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          Gina Brown - Alabama Obituary File Manager


Butler County
Obituaries/Death Notices



Description Date Submitter
ANDRESS, Stephen F. May 1901 Sara K. Barteau
BASS, Aron Franklin Feb 1994 Mildred Stinson Brown
BLACK, Watson H. Jun 1999 Mildred Stinson Brown
BLACKBURN, Essie Kelly Dec 1993 Virginia B. Hall
BLACKBURN, Ester E. Jan 1907 Virginia B. Hall
BLACKBURN, Hamp Cleveland Apr 1976 Virginia B. Hall
BLACKBURN, James E. Sep 1989 Virginia B. Hall
BLACKBURN, Robert Allen Dec 1995 Virginia B. Hall
BLACKBURN, Sarah Hood Aug 1944 Virginia B. Hall
BURKETT, A.V Sr. Apr 1995 Virginia B. Hall
BURKETT, Mary L. Jan 1983 Virginia B. Hall
BURKETT, T.J Nov 1991 Virginia B. Hall
BUSH, Aldon Harrison Feb 1950 Sandra Bush Brown
BUSH, Alice Alabama Rogers Jun 1957 Sandra Bush Brown
BUSH, Charles Robert Mar 1946 Sandra Bush Brown
BUSH, Fannie Parmer Sep 1846 Sandra Bush Brown
BUSH, Fate Jun 1944 Sandra Bush Brown
BUSH, Frances Mae Mar 1945 Sandra Bush Brown
BUSH, Lorenza Mar 1948 Sandra Bush Brown
BUSH, Mary Lou Coker Oct 1952 Sandra Bush Brown
BUSH, Ola Ed Mar 1939 Sandra Bush Brown
CHAMBLISS, Morris L. Oct 1983 Mildred Stinson Brown
CHEATHAM, Aubrey Cliff No Date Sandra Bush Brown
CHEATHAM, E.P Oct 1880 Sandra Bush Brown
CHEATHAM, E.P (Mrs.) Dec 1937 Sandra Bush Brown
CHEATHAM, Iona Mae Grant May 1955 Sandra Bush Brown
CHEATHAM, Linnie Lee Aug 1973 Sandra Bush Brown
CROSS, Leona Jan 1919 Pamela C. Nolan
EZELL, James G. Dec 1918 Pamela C. Nolan
FAIL, Rufus R. Mar 1999 Twinsand2
FEAGIN, Henry J. Sep 1919 Pamela C. Nolan
FULLER, Laura May 1882 Ronald Bridges
GANDY, John Oxford Mar 1999 Mildred Stinson Brown
GIPSON, Jack Jul 1927 Pamela C. Nolan
GIPSON, Minerva Sep 1914 Patrick Lee
GRANT, Hillary Herbert Oct 1938 John Grant
GRANT, Joe Frank Sep 1983 Vance C. Harris
GWALTNEY, Virginia Jul 1911 Jacqueline King
HALFORD, Ruby Lee Apr 2006 Jason Halford
HARALSON, Bobby Ray Jan 2011 Ruth Hezlep
HARWELL, Alice Pickens Mar 1949 Angie Hood
HAWTHORNE, A.J Aug 1877 Lisa Thomas
HAWTHORNE, K. Aug 1877 Lisa Thomas
HITSON, Green W. Jun 1971 Mildred Stinson Brown
KEEBLER, Charles Oct 1999 Mildred Stinson Brown
KENDRICK, Ettie Byrnes Apr 1999 Ed Godbold
LANCASTER, Daisy Mixon Apr 1987 Mildred Stinson Brown
LANCASTER, Leon Pratt May 1990 Mildred Stinson Brown
LOWE, Basil Ray Jun 1966 Mildred Stinson Brown
METCALF, Henry Apr 1999 Ed Godbold
MIDDLETON, John Elbert Dec 1918 Pamela C. Nolan
MOSELEY, Joshua Clay Jan 1992 Mildred Stinson Brown
PERDUE. James Lewis Dec 1932 Janet King
PINKERTON, Effie L. Apr 1991 Mildred Stinson Brown
POPE, Leila Ester Till Williams Mar 1946 Elaine Hendricks
POUNCEY, Cammie Jul 1969 Elaine Hendricks
POUNCEY, Ira Nathan Jul 1974 Elaine Hendricks
POUNCEY, Jacob A. Sep 1968 Elaine Hendricks
POUNCEY, John Chapman May 1959 Elaine Hendricks
POUNCEY, John William Aug 1968 Elaine Hendricks
POUNCEY, William Calvin Feb 1940 Elaine Hendricks
REAVES, Noah Nathaniel Jan 1955 Sarah Kelley
REEVES, George Albert Mar 1937 Jerry Reeves
REID, Felix Nov 1874 Mildred Stinson Brown
RUSSELL, James Cannon Jan 1939 Ronald Bridges
SHELL, Cecil Jul 1997 Mildred Stinson Brown
SHELL, Clive V. Feb 1999 Mildred Stinson Brown
SHELL, Nita B. Nov 1994 Mildred Stinson Brown
SIMS, John M. Sep 1927 Pamela C. Nolan
STACEY, Richard E. Jul 1943 Jackie Stickler
STINSON, Arthur G May 1989 Mildred Stinson Brown
STINSON, Burlie Clifton Sep 1987 Mildred Stinson Brown
STINSON, Curtis Apr 1992 Mildred Stinson Brown
STINSON, Joseph Herchel Oct 1993 Mildred Stinson Brown
STINSON, Joy Mae 1954 Mildred Stinson Brown
STINSON, Rosezella Nov 1983 Mildred Stinson Brown
STINSON, Sallie Jane Jan 1953 Mildred Stinson Brown
STINSON, Sarah Mar 1954 Mildred Stinson Brown
STINSON, Weida Jul 1995 Mildred Stinson Brown
STINSON, William E. Jun 1992 Mildred Stinson Brown
TAYLOR, Wathen Jan 1919 Pamela C. Nolan
THAGARD, Daisy McKenzie Apr 1858 Ed Godbold
THAGARD, W.J Apr 1945 Ed Godbold
TILL, Ben Mar 1906 Elaine Hendricks
TILL, Eula V. Pouncey May 1980 Elaine Hendricks
TILL, Henry Edward Apr 1948 Elaine Hendricks
TILL, Martha Jane Majors Nov 1932 Elaine Hendricks
TRAWICK, Louisa Jane Simpson Oct 1927 Pamela C. Nolan
TURNER, Lilla Ophelia Nichols Jun 1943 Jerry Reeves
WILLIAMS, Halcie Valley No Date Mildred Stinson Brown
WILLIAMS, Susan Blanche May 1979 Elaine Hendricks
WILSON, Minnie May 1937 Pamela C. Nolan
WINGARD, Charles Mason Jr. Apr 1997 Mildred Stinson Brown



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