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Allegany County New York
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Anyone wishing to volunteer to canvas and/or transcribe and/or update records of any cemetery including these ones, please contact New York State Coordinator, New York Tombstone Project coordinator

(<date) = surveyed before the date)

Column 1 = File Name
Column 2 = Description
Column 3 = File Size
Column 4 = Date Filed
Column 5 = Submitter (email addresses are listed on the files)

caneadea.txt         Caneadea Cemetery                                 16  Feb 2000  Gert Hall
ecaneadea.txt        East Caneadea (or) German Settlement Cemetery      8  Feb 2000  Gert Hall
oaklawn.txt          Oaklawn Cemetery                                  10  Sep 2000  Ronda Patterson
hann.txt             Hann Family Cemetery, Wellsville (<1954)(closed)   3  Oct 2002  NYATT
westalmond.txt       West Almond, West Almond (<1961)(closed)           7  Nov 2002  NYATT
abbott.txt           Abbott (<1949)                                     2  Dec 2004  W. D. Samuelsen
swift.txt            Swift Family (<1948)                               2  Dec 2004  W. D. Samuelsen
norton.txt           Norton, (<1949)                                   15  Dec 2004  W. D. Samuelsen
latticebridge.txt    Lattice Bridge (<1949)                             3  Dec 2004  W. D. Samuelsen
kenyon.txt           Kenyon Family (<1948)                              6  Dec 2004  W. D. Samuelsen
centerville.txt      Centerville (<1949)                               22  Dec 2004  W. D. Samuelsen
nile.txt             Nile (<1949)(closed)                              13  Dec 2004  W. D. Samuelsen

GNIS Location of Cemeteries

Known cemeteries not transcribed or surveyed. All USGS unless otherwise

Nile, Nile (LDS)*
Oramel, Belfast (LDS) (GR)*
Almond, Almond (GR)*
Belfast, Belfast (GR)*
Fairview, Almond (GR)*
Fulmer Valley, Wellsville*
Hallsport Union, Wellsville*
Hardys Corners, Cuba (GR)*
Johnston, Wellsville*
Knights Creek, Scio*
Lyndon, Cuba (GR)*
Mount Hope, Wellsville (GR)*
Rawson, Cuba (GR)*
Richards, Rushford (GR)*
Richburg, Bolivar (GR)*
Riverside, Belfast (GR)*
Rural, Rushford (GR)*
Sand Hill, Almond (GR)*
Stannards Corners Rural, Wellsville (GR)*
Whitesville Rural, Whitesville (GR)*
Willing, Wellsville (GR)
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