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Dale County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
ADAMS, Jesse B. Nov 1952 Christine Thacker
ADCOCK, Ben Mrs. Feb 1888 Carla Miles
ALEXANDER, James Nov 1892 Christine Thacker
ANDREWS, Jessie Aug 1888 Carla Miles
ANDREWS, Mary Alline Aug 1888 Carla Miles
ANDREWS, T.B Feb 1914 Janet Sumner
ARNOLD, John W. Mrs. Dec 1884 Carla Miles
AVERETT, Ananias Jan 1885 Carla Miles
BAILEY, Peyton W. Jul 1888 Carla Miles
BEVERETT, Frank Jul 1888 Carla Miles
BOWMAN, Annie Donie Nov 1968 Alice F. Kelley
BOWMAN, Matilda Sep 1968 Alice F. Kelley
BRILEY, Abel Mrs. Apr 1885 Carla Miles
BROWN, Elizabeth Mar 1885 Carla Miles
BROWN, John C. Mrs. Apr 1885 Carla Miles
BROWN, Richard Aug 1888 Carla Miles
BYRD, Curtis Holton Feb 1953 Alice F. Kelley
BYRD, Pelly Sep 1885 Carla Miles
CAMPBELL, John P. Jan 1888 Carla Miles
CARMICHAEL, Mary Jan 1885 Carla Miles
CARROLL, Child Jan 1885 Carla Miles
CARROLL, Ida Apr 1885 Carla Miles
CARROLL, John Branch May 1968 Christine Thacker
CARROLL, Marvin Jun 1938 Christine Thacker
CHAPMAN, Willie Apr 1885 Carla Miles
CLARK, Child Jul 1885 Carla Miles
CLARK, William L. Jun 1885 Carla Miles
COLLINS, Joshua L. Jul 1916 Christine Thacker
DAY, Lilla Elizabeth Dec 2006 Ernie Smith
DEAL, James May 1888 Carla Miles
DEAN, Nancy May 1914 Christine Thacker
DOWLING, Alva Sep 1884 Carla Miles
DOWLING, Elizabeth Nov 1938 Christine Thacker
DOWLING, Gus Mar 1949 Christine Thacker
DOWLING, Jimmie May 1888 Carla Miles
DOWLING, R.A Jan 1953 Christine Thacker
DYKES, Willie C. Oct 1892 Christine Thacker
EDWARDS, Ambrose Dec 1884 Carla Miles
EDWARDS, Jesse Aug 1888 Carla Miles
ELMORE, Mrs. Apr 1885 Carla Miles
ESSLINGER, Dr. M.S Sep 1972 Christine Thacker
FAULK, John S. Mrs. Apr 1885 Carla Miles
FAULK, Smithey Martin Jan 1885 Carla Miles
FIELDS, Sinai Mrs. Aug 1888 Carla Miles
FLOWERS, Major Abner Feb 1945 Christine Thacker
FORD, Alonzo W. Mar 1885 Carla Miles
FULTON, Miss. Sep 1888 Carla Miles
GARNER, Emanuel Mrs. Jul 1888 Carla Miles
GARNER, Max E. May 1953 Christine Thacker
GODWIN, Josephine Jul 1888 Carla Miles
GRACE, Dr. M.O Jan 1933 Christine Thacker
GRACE, James L. Mrs. Aug 1888 Carla Miles
GRIMMER, Erasmus M. Mrs. Apr 1885 Carla Miles
HALLFORD, Child Sep 1884 Carla Miles
HALLFORD, Tulia Sep 1884 Carla Miles
HAMRICK, James Apr 1885 Carla Miles
HAMRICK, Jimmie Mar 1885 Carla Miles
HARREL, Robert Apr 1885 Carla Miles
HAYES, R.E Aug 1953 Christine Thacker
HEAD, John A. Nov 1885 Carla Miles
HILL, Sion L. Mrs. Dec 1884 Carla Miles
HORN, Thomas J. Mrs. Dec 1884 Carla Miles
HUFF, Elizabeth Aug 1886 Carla Miles
HUGHES, Jackson Mrs. Mar 1885 Carla Miles
JACKSON, Alex T. Mar 1885 Carla Miles
JOHNSON, Amos Aug 1888 Carla Miles
JOHNSON, Jesse Mar 1885 Carla Miles
JOHNSON, Mary E. Oct 1892 Christine Thacker
JORDAN, Harriet Mar 1885 Carla Miles
JUDAH, John Mrs Sep 1885 Carla Miles
KIRKLAND, Easter Roebuck Sep 1885 Carla Miles
LAMINECK, Bennie Oct 1918 Valerie Freeman
LEE, Minnie Apr 1996 Judith A. Fowler
LEE, Sampie W. Jan 1975 Judith A. Fowler
LEE, W.C Jan 1970 Alice F. Kelley
LEWIS, W.A Mrs. Mar 1885 Carla Miles
LISENBY, J. Ed Jan 1949 Christine Thacker
LISENBY, Mary Jul 1892 Christine Thacker
LOFTIN, Thomas G. May 1926 Christine Thacker
MARLEY, Mrs. Dec 1884 Carla Miles
MARTIN, Haywood Mrs. Aug 1888 Carla Miles
MATTHEWS, Louisa Mar 1888 Carla Miles
MATTHEWS, Nancy Jul 1888 Carla Miles
MAULDIN, Athornia Sep 1888 Carla Miles
MCDONALD, Hattie Apr 1885 Carla Miles
MCDONALD, James Mrs. Sep 1888 Carla Miles
MCDONALD, Jimmy Feb 1888 Carla Miles
MCKELLER, Shellie Ray Jan 1944 Christine Thacker
MCKINNEY, William J. Apr 1914 Christine Thacker
MCLAUGHLIN, Phillip B. Mrs. Jan 1953 Christine Thacker
MCNAIR, Dan P. Apr 1943 Christine Thacker
MIXON, John E. May 1914 Christine Thacker
MIZELL, Hope Hull Dec 1885 Carla Miles
MORRIS, Pitt C. May 1888 Carla Miles
MULLINS, Theodosia E. Jul 1888 Carla Miles
MUNN, Daniel Jun 1888 Carla Miles
PARKER, James Farley Sep 1885 Carla Miles
PARKER, Joseph Jan 1933 Mary Ann Nichols
PATE, M.E Nov 1968 Alice F. Kelley
PAUL, Mrs. Apr 1885 Carla Miles
PAULK, Elizabeth Garner Apr 1914 Christine Thacker
PAYNE, Crawford Mrs. May 1888 Carla Miles
PAYNE, Elijah Nov 1885 Carla Miles
PEACOCK, Harriet Jun 1885 Carla Miles
PEACOCK, Sarah E. May 1888 Carla Miles
PORTWOOD, James Columbus Dec 2005 Jimmy Portwood
PORTWOOD, Louise Strickland Aug 2005 Jimmy Portwood
POWELL, James Apr 1885 Carla Miles
POWELL, Oscar Jun 1885 Carla Miles
POYNER, Sallie Jan 1885 Carla Miles
PRICE, William Porter Feb 1958 Christine Thacker
RICHARDS, Infant Jul 1888 Carla Miles
SCHOEFFER, John Dec 1885 Carla Miles
SCOTT, Charles Feb 1888 Carla Miles
SHIVER, Lottie Nov 1885 Carla Miles
SIMS, Ramsey Mrs. Jan 1885 Carla Miles
SISTRUNK, Henry Jun 1885 Carla Miles
SLAUGHTER, Dow Perry Mar 1959 Christine Thacker
SNELL, Capers Mrs. Jun 1888 Carla Miles
SOLLIE, Mike Jr. Jul 1938 Christine Thacker
STEAGALL, Porter C. Jr. Feb 1928 Christine Thacker
STOKES, Fannie Mizell Mar 1885 Carla Miles
STOKES, Isaiah Mrs. Apr 1885 Carla Miles
STRICKLAND, J.N May 1888 Carla Miles
STRICKLAND, John G. Jun 1888 Carla Miles
THOMLEY, James Jul 1892 Christine Thacker
THRASHER, Cecil Ray Mar 2000 Ruth Hezlep
TRAWICK, Elizabeth Jan 1914 Christine Thacker
UNKNOWN, Sarah May 1888 Carla Miles
WATFORD, Caroline F. Jones Apr 1904 Carla Miles
WELCH, Samuel B. Jun 1888 Carla Miles
WILKINSON, G.B Apr 1885 Carla Miles
WILKINSON, G.B Mrs. Apr 1885 Carla Miles
WILLIAMS, Georgia Hill Apr 1885 Carla Miles
WINDHAM, James E. Jul 1888 Carla Miles
WOODHAM, Tollie Jan 1885 Carla Miles
YOUNG, David M. Dec 1884 Carla Miles



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