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File Description Size Date Submitter
Adkins, Stuart Elijah 1875 - 2K Mar 2015 Joy Fisher The Registry

FilenameDescriptionFile SizeDateSubmitter
drf001.txt Birth Data; male residents and
former residents alive in 1917
39KB 26 Dec 1997 Ray Banks
fed1920a.txt 1920 Federal Census;
Arthur Precinct
                  HTML version
63KB 12 Jan 1998 Allan Childers
fed1920b.txt 1920 Federal Census;
Braden Precinct
                  HTML version
23KB 12 Jan 1998
fed1920c.txt 1920 Federal Census;
Edward Precinct
                  HTML version
17KB 12 Jan 1998
fed1920d.txt 1920 Federal Census;
Fora Precinct
                  HTML version
16KB 12 Jan 1998
fed1920e.txt 1920 Federal Census;
Lena Precinct
                  HTML version
24KB 12 Jan 1998 Allan Childers
fed1920f.txt 1920 Federal Census;
Melrose Precinct
                  HTML version
21KB 12 Jan 1998
fed1920g.txt 1920 Federal Census;
Thune Precinct
                  HTML version
15KB 12 Jan 1998

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