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Cullman  County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
BIBB, Larry Eugene Mar 1951 Darlene Scott
BLEVINS, Gladys Mar 1951 Darlene Scott
BOWDEN, Gregory T. Jul 1936 Robin Sterling
BROWN, Helen Anna Kelly No Date Lana Floyd
BRYAM, M.M Mar 1910 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
BRYAN, J. Coy No Date Joy Fisher
CAMPBELL, John Robert Feb 1942 Darlene Scott
CLARK, William H. Feb 1942 Darlene Scott
DIAL, Hubert Jun 1909 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
FREEMAN, Mitylene Mayfield May 1935 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
GIBBS, Theodore Monk May 1915 Diane Lancaster-Lovejoy
GOODWIN, Rachel Mar 1951 Stephen Lee
GREATHOUSE, Clifford Elbert Jul 1944 Pat Greathouse
GREATHOUSE, Sarah Adaline Jan 1978 Pat Greathouse
GROOVER, J.P Mar 1936 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
HOGAN, Jim Apr 1935 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
JACOBS, Allie Beatrice Jul 1973 Stephen Lee
JACOBS, Alma Yarbrough Sep 1983 Stephen Lee
JACOBS, Bessie Lee Apr 1984 Stephen Lee
JACOBS, Early Jethro Jun 1987 Stephen Lee
JACOBS, Lois Elizabeth Jul 1988 Stephen Lee
JACOBS, William Gustus Nov 1958 Stephen Lee
KERR, Atha Edwards Apr 1939 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
LINDSEY, Ruby Jun 1939 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
LONG, Martha A. Walker Apr 1938 Candace (Teal) Gravelle
METZ, George C. Sep 1931 Darlene Scott
MYER, Amalia Nov 1931 Darlene Scott
NOLES, Rebecca Oct 1930 Darlene Scott
OWEN, Rev. S.S Apr 1931 Darlene Scott
ROBB, Charles William III. Dec 2004 Debbie Burgess
RODGERS, J.M Sep 1955 Stephen Lee
RUSSELL, Era Campbell Jul 2001 Deon (Russell) Smith
RYDER, T.J Sep 1931 Darlene Scott
SCHMITT, Max Aug 1919 Robert Wedding
SHEATS, William Wiley Dec 1895 Kenneth Sheats
STARNES, R.F Feb 1942 Darlene Scott
STIENDORFF, Freda Jan 1932 Darlene Scott
YOUNG, Wilford Leslie Mar 1986 Ty Young
ZEIGLER, Margaret Jan 1930 Darlene Scott



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