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History of Cayuga County New York, 1879
edited by Elliot G. Storke
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chapter01.txt     Chapter 1, Native Inhabitants             16     Jan 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter02.txt     Chapter 2, Native Inhabitants             37     Jan 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter03.txt     Chapter 3, Native Inhabitants             39     Jan 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter04.txt     Chapter 4, Native Inhabitants             18     Jan 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter05.txt     Chapter 5, Land Titles-Military Tract     10     Jan 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter06.txt     Chapter 6, Early Civil Divisions          18     Jan 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter07.txt     Chapter 7, Geological Formations          14     Jan 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter08.txt     Chapter 8, Early Modes of Travel          37     Jan 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter09.txt     Chapter 9, History of the Press           33     Jan 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter10.txt     Chapter 10, Progress of Education         32     Jan 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter11.txt     Chapter 11, Art and Professional Artists  31     Jan 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter12.txt     Chapter 12, Valuation & Taxation           8     Jan 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter13.txt     Chapter 13, Agricultural Societies        33     Jan 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter14.txt     Chapter 14, Cayuga Co. Medical Societies  23     Feb 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter15.txt     Chapter 15, Early Courts                  34     Feb 2004	W. D. Samuelsen
chapter16.txt     Chapter 16, Cayuga in the War of Rebellion  34   Feb 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter17.txt     Chapter 17, non-existent (no missing pages)
chapter18.txt     Chapter 18, 19th New York Volunteers      31     Feb 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter19.txt     Chapter 19, 3rd New York Artillery        51     Feb 2004     W. D. Samuelsen
chapter20.txt     Chapter 20, 75th New York Volunteers
chapter21.txt     Chapter 21, Captain Kennedy's Battalion
chapter22.txt     Chapter 22, Aurelius & Hardenburgh's Corners
chapter23.txt     Chapter 23, History of Auburn - Village
chapter24.txt     Chapter 24, History of Auburn - City
chapter25.txt     Chapter 25, Auburn Manufactures
chapter26.txt     Chapter 26, Auburn Wholesale, Banks
chapter27.txt     Chapter 27, Auburn Schools
chapter28.txt     Chapter 28, Churches of Auburn
chapter29.txt     Chapter 29, History of Auburn
chapter30.txt     Chapter 30, see Bios section
chapter31.txt     Chapter 31, History, Town of Sterling
chapter32.txt     Chapter 32, History, Town of Victory
chapter33.txt     Chapter 33, History, Town of Ira
chapter34.txt     Chapter 34, History, Town of Conquest
chapter35.txt     Chapter 35, History, Town of Cato
chapter36.txt     Chapter 36, History, Town of Montezuma
chapter37.txt     Chapter 37, History, Town of Mentz
chapter38.txt     Chapter 38, History, Town of Brutus
chapter39.txt     Chapter 39, History, Town of Throop
chapter40.txt     Chapter 40, History, Town of Sennett
chapter41.txt     Chapter 41, History, Town of Aurelius
chapter42.txt     Chapter 42, History, Town of Springer
chapter43.txt     Chapter 43, History, Town of Fleming
chapter44.txt     Chapter 44, History, Town of Owasco
chapter45.txt     Chapter 45, History, Town of Ledyard
chapter46.txt     Chapter 46, History, Town of Scipio
chapter47.txt     Chapter 47, History, Town of Venice
chapter48.txt     Chapter 48, History, Town of Niles
chapter49.txt     Chapter 49, History, Town of Moravia
chapter50.txt     Chapter 50, History, Town of Semphronius
chapter51.txt     Chapter 51, History, Town of
chapter52.txt     Chapter 52, History, Town of
chapter53.txt     Chapter 53, History, Town of
chapter54.txt     Chapter 54, Addenda

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