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Anyone wishing to volunteer to canvas and/or transcribe and/or update records of any cemetery including these ones, please contact New York State Coordinator

(<date) = surveyed before the date)

Column 1 = File Name
Column 2 = Description
Column 3 = File Size
Column 4 = Date Filed
Column 5 = Submitter (email addresses are listed on the files)

alexand.txt        Alexander Village, Alexander   100     Sep 1998     Leilani Spring
ebethany.txt       East Bethany, East Bethany      50     Apr 1999     Leilani Spring
maplelawn.txt      Maple Lawn, Bethany             48     Apr 1999     Leilani Spring
transit.txt        Transit Road, Bethany            7     Apr 1999     Leilani Spring
wbethany.txt       West Bethany, West Bethany      59     Apr 1999     Leilani Spring
mtpleas.txt        Mt. Pleasant, Alexander         31     Jul 1999     Leilani Spring
evergreen.txt      Evergreen, Corfu               481     Sep 2000     Leilani Spring
oldgerman.txt      Indian Falls, Indian Falls      22     Sep 2000     Leilani Spring
                   (originally called Old German Cemetery)
maplewd.txt        Maplewood, Pavilion             49     Sep 2000     Leilani Spring
reed.txt           Reed, Pavilion                  79     Sep 2000     Leilani Spring
grandview1.txt     Grandview (A-E), Batavia       152     Jul 2001     Leilani Spring
grandview2.txt     Grandview (F-L), Batavia       161     Jul 2001     Leilani Spring
grandview3.txt     Grandview (M-P), Batavia       113     Jul 2001     Leilani Spring
grandview4.txt     Grandview (R-S), Batavia        89     Jul 2001     Leilani Spring
grandview5.txt     Grandview (T-Z), Batavia        78     Jul 2001     Leilani Spring
stjosephab.txt     St. Joseph's (A-B), Batavia    131     Nov 2001     Leilani Spring
stjosephc.txt      St. Joseph's (C), Batavia      118     Nov 2001     Leilani Spring
stjosephde.txt     St. Joseph's (D-E), Batavia    101     Nov 2001     Leilani Spring
stjosephfg.txt     St. Joseph's (F-G), Batavia    131     Nov 2001     Leilani Spring
stjosephhj.txt     St. Joseph's (H-J), Batavia     69     Nov 2001     Leilani Spring
stjosephkl.txt     St. Joseph's (K-L), Batavia    107     Nov 2001     Leilani Spring
stjosephm.txt      St. Joseph's (M), Batavia      133     Nov 2001     Leilani Spring
stjosephnp.txt     St. Joseph's (N-P), Batavia    116     Nov 2001     Leilani Spring
stjosephqr.txt     St. Joseph's (Q-R), Batavia     55     Nov 2001     Leilani Spring
stjosephs.txt      St. Joseph's (S), Batavia      117     Nov 2001     Leilani Spring
stjosephtv.txt     St. Joseph's (T-V), Batavia     66     Nov 2001     Leilani Spring
stjosephwz.txt     St. Joseph's (W-Z), Batavia     73     Nov 2001     Leilani Spring
springvail.txt     Spring Vail, East Elba (B-G)    18     May 2004     Dawn Pocock-Dilcher

Known cemeteries not transcribed or surveyed
Alabama, Akron
Batavia, Batavia South
East Main St, Le Roy
Elmwood, Batavia South
Four Corners, Akron
Gardner, Elba
Hillside, Alexander
Langworthy, Byron
Machpelah, Le Roy
Maple Hill, Alexander
Maplelawn, Elba
Morganville, Byron
Nichols, Oakfield
North Byron, Byron
North Pembroke, Oakfield
Oakfield-Alabama, Oakfield
Putnam, Batavia South
Randall, Byron
St. Francis, Le Roy
St Mary's, Wyoming
Sodom, Byron
Stafford, Stafford
Stone Schoolhouse, Oakfield
Van Allen, Le Roy
Walkers, Byron
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