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Wyoming County New York
Declarations of Intent
Volume 1
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Column 5 = Submitter (email addresses are listed on the files)

1852 - submitted Feb 2003 - SAMPUBCO
bryson-john.txt          John Bryson
bryson-thomas.txt        Thomas Bryson
conway-neal.txt          Neal Conway
george-john.txt          John George
gibson-samuel.txt        Samuel Gibson
hoburn-david.txt         David Hoburn
hollway-john.txt         John Hollway
mcanulty-anthony.txt     Anthony McAnulty
moran-patrick.txt        Patrick Moran
sharry-james.txt         James Sharry
shuster-philip.txt       Philip Shuster
morsay-michael.txt       Michael Morsay
rebstein-frederick.txt   Frederick Rebstein
montgomery-john.txt      John Montgomery
reinhard-johnjacob.txt   John Jacob Reinhard
stumm-nicholas.txt       Nicholas Stumm
memwesser-george.txt     George Memwesser
oberwandel-joseph.txt    Joseph Oberwandel
holland-michael.txt      Michael Holland
whiteside-john.txt       John Whiteside
snyder-peter.txt         Peter Snyder (Snieder)
mcdonald-john.txt        John McDonald
mccarthy-patrick.txt     Patrick McCarthy
bendy-john.txt           John Bendy
williams-jeremiah.txt    Jeremiah Williams
heid-sebastian.txt       Sebastian Heid
hanan-michael.txt        Michael Hanan
kerse-james.txt          James Kerse
quinn-thomas.txt         Thomas Quinn
mccarthy-eugene.txt      Eugene McCarthy
kane-george.txt          George Kane
heide-henrick.txt        Henrick Heide

1853 - submitted Feb 2003 - SAMPUBCO
hand-hugh.txt            Hugh Hand
kelfe-michael.txt        Michael Kelfe
powers-michael.txt       Michael Powers
campbell-james.txt       James Campbell
dwyer-john.txt           John Dwyer
jones-lewis.txt          Lewis Jones
jones-john.txt           John Jones
seyden-thomas.txt        Thomas Seyden
sholer-william.txt       William Sholer
raab-george.txt          George Raab
morin-george.txt         George Morin
breaden-samuel.txt       Samuel Breaden
clark-john.txt           John Clark
talty-patrick.txt        Patrick Talty
clark-michael.txt        Michael Clark
damoth-nicholas.txt      Nicholas Damoth
keicher-peter.txt        Peter Keicher
jacoby-nicholas.txt      Nicholas Jacoby
tierney-john.txt         John Tierney
migrath-dennis.txt       Dennis Migrath
stritch-william.txt      William Stritch
mccarthy-patrick.txt     Patrick McCarthy
carton-james.txt         James Carton
gatzenberger-franz.txt   Franz Gatzenberger
ohearn-john.txt          John O'Hearn
dwyer-thomas.txt         Thomas Dwyer
redmond-miles.txt        Miles Redmond
oconner-michael.txt      Michael O'Conner
mccoy-francis.txt        Francis McCoy
barrett-anthony.txt      Anthony Barrett
mccoy-henry.txt          Henry McCoy
dixon-francis.txt        Francis Dixon
winsinger-francissevier.txt     Francis Sevier Winsinger
krouse-jacob.txt         Jacob krouse
echtenacher-george.txt   George Echtenacher
woelfle-martin.txt       Martin Woelfle
kraus-christopher.txt    Christopher Kraus
luggsinger-morris.txt    Morris Luggsinger
carroll-patrick.txt      Patrick Carroll
hiller-john.txt          John Hiller

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