Present and Future Projects

NMDI's 1930 NM Census Index Project

The 1930 NM Census was not indexed and we hoped to have this project completed by the end of 2005. When the 1930 NM Census Index is completed, the NMGenWeb Archives Files, like the NMDI Project, will host the data.

In debt $271.82, we decided to abandon the Census Index. Some of the Volunteers of this project disappeared with the photocopies and other materials sent to them. Finding replacement volunteers and disappearing volunteers added to the growing debt. We tried contacting these delinquent individuals about reimbursing the project with no response.

Most of the 1930 Census Index is listed in the NMGenWeb’s Archives Files and we give a huge THANK YOU to those Volunteers who completed their assigned section of this project, along with those Donors who help get this project done. I have listed all those people below:

Wanda Ward, Vinita L. Shaw, Vicky Jaramillo Loeven, Vicky B. Briseńo, Vanessa Eastwold, Toni Peralta-Sparber, Tom Durán, Teresa Martínez-Ripley, Tera Collis, Tana Collis, Sylvia Silva-Rindahl, Susan S. Bellomo, Sue Clinton, Steven A. Heffele, Sřren Ćrsen, Shirley R. Barber, Shirley B. Threatt, Shawna L. Newman, Sharon Linneer, Sandra Gonzáles, Sandy Uhl, Sam-Quito Padilla G., S. Raymond Mireles, Rose E. Pińon, Robert W. Turner, Robert J. C. Baca, Richard Smith, Richard E. Loya, Rebekah Sánchez, Rebecca Rhea, Raquel Herrera, Próspero & MaryAnn Chávez, Phyllis Gessert Garratt, Penolope Giacoletti, Penny Woodward, Patty McWilliams, Patricia Pugh, Patricia L. Childs, Patricia Bennett, Patrick C. Sandoval Jr., Norma B. Polanco, Norine L. Heinrich, Nell S. Frederick, Nannette DePraeter, Nancy Winder, Nadine N. Manker, Michelle White, Maureen McCarty, Maryann Coyle, Mary Ann Huntington, Marsha Lizarraga, Marlene Kotchou, María T. Carlson, Marge Young, Margaret R. McArthur, Manuelita Jones, Macy Yates, Manuel R. Flores, Lynne D. Brown, Ludmila C. Wren, Lucja Wyłaczny, Louellen N. Martínez, Lorraine Aguilar, Lorie J. Christian, Loretta Flores Hollis, Lorene Valdéz-Salgardo, Linda Melson Mulkey, Linda L. Crawford, Lee J. Stockero, Leon C. & Kay Moya, Lawrence W. Williams, LaVerne Gibson, Larry Force, Kit Betteridge, Kay Rogers, Karen Perce, Justene J. Kindel, Julie Howard, Judy G. Russell, Juan A. Saavedra, José & Olga Padilla, John R. Arnold, John J. Fahey, John H. Emerson, Joe F. & Sally Lucero, Joanne Legits, Jerry Adams, Jennie McBride, Jason D. Paret, Janelle S. Foster, James P. Malecki, Ilka Minter, Ian C. Zaenger, Helen Hankinson, Harold A. Kilmer, Gloria Torres Armijo, Glenda Sheppard-Campbell, Geri Alexander, George B. Menges, Gina Heffernan, Garld L. Dunivan, Fridolin H. Maestas, Evelyn Bayna, Ernesta A. Parsons, Emma Carrion, Elsa Altshool, Eller Chávez Klauburg, Elizabeth T. Burdick, Elizabeth Martín-Chan, Elena L. Diaz, Eileen Sena, Eileen Copper, Ed Sanders, Dorothy Gudermuth, Diane Córdova, Diana J. Geddie, Denis Dickson Norlander, Dee A. Welborn, Deborah Marty, Debbie Stuckert, David L. Minton, Dan & Rosie Florez, Crystal W. Barth, Craig Steven Thrasher, Craig Hill, Coralie A. Schepansky, Colleen Rutledge, Corina Rel, Clovis Vaighn McCluskey, Claire Ortiz Hill, Christine W. Meagher, Christian Dale Fox, Charles D. Odorizzi, Celia Chávez, Cassandra Eastwold, Carol Visconti, Carol Lampson, Carol Couch, Betty Robertson, Betty Kersting, Beth Ann Fuchs, Bernice Hope-Doyle, Bárbara M. Kaler, Antoinette Durán Silva, Angela Lewis, Amy Aylward, Alfred Lowe and Alberto Vidaurre

NMDI's Section 3 Project

This section, years 1941 to 1949, has been completed. It was a long process of hard work to obtain this section. As of April 23, 2007, Gina and I are still fixing data, which was corrupt between transfers and soon be repaired. [Repaired as of 24 Apr 2007 - ggh]

After these repairs are done, we are going to take a break as most of us are burnt out. We have a new project planned – hope to start around September of 2007.

As this section is still in debt of $168.09, we still need to raise money for this project. We hope to raise money to cover the debt. There are a number of ways you can help.

One of our major fundraiser toward all the NMDI Projects has been DC (death certificate) look-up. We only accept written request taken off the NMDI website, along with the fee and send them the photocopy of the DC. All the remaining money from the fees goes toward the NMDI Budget. Postage keeps going up, but the fees stay they same! For more information on this, go to

Another fundraiser for the NMDI Projects is to collect used/cancel postage stamps from everyone (USA and Worldwide, including duplicates). Thanks to all those people who sent the stamps! The holidays are fast approaching and those cards will soon be appearing in your mailbox. Also, I was told on my last visit if I had any used postcards, they will buy them too. So send any used/cancel stamps and postcards to myself at: Sam-Quito Padilla G., P. O. Box 114, La Joya, NM 87028-0114. Please include your return address.

You can make a donation toward the NMDI Projects. A donation of any amount is most welcome. Send your donation to: Sam-Quito Padilla G., P. O. Box 114, La Joya, NM 87028-0114. Make your cheque or money order payable to myself (Sam-Quito Padilla G.)

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