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File Description Size Date Submitter
Aldrich, Bess Streeter 1903 - Image 18K Mar 2015 Joy Fisher The Registry
Biographies; Louisville; 1905
                           HTML version*
82KB 16 Jan 1998Wendy Anderson
Index of "Portrait and Biographical Album of Otoe and Cass Counties" 29KB Mar 1998 Wendy J. Anderson

FilenameDescriptionFile SizeDateSubmitter
eagle.txt Eagle Cemetery 73KB Oct 1998 Art Umland
greenwo.txt Greenwood Cemetery 9KB Oct 1998 Dee Loftus
otterbe.txt Otterbein Cemetery 2KB Dec 1998 Angela Hansen
unioncem.txt Union East Cemetery 36KB Dec 1999 Jayne Brockhoff

Also see the 1860 Federal Census of Nebraska included in the State files
FilenameDescriptionFile SizeDateSubmitter
1 85 5.txt 1855 Cass County Census
                           HTML version*< /A>
8KB 05 Jun 1997Wendy Anderson
18 60m.txt 1860 Mortality Schedule; Federal Census
                           HTML version*< /A>
5KB 30 Dec 1997Wendy Anderson
18 70m.txt 1870 Mortality Schedule; Federal Census
                           HTML version*< /A>
12KB 30 Dec 1997Wendy Anderson
1880part.txt 1880 Federal Census;
Rock Bluff Prec.; Families #35-47
5KB 20 Dec 1997 Judy Arnold

Directories, Gazetteers, and Maps
FilenameDescriptionFile SizeDateSubmitter
1890farm.txt 1890 Gazetteer; Farmers 42KB Nov 1999 Wendy Anderson

Government - City & County
FilenameDescriptionFile SizeDateSubmitter
at885a. txt County Officials; 1855-1884
                           HTML version
5KB 30 Dec 1997 Wendy Anderson
gov001. txt Sheriffs and Sheriff Candidates;
                           HTML version
4KB 30 Dec 1997 Wendy Anderson

FilenameDescriptionFile SizeDateSubmitter
earlymar.txt Early Marriages; Index
                          HTML version *
13KB 05 Jun 1997 Wendy Anderson
wilecrai.txt Marriage Record; Wiley-Craig; 1863 2KB 26 Nov 1997 Judy Arnold
wilesmit.txt Marriage Record; Wiley-Smith; 1891 2KB 26 Nov 1997 Judy Arnold
pearsley.txt Marriage Record; Pearsley-Pell; 1896 2KB 24 Dec 1999 Judy Ryden
albin.txt Marriage Record; Albin - Nickles; 1885 3KB 20 Jun 2001 Judy Ryden
nickles.txt Marriage Record; Nickles - Fletcher; 1865 2KB 20 Jun 2001 Judy Ryden

FilenameDescriptionFile SizeDateSubmitter
catlin.txt Pension Records of Colonel Catlin
1st NE Cavalry
25KB 30 Jun 1998Jerelyn Leinweber
cass1883.txt Military Pensioners, 1 January 1883 11KB Sep 2000 Alice Miller

FilenameDescriptionFile SizeDateSubmitter
kelly001.txt Obituary; Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Michael; 1920 3KB June 1999 Jo Newkirk
wiley001.txt Obituary; Wiley, William; 1912 4KB 26 Nov 1997 Judy Arnold
mi sc .txt Obituaries; Misc.; 1901-1922 16KB 27 Dec 1997 Robert D. Martin
pearobit.txt Obituary; John Pearsley, 27 Mar 1915 5KB 18 Feb 2000 Judy Ryden
carnes.txt Obituary; Robers Carnes and A. S. Karns, Feb 1900 3KB 9 Jul 2005 A. Diane Fleming

FilenameDescriptionFile SizeDateSubmitter
index.txt "Murray Centennial:1884-1984"
Index to Family Sketches
4KB Mar 1999 Wendy Anderson

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