1915 Great Fire

On Sept 23, 1915 this fire took with it forty-two buildings. Among those buildings lost were the Ashworth, the Fairview, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, the Grand View, DeLancey and Janvrin Hotels, the new Strand Theater and the Olympia Theater.

This fire was seen for miles around, was fast moving and in four hours time leveled a good portion of Hampton's beach front. Frustrated by high winds, feeble water pressure they tried to save what they could in vain as the fire leaped from structure to structure. Fire departments from Portsmouth, Amesbury, Salisbury and Exeter arrived to help. The wind finally shifted and the devastation was held in check. It was reported that this fire had been started by children playing with matches and began in the rear of the B Street cottage owned by James B. Garland of Manchester.

For more excellent coverage of this event in Hampton's History the Lane Memorial Library has actual photographs and excellent articles written on the fire including more fires of that same year which came to be known as the "Year of Fires".

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