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Anyone wishing to volunteer to canvas and/or transcribe and/or update records of any cemetery including these ones, please contact New York State Coordinator, New York Tombstone Project coordinator

(<date) = surveyed before the date)

Column 1 = File Name
Column 2 = Description
Column 3 = File Size
Column 4 = Date Filed
Column 5 = Submitter (email addresses are listed on the files)

wildrose.txt                Wild Rose (GR)                      8      Jul 2000     Dolores Davidson
maplegrove-ashville.txt     Maple Grove                        39     Oct 2002     Dee Davidson

abby.txt                    Abby or Abbey (Arkwright)           7      Oct 2002     Dee Davidson
burnham.txt                 Burnham Hollow (Griswold)
christian.txt               Christian (Arkwright)              11     Oct 2002     Dee Davidson
cowden-1931.txt             Cowden * (<1931)(Arkwright)         5      Nov 2002     Dee Davidson
summit-dar.txt              Summit, Forestville                11     Oct 2002     Dee Davidson
                            (Summit Arkwright)(DAR version)
summit-1931.txt             Summit, Forestville                 7      Oct 2002     Dee Davidson
                            (Summit Arkwright)(1931 version)
rundell                     Rundell Burial Site (Towns Corners)
towne                       Towne or Knoll (Black's Corners)
weaver                      Weaver (Arkwright)

bentley                     Bentley (Lakewood)
bush                        Bush (Busti)
busti                       Busti
frank                       Frank or Hatch Settlement (Busti)
knapp                       Knapp (Busti)
palmeter                    Palmeter (Busti)
sherman                     Sherman (Busti)
sunsethills                 Sunset Hills (Busti)
swedish                     Swedish (Busti)
wellman                     Wellman (Busti)
wilcox55                    Wilcox (1955) (Busti)
wilcox70                    Wilcox (1970) (Busti)
wintergreen                 Wintergreen (Busti)

graves69                    Graves (1969)(Carroll)
graves99                    Graves (1999)(Carroll)
fentonville                 Fentonville
ivory                       Ivory
maplegrove                  Maple Grove (Frewbsurg)
oakhill                     Oak Hill (Carroll)
thayer                      Thayer (Frewsburg)
wiltsie                     Wiltsie

cassadaga-1931.txt          Cassadaga (1931)                   16     Nov 2002     Dee Davidson
charlottecenter.txt         Charlotte Center * (closed) (GR)   19     Nov 2002     Dee Davidson


chautauqua.txt              Chautauqua *(GR)                   14     Nov 2002     Dee Davidson

Cherry Creek
highlanda-m.txt             Highland  *, A-M                   45     Jul 2000     Dolores Davidson
highlandn-z.txt             Highland  *, N-Z                   24     Jul 2000     Dolores Davidson
burnham.txt                 Burnham (Burnham Hollow)           7      Nov 2002     Dee Davidson

holland.txt                 Holland (GR)                       86     May 2001     Dolores Davidson
clymercenter.txt            Clymer Center *                    19     Nov 2002     Dee Davidson

waterborohill-lds.txt       Waterboro Hill (<1961)(closed)     4      Nov 2002     NYATT
waterborohill-soc.txt       Waterboro Hill (closed)            8      Nov 2002     NYATT

clapp.txt                   Clapp * (closed)                   3      Nov 2002     Dee Davidson
                            (aka Bentley Hill, Mutton Hill)
clearcreek.txt              Clear Creek *                      8      Nov 2002     Dee Davidson
covel.txt                   Covel *                            11     Nov 2002     Dee Davidson

French Creek
stmathias.txt               St.Mathias Catholic                14     Jul 2000     Dolores Davidson

gerry.txt                   Gerry (GR)                         31     Nov 1999     Dolores Davidson
maplegrove-chrowes.txt      Maple Grove (Chrowes Corner)       6      Nov 2002     Dee Davidson

balltown.txt                Balltown *                         6      Oct 2002     Dee Davidson

allen.txt                   Allen                              47     Oct 2002     Dee Davidson

bentley.txt                 Bentley Cemetery                   33     Nov 2002     Dee Davidson / Ann Oehlheim

myrtle.txt                  Myrtle *(GR)                       65     Jul 2000     Dolores Davidson

bemuspoint.txt              Bemus Point *                      37     Nov 2002     Dee Davidson
burrowsprivate.txt          Burrows Private *  (Jackson St.)   4      Nov 2002     Dee Davidson / Donna Mills
bondbushee.txt              Bond-Bushee  (Bloomer Rd) *        13     Nov 2002     Dee Davidson / Donna Mills

North Harmony
openmeadows.txt             Open Meadows                       13     Jul 2000     Dolores Davidson

kelleyhill.txt              Kelley Hill                        6      Sep 1999     Dolores Davidson
northville.txt              Northville *                       11     Sep 1999     Dolores Davidson
quincyrural.txt             Quincy Rural (GR)                  87     Aug 2000     Dolores Davidson
baptistunion.txt            Baptist Union Burying Ground *     5      Oct 2002     Dee Davidson

shermanvalley.txt           Sherman Valley                     44     Apr 2002     Norman McIntyre

South Ripley
southripley.txt             South Ripley *                     13     Sep 1999     Dolores Davidson

barnes.txt                  Barnes *                           12     Oct 2002     Dee Davidson

volusia.txt                 Volusia *(GR)                      19     Jul 2000     Dolores Davidson

Known cemeteries not transcribed or surveyed. All USGS unless otherwise
Bachelor, Cassadaga
Bush, Lakewood
Dewittville, Dewittville (GR)
Evergreen, Portland (GR)
Evergreen, Sinclairville (GR)
Evergreen Lawn, Silver Creek
Forest Hill, Fredonia (GR)
Gardner, PanamaGlenwood, Silver Creek (GR)
Grant, Panama (GR)
Greenwood, Panama (GR)
Greenwood, Stockton (GR)
Hatch, Lakewood
Holy Trinity, Dunkirk
Knapp, Lakewood
Lake View, Jamestown (GR)
Levant, Falconer (GR)
Lewis, Chautauqua
Luce Hill, Hamlet
Maple Grove, Panama or Gerry?
Marks Corners, Clymer
Mina, South Ripley
Mount Carmel, Silver Creek
Mount Olivet, Jamestown (GR)
Newell, Dunkirk
North Harmony, Sherman (GR)
Oak Hill, Ivory
Old St. James, Westfield
Pecor, BroctonPioneer, Kennedy
Forestville Pioneer, Forestville (GR)
Pope Hill, Forestville
Porter, Sherman
Prendergast, Chautauqua
Prospect, Forestville
Rathburn, Irving (GR)
Riverside, Kennedy
Rose Mills, Gerry
St. Anthony's, Fredonia (GR)
St. Hedwig's, Dunkirk
St. James, Westfield
St. Joseph's, Fredonia (GR)
St. Mary's, dunkirk
St. Matthias, Clymer
Smith Mills, Irving (GR)
Stillwater, Lakewood (GR)
Stockton, Cassadaga
Sunset Hill, Lakewood (GR)
Taft, Clymer
Thayer, Jamestown
Tillotson Family, Niobe (GR)
Town Line, North Clymer
Tucker, Gerry
Panama Union, Panama (GR)
Union, Cassadaga
Union, Westfield (GR)
Valley View, Kennedy
Villenova, Perrysburg
Webster Road, Dunkirk
Wellman Road, Ashville (GR)
West Main St, Dunkirk
West Mina, Clymer (GR)
Wilcox Road, Lakewood
Willow Brook Park, Dunkirk (GR)
Wintergreen, Lakewood*
Blockville, Ashville (GR)*
Busti, Jamestown (GR)*
Centralia Union, Dewittville (GR)*
Cutting, Clymer (GR)*
Farrington, Westfield (GR)*
Fentonville, Frewsburg (GR)*
Flovanna, Greenhurst (GR)*
Forestville, Forestville (GR)*
French Creek, Clymer (GR)*
Gerry Hill, Kennedy (GR)*
Hanover Center, Silver Creek (GR)*
Holcomb, Mayville (GR)*
Kennedy, Kennedy (GR)*
Magnolia, Ashville (GR)*
Maple Grove, Jamestown (GR)*
Maple Grove, Frewsburg (GR)*
Pioneer, Fredonia (GR)*
Pleasant Valley, Clymer (GR)*
Pleasantville, Dewittville (GR)*
Red Bird, Sinclairville (GR)*
Ripley, Ripley (GR)*
Ross Mills, Jamestown (GR)*
Rural Vale, Sinclairville (GR)*
Sheridan, Dunkirk (GR)
Silver Creek, Silver Creek ( GR)*
Sinclairville, Sinclairville (GR)*
Sunny Side, Ashville (GR)*
Westfield, Westfield (GR)*
Westfield & Portland, Westfield (GR)

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