN, Mary G. Oct 1974 Jamie Brooks
CUNNINGHAM, Elzie Palmer Apr 1936 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
DUNLAP, William Polk May 1963 Pamela Treme
HENDRICKS, Child of Tom Mar 1925 Davie Dunlap
KEITH, Thomas M. Sep 1932 John Clements
LARMORE, Col. Vance Feb 1886 Veneta McKinney
LEAVELL, Arthur T. Jan 1959 John Clements
MILLER, John Pierce Nov 1962 John Clements
MILLER, Velora Mittlene Nov 1948 John Clements
REECE, Eley E. Apr 1895 Lana Floyd
ROBERTS, Willie J. May 1895 Lana Floyd
ROGERS, John A. Nov 1936 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
RUSSELL, S.L Oct 1895 Lana Floyd
RUSSELL, Sam May 1895 Lana Floyd
TENDEL, Caldonia D. Aug 1911 John Clements
WALKER, Eliza Clifton Mar 1955 John Clements
WALKER, Larry Ray Jr. Feb 2014 Claudie Hudson



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