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(<date) = surveyed before the date)

Column 1 = File Name
Column 2 = Description
Column 3 = File Size
Column 4 = Date Filed
Column 5 = Submitter (email addresses are listed on the files)

mtalbion.htm          Mt. Albion, Albion                      3MB    Mar 1997     Sharon Kerridge
brown.txt             Brown, Carlton                          25     Oct 1996     Sharon Kerridge
carlton.txt           Carlton, Carlton                       138     Nov 1996     Sharon Kerridge
fuller.txt            Fuller, Carlton                         30     Nov 1996     Sharon Kerridge
kent.txt              Kent, Carlton                           77     Nov 1996     Sharon Kerridge
kenyonville.txt       Kenyonville, Carlton                   112     Nov 1996     Sharon Kerridge
waterport.txt         Waterport, Carlton                      88     Nov 1996     Sharon Kerridge
eagleharbor.txt       Eagle Harbor, Gaines                    29     Nov 1996     Sharon Kerridge
gaines.txt            Gaines, Gaines                          51     Nov 1996     Sharon Kerridge
ottercreek.txt        Otter Creek, Gaines                    170     Nov 1996     Sharon Kerridge
union.txt             Union, Gaines                           20     Nov 1996     Sharon Kerridge
westgaines.txt        West Gaines, Gaines                     34     Nov 1996     Sharon Kerridge
boxwood.htm           Boxwood, Ridgeway                      465     Mar 1997     Richard Nellist
northridgeway.txt     North Ridgeway, Ridgeway                47     Mar 1997     Sharon Kerridge
stmarys.htm           St. Mary's, Ridgeway                   422     Mar 1997     Richard Nellist
tanner.txt            Tanner, Ridgeway                        52     Mar 1997     Richard Nellist
westridgeway.htm      West Ridgeway, Ridgeway                284     Mar 1997     Richard Nellist
snyder.txt            Snyder, West Barre (<1931)(DAR)          4     Dec 2002     NYATT
oldwestshelby.txt     Old West Shelby, Shelby  (<1931) DAR     4     Dec 2002     NYATT
westbarre.txt         West Barre, Barre  (<1931) DAR          14     Dec 2002     NYATT
huntfarm01.txt        Hunt Farm, Barre  (<1933) DAR            2     Dec 2002     NYATT
huntfarm02.txt        Hunt Farm, Barre  (1972)                 3     Dec 2002     NYATT
rackhamfarm.txt       Rackham Farm                             2     Dec 2002     NYATT
                      (also known as Wright Farm), Carlton (1934) DAR
robinson.txt          Robinson, Clarendon (date?) DAR          8     Dec 2002     NYATT

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