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Anyone wishing to volunteer to canvas and/or transcribe and/or update records of any cemetery including these ones, please contact New York State Coordinator

USGS = United States Geographic Survey / LDS = LDS surveys in 1940s-1950s

Column 1 = File Name
Column 2 = Description
Column 3 = File Size
Column 4 = Date Filed
Column 5 = Submitter (email addresses are listed on the files)

southonondaga.txt     South Onondaga, Onondaga Twp (Onondaga Valley - USGS)     25     Sep 1997     Joylette Spencer
lafayette.txt         Lafayette, Onondaga Twp                                   43     Aug 2000     Danielle Morgan
davishomestead.txt    Davis Homestead, Spafford & Borodino (LDS-1958)            3     Nov 2002     W. D. Samuelsen
stanton.txt           Stanton (LDS-1958), Stanton                                3     Jun 2003     W. D. Samuelsen
wheeler.txt           Wheeler Cemetery (LDS-1957, Camillus (closed)              5     Jun 2003     W. D. Samuelsen

Known cemeteries not transcribed or surveyed
Cicero, Cicero (LDS)
Kingdom, Van Buren (LDS)
Cardiff, Lafayette (LDS)
Cedarvale, Onondaga (LDS)
Amber, Otisco (LDS)
Old Marcellus, Marcellus (LDS)
Chase Private, Otisco (LDS)
Clark, Otisco (LDS)
Block School, Pompey (LDS)
Stanton, Stanton (since 1958)
Collamer, Dewitt (LDS)
Cory Family, Otisco (LDS)
Browning, Onondaga (LDS)
Cuddeback, Skaneateles (LDS)
Delphi, Pompey (LDS)
Budlong, Onondaga (LDS)
Dodge, Pompey (LDS)
Ellis & Heal Private, Onondaga (LDS)
Farm Yard, Skaneateles (LDS)
Fay Farm, Cicero (LDS)
Fellows, Marcellus (LDS)
Friends, Skaneateles (LDS) (Quaker - USGS)
Hotaling - Olcott, Lafayette (LDS)
Howlett Hill, Onondaga (LDS)
Imaculate Conception, Manlius (LDS)
Jackson, Marcellus (LDS)
Jamesville-Walnut Grove, Dewitt (LDS)
Kinne, Manlius (LDS)
Kirkville, Manlius (LDS)
Maltby Family, VanBuren (LDS)
Manlius Center, Manlius (LDS)
Maplewood, Lafayette (LDS)
North Syracuse, Clay (LDS)
Marietta, Marcellus (LDS)
Meeker Hill Farm, Tully (LDS)
Maplewood, Camillus (LDS)
Mottville, Skaneateles (LDS)
Mycenae, Manlius (LDS)
Nicholas, Onondaga (LDS)
Maple Grove, Otisco (LDS)
North Orville, Dewitt (LDS)
Oak Hill, Otisco (LDS)
Octagen School, Otisco (LDS)
Polish National, Camillus (LDS)
Peck, Skaneateles (LDS)
Pompey Center, Pompey (LDS)
Ridge Road, Pompey (LDS)
Pine Ridge, Onondaga (LDS)
Pendergast, Lysander (LDS)
Sentinal Heights Pioneer, Onondaga (LDS)
St. Leo's, Otisco (LDS)
St. Mary's Roman Catholic, VanBuren (LDS)
Pine Grove, Lafayette (LDS)
Stanton, Spafford (LDS)
Sweet, Pompey (LDS)
Beach, Pompey (LDS)
Tully Valley, Lafayette (LDS)
Belgium, Lysander (LDS)
Bitters, Camillus (LDS) (Oswego Bitter - USGS)
Bridgeport, Bridgeport (LDS)
Watervale, Pompey (LDS)
Bromley, Tully (LDS)
Chase, Lysander (LDS)
Cicero Center, Cicero (LDS)
Webb Hollow, Lafayette (LDS)
Cole Grove, Fabius (LDS)
Elbridge, Elbridge (LDS)
Evergreen, Fabius (LDS)
Adams, Lysander (LDS)
Fairmount, Camillus (LDS)
Fancher, Clay (LDS)
Old Jordan, Elbridge (LDS)
Apulia, Fabius (LDS)
Old Presbyterian, Lysander (LDS)
Old Tully, Tully (LDS)
Old Warners, VanBuren (LDS)
Peck, VanBuren (LDS)
Redman, Elbridge (LDS)
Riverside, Cicero (LDS)
Robin or Sherwood, Camillus (LDS) (Sherwood Robbins - USGS)
Rose, Lysander (LDS)
Rouse, VanBuren (LDS)
St. Mary's Catholic, Minoa (LDS)
Sears, VanBuren (LDS)
Shepard, Cicero (LDS)
St. Leo's, Tully (LDS)
Taft Settlement, Cicero (LDS)
Terpening, Cicero (LDS)
Vesper, Tully (LDS)
Warners, VanBuren (LDS)
Iona Corners, Iona Corners (LDS)
Assumption, Syracuse West (USGS)
Benson Road, Skaneateles (USGS)
Berwin, Tully (USGS)
Borodino, Spafford (USGS)
Burns, Marcellus (USGS)
Burtis, Marcellus (USGS)
Bush, Jamesville (USGS)
DeWitt, Jamesville (USGS)
Gardner, Skaneateles (USGS)
Gilbert, Marcellus (USGS)
Highland, Marcellus (USGS)
Hillsdale, Otisco Valley (USGS)
Lakeview, Skaneateles (USGS)
Memorial Park, Camillus (USGS)
Morningside, Syracuse West (USGS)
Most Holy Rosary, Camillus (USGS)
Otisco Valley, Otisco Valley (USGS)
Mount Pleasant, Jordan (USGS)
Owasco Rural, Owasco (USGS)
Pine Plains, Brewerton (USGS)
St. Agnes, Syracuse West (USGS)
Mount Sinai, Syracuse West (USGS)
St. Francis, Marcellus (USGS)
St. Mary's, Syracuse East (USGS)
Pioneer, Jamesville (USGS)
Myrtle, Syracuse West (USGS)
St. Michael's, Syracuse East (USGS)
St. Patrick's, Otisco Valley (USGS)
St. Patrick's, Jordan (USGS)
Myrtle Grove, Baldwinsville (USGS)
The West, Otisco Valley (USGS)
White Chapel Memory Gardens, Syracuse East (USGS)
Spafford, Spafford (USGS)
Oakwood, Syracuse West (USGS)
Woodlawn, Syracuse West (USGS)
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