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Anyone wishing to volunteer to canvas and/or transcribe and/or update records of any cemetery including these ones, please contact New York State Coordinator, New York Tombstone Project coordinator

(<date) = surveyed before the date)

Column 1 = File Name
Column 2 = Description
Column 3 = File Size
Column 4 = Date Filed
Column 5 = Submitter (email addresses are listed on the files)
chestnuthilla.txtChestnut Hill Cemetery, Portville (1 of 4) (GR)118 KBJan 2002Kay Anderson
Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Portville (2 of 4) (GR)121 KBJan 2002Kay Anderson chestnuthillc.txtChestnut Hill Cemetery, Portville (3 of 4) (GR)115 KBJan 2002Kay Anderson chestnuthilld.txtChestnut Hill Cemetery, Portville (4 of 4) (GR)179 KBJan 2002Kay Anderson hincem1.txtHinsdale Cemetery, Hinsdale (1 of 4) (GR)107 KBAug 1998Kim Myers hincem2.txtHinsdale Cemetery, Hinsdale (2 of 4) (GR)178 KBAug 1998Kim Myers hincem3.txtHinsdale Cemetery, Hinsdale (3 of 4) (GR)35 KBAug 1998Kim Myers hincem4.txtHinsdale Cemetery, Hinsdale (4 of 4) (GR)25 KBAug 1998Kim Myers willoughby.txtWilloughby Cemetery, Great Valley46 KBSep 1996Kim Myers Known cemeteries not transcribed or surveyed. All USGS unless otherwise Allegany, Allegany (GR) B'nai B'rith, Olean Barber, Collins Center Bowen, Ellicottville Broadway, Gowanda Bunker Hill, Randolph Calvary, Salamanca Cole, Humphrey Cottage, South Dayton (GR) Crawford, Salamanca (GR) Fitch, Franklinville Five Mile, Allegany (GR) Franktown, Ashford Hollow Holland, West Valley Jolls, Perrysburg (GR) Kimball, West Valley Liberty Park, Cattaraugus (GR) Little Clear Creek, Kennedy New Albion Lower, New Albion (GR) Malks, New Albion Maple Grove, Hinsdale Maple Grove, Little Valley Maple Grove, West Valley Maple Grove, Delevan Maplehurst, Delevan McKinstry, Delevan (GR) Mount Hope, West Valley (GR) Mount Prospect, Franklinville (GR) Mount View, Olean (GR) Napoli, Little Valley (GR) Niles, Ellicottville North Otto, Cattaraugus (GR) Oldtown, Steamburg Perrysburg, Perrysburg (GR) Pigeon Valley, Randolph Plato, Ellicottville Pleasant Valley, Olean (GR) Portville, Portville Root, Ashford St. Bonaventure, St. Bonaventure (GR) St. John's, West Valley Sample Hill, Kennedy Schwartz, Ashford Hollow Siloam, Franklinville (GR) Snyder Hill, New Albion Steamburg, Steamburg Sunset Hill, Ellicottville (GR )Ten Broeck, Franklinville Thomas Corners, Ashford Hollow Tug Hill, Cattaraugus (GR) Union Rural, Freedom (GR) Union Hill, Cuba Weber, Ashford Hollow West Hill, Cattaraugus Wildwood, Salamanca (GR)* Cattaraugus, Cattaraugus (GR)* Centerville, Freedom (GR)* Delevan, Delevan (GR)* Dewey, Perrysburg (GR)* East Otto, East Otto (GR)* East Portville, Portville (GR)* East Randolph, Randolph (GR)* Ellicottville, Ellicottville (GR)* Farmersville, Farmersville Station (GR)* Freedom, Freedom (GR)* Freedom Rural, Freedom (GR)* Gowanda Pine Hill, Gowanda (GR)* Green, Great Valley (GR)* Hill Grove, Gowanda (GR)* Limestone, Limestone (GR)* Limestone Protestant, Limestone (GR)* Little Valley Rural, Little Valley (GR)* Main Settlement, Portville (GR)* Maple Grove, Machias (GR)* Mapledale, Delevan (GR)* Maples, Little Valley (GR)* Markhams, Gowanda (GR)* Markhams Corners, Dayton (GR)* New Albion, Cattaraugus (GR)* Otto, Otto (GR)* Park Lawn, Cattaraugus (GR) Pine Grove, Gowanda (GR)* Riverside, Olean (GR)* Rosenburg, Gowanda (GR)* Rutledge Rural, Conewango Valley (GR)* Sandusky, Sandusky (GR)* South Napoli, Little Valley (GR)* Versailles, Versailles (GR)* Villenova Burial Ground, South Dayton (GR)* Waverly Burying Ground, Otto (GR)* West Valley, West Valley (GR)* West Valley Rural, West Valley (GR)* Yorkshire, Yorkshire (GR)

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