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Filename Description Date Submitter
bailey-j.txt BAILEY, James 1903 Mar 2005 Judy Banja
bancroft-gc.txt BANCROFT, George Croes; 1917 Nov 2007 Joy Fisher
bauman-cet.txt BAUMAN, Carolyn Elsie Teimer; 1998 Sep 2011 Kim Ross
blair-l.txt BLAIR, Lee; 1918 Nov 2007 Joy Fisher
borcherling-c.txt BORCHERLING, Charles; 1912 Dec 2007 Cyndie Enfinger
borrell-lp.txt BORRELL, Leonard Pascal; 1918 (1) Oct 2007 Joy Fisher
borrell-lp1.txt BORRELL, Leonard Pascal; 1918 (2) Dec 2007 Joy Fisher
brewster-h.txt BREWSTER, Henry; 1876 Jul 2005 Fran Brewster
brewster-jp.txt BREWSTER, Jean Paul; 1922 Jul 2005 Fran Brewster
brewster-rh.txt BREWSTER, Rebecca H.; 1913 Jul 2005 Fran Brewster
brown-dh.txt BROWN, Rev. Dr. Allen H.; 1907 Dec 2007 Cyndie Enfinger
bush-lw.txt BUSH, Lewis William; 1918 Dec 2007 Joy Fisher
bushnell-r.txt BUSHNELL, Reginald; 1918 Dec 2007 Joy Fisher
cavanaugh-je.txt CAVANAUGH, Joseph Edward; 1918 Dec 2007 Joy Fisher
chalmers-sa.txt CHALMERS, Susan Ann (Henry); 2002 Jul 2005 Robin M
colton-lp.txt COLTON, Leslie P.; 1917 Jan 2008 Joy Fisher
conyne-ws.txt CONYNE, William Stanley; 1918 Feb 2008 Joy Fisher
craver-jh.txt CRAVER, James Howard; 1918 Feb 2008 Joy Fisher
daniels-lr.txt DANIELS, Loren Raymond; 1917 Mar 2008 Joy Fisher
fredericks-ae.txt FREDERICKS, Ann Elizabeth (Conklin); 1896 Apr 2008 Cyndy B.
freeman-km.txt FREEMAN, Katharine Myers; 1912 Dec 2007 Cyndie Enfinger
frost-rmw.txt FROST, Ruth M. Webster; 2007 Oct 2007 Jean Frost
GELENIAN-WOOD, Teresa Lynn; 2006 Mar 2009 Paul Wood
hedden-lr.txt HEDDEN, Lawarence R. 2007 May 2007 John B. King
hendricks-f.txt HENDRICKS, Francis; 1912 Dec 2007 Cyndie Enfinger
hilton-fmm.txt HILTON, Florence Muriel Mitchell; 1933 Jul 2009 Phillip Gray
holden-e.txt HOLDEN, Dr. Edgar; 1909 Dec 2007 Cyndie Enfinger
lawrence-e.txt LAWRENCE, Eldemora 1937 Mar 2005 Louise Williams
lawrence-mj.txt LAWRENCE, Minnie J. 1947 Mar 2005 Louise Williams
lequin-ml.txt LEQUIN, Maurice Lentilhon; 1918 Oct 2007 Joy Fisher
mackay-ds.txt MacKAY, Rev. Dr. Donald Sage; 1908 Dec 2007 Cyndie Enfinger
maxwell-s.txt MAXWELL, Sarah; 1897 Aug 2008 William Maxwell
mcallister-jw.txt McALLISTER, John W. 1983 Aug 2007 David R. Brumbelow
mccoy-s.txt McCOY, Shiley 2000 Nov 2013 Ruth Hezlep
osborne-ls.txt OSBORNE, Rev. Dr. Louis Shreve; 1912 Dec 2007 Cyndie Enfinger
owen-ja.txt OWEN, Joseph A.; 1909 Sep 2008 Leonard Campbell
stockton-cs.txt STOCKTON, Charles S.; 1912 Dec 2007 Cyndie Enfinger
thompson-df.txt THOMPSON, Donald Frederick; 1918 Nov 2007 Joy Fisher
terry-w.txt TERRY aka SHARIF, Wayne aka Mustahim; 2007 Feb 2009 Germaine Terry
tichenor-jh.txt TICHENOR, Julia H.; 1912 Dec 2007 Cyndie Enfinger
tyler-me.txt TYLER, Mary E.; 1890 Oct 2015 Taneya Koonce
vannest-tb.txt VAN NEST, Theodore Burnham; 1918 Nov 2007 Joy Fisher
ward-wl.txt WARD, Walter L.; 1918 Nov 2007 Joy Fisher
weed-wte.txt WEED, Walker Ten Eyck; 1918 Nov 2007 Joy Fisher
woods-f.txt WOODS aka TERRY, Frances; 1990 Feb 2009 Germaine Terry
woods-jj.txt WOODS, Juan Jose; 1990 Feb 2009 Germaine Terry
wright-ae.txt WRIGHT, Anne E.; 1912 Dec 2007 Cyndie Enfinger
wright-jw.txt WRIGHT, Janice Woodruff 2007 Apr 2007 John B. King

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