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Cherokee County
Obituaries/Death Notices


Description Date Submitter
CASEY, Matilda White Sep 1907 Julia White
CHRISTOPHER, Cynthia Ann Gulledge Feb 1930 Susan Beck
CLIFTON, Frank M. Feb 1909 Richard Fleming
DUKES, Susie Annie Apr 1952 W. Stephens
ELLISON, Joseph Nov 1902 W. Stephens
FLOYD, William Elbert Sep 2011 Lana Floyd
GRAHAM, Nancy Jun 1878 David Norton
GUICE, Rachel Jun 1956 W. Stephens
HART, Asbury Jan 1993 Fran Weatherby
HART, Marshall O. Jun 1941 Fran Weatherby
HOWELL, Robert A. Oct 1939 Candace Gravelle
KEITH, Thomas M. Sep 1932 John Clements
LAMBERT, RW Aug 1926 Fran Weatherby
LAWRENCE, Zachary Taylor Jan 1910 Richard Fleming
LEONARD, Thomas Calvin Jul 1917 W. Stephens
MADDUX, M.W Oct 1899 Susan L. Fann
MCBURNETT, Darssie Mae Jul 1945 W. Stephens
MCKINLEY, Seaborn Oct 1946 W. Stephens
MILLER, Velona Mittlene Nov 1948 John Clements
NEWTON, Thomas May 1882 Candace Gravelle
PRICE, William Thomas Feb 1968 W. Stephens
REED, Alice Bogan Mar 1881 Richard Fleming
SAVAGE, Judge Joseph Lafayette Sep 1922 Pam Long
SCOTT, Doris Manuel Sep 1982 Netha Dunlap
SCOTT, Erma Jun 1976 Netha Dunlap
SLAUGHTER, Albert Mar 1954 Edna Stephens
SLAUGHTER, Faithie Smith May 1929 Edna Stephens
SLAUGHTER, Johnnie Jun 1961 Edna Stephens
SMITH, Bertie Dec 1959 W. Stephens
SMITH, Elizabeth Jan 1926 Edna Stephens
SMITH, Hoyt Leon May 1957 Edna Stephens
SMITH, James Orange Mar 1938 Edna Stephens
SMITH, Jewel Jun 1918 Edna Stephens
SMITH, John E. Jul 1933 W. Stephens
SMITH, Mack May 1878 Veneta McKinney
SMITH, Odessa Feb 1919 Edna Stephens
SMITH, W. Ovie Sep 1954 W. Stephens
SMITH, William Anderson Aug 1908 Edna Stephens
SMITH, William Everett Oct 1994 Edna Stephens
SNEDDEN, Elizabeth Ann Oct 1962 W. Stephens
STINSON, John Aug 1896 Fran Weatherby
WARD, Texanna Nov 1951 Angela Armbruster
WHITE, Barnabus Pace Oct 1898 Julia White
WILSON, Elizabeth McDaniel Oct 1893 Susan L. Fann


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