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St. Lawrence County New York
Military Service & Pension Records Table of Contents
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Column 1 = File Name
Column 2 = Description
Column 3 = File Size
Column 4 = Date Filed
Column 5 = Submitter (email addresses are listed on the files)
RW = Revolutionary War, 1812 = War of 1812, CW = Civil War

allen-margaret.txt     Margaret Allen, widow of Jonathan Allen (RW)     6  Aug 1999  Doug Batten
allen-jonathan.txt     Jonathan Allen (RW)                              6  Aug 1999  Doug Batten
dimock-joseph.txt      Joseph Dimock (RW)                               2  Jul 2002  Janet Wilkinson Schwartz
pratt-abel.txt         Abel Pratt (RW)                                  5  Oct 2002  Linda Cooksey
brown-abel.txt         Abel Brown (RW)                                  6  Oct 2002  Errol Cross
rice-sarah.txt         Sarah Rice, widow (RW)                          19  Oct 2004  Shelley Morrison
index1812.txt          Index to War of 1812, Pensioners                13  May 1999  John Austin
1812vet.txt            War of 1812, List of Pensioners                 54  May 1999  John Austin

rich-samuel-lt.txt     Lt. Samuel Rich (RW)                             2  Jun 2006  Jan Jordan
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