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File Description Size Date Submitter
Anstine, Leslie Clem 1896 - Image 20K Mar 2015 Joy Fisher The Registry
Augustine, Ernest Webster 1861 - Image 17K Mar 2015 Joy Fisher The Registry

"Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Adams, Clay, Hall and Hamilton Counties" Published 1890 by the Goodspeed Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. (Note: Hall County Only)
FilenameDescriptionFile SizeDateSubmitter
1890his1.txt Hall County, Chapter XXIII 43KB Mar 2001 Kaylynn Loveland
1890his2a.txt Hall County, Chapter XXIV, Part 1 52KB Mar 2001
1890his2b.txt Hall County, Chapter XXIV, Part 2 34KB Mar 2001
1890his3.txt Hall County, Chapter XXV 52KB Mar 2001
1890his4a.txt Hall County, Chapter XXVI, Part 1 62KB Mar 2001
1890his4b.txt Hall County, Chapter XXVI, Part 2 34KB Mar 2001
1890his5.txt Hall County, Chapter XXVII 15KB Mar 2001
1890bio1.txt Hall County, Bigraphies, Surnames A - C 70KB Mar 2001 Kaylynn Loveland
1890bio2.txt Hall County, Biographies, Surnames D - F 57KB Mar 2001
1890bio3.txt Hall County, Biographies, Surnames G - H 56KB Jan 2002
1890bio4.txt Hall County, Biographies, Surnames J - L 46KB Jan 2002
1890bio5.txt Hall County, Biographies, Surnames M - O 59KB Jan 2002
1890bio6.txt Hall County, Biographies, Surnames P - R 86KB Jan 2002
1890bio7.txt Hall County, Biographies, Surnames S - V 69KB Jan 2002
1890bio8.txt Hall County, Biographies, Surnames W - Z 49KB Mar 2001
1890bioidx.txt Hall County, Biographies, Index 29KB Mar 2001

FilenameDescriptionFile Size DateSubmitter
hall1883.txt Military Pensioners, 1 January 1883 10KB Sep 2000 Alice Miller
gar001.txt G.A.R. Roster, Bradley Post 134;
Circa 1890; Wood River
                      HTML version*
3KB 11 Apr 1998 Kaylynn Loveland
gar002.txt G.A.R. History and Roster (c1890)
Stough Lyon's Post No. 11
                      HTML version*
10KB 11 Apr 1998 Kaylynn Loveland
wwivets.txt World War One Veterans
extracted from "History of Hall County",
by Buecher, Barr and Stough. 1919
                      HTML version*
54KB Mar 2001 Kaylynn Loveland

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