1891 - April 1992
Stavanger Township - Traill County
* Denotes burial of cremains

The original listing (compiled by Loretta M. Odegard) is included in the Cemeteries of North Dakota, TRAILL COUNTY, Volume 5, Compiled By Red River Valley Genealogy Society; however, it is not included in the RRVGS Index. The original listing contains Death Date, Funeral Date, Deceased Name, Age, and Birth Place but does not contain plot location of burial. Contact Mike Peterson for information on the listing.

ANDERSON, Martin Lot 45-A
ANDERSON, Clarence A. Lot 45-B
ANDERSON, Margaret Carson Lot 45-B
ANDERSON, Charles Albert Lot 34
ANDERSON, Baby Lot 34
ANDERSON, Olaf P. N. Lot 2
ANDERSON, Ingwalson Lot 2

BARCHINSKI, Susan Gunderson Lot 59-A
BARTELSON, John Lot 28
BARTELSON, Kate Lot 28
BOTTEN, Amund N. Lot 36
BOTTEN, Emelia (Emma) Arnesen Lot 36
BOTTEN, Emil Lot 36
BRATTEN, Bennie Lot 21
BRATTEN, Henry Lot 21
BREDESON, Johanne Lot 23
BREDESON, Ole Lot 23
BREDESON, Josephine Lot 23
BRODERSON, Anna Marie Lot 9
BRODERSON, Martin L. Lot 9
BRODERSON, Clifford Lot 9
BRODERSON, Annie M. Lot 9
BRODERSON, George A. Lot 98
BRODERSON, Broder Lot 28
BRODERSON, George Andrias Lot 28
BRODERSON, Anne Marie Lot 38
BROOKE, Thomas A. Lot 57-B
BROOKE, Josephine Jacobson Lot 19

CARLYLE, Robert Lot 24
CARLYLE, Inga Bergine Johnson Lot 24
CARLYLE, Baby Lot 24
CARSON, Thomas Sr. Lot 51
CARSON, Myrtle Anderson Lot 51
CARSON, William Lot 34
CARSON, Mary McFadden Lot 34
CARSON, Rachel McFadden Lot 34
CARSON, William J. Lot 34
CARSON, Ethel Mae Lot 34

DAVIS, Laura Olson Lot 31
DEAL, Bessie Bredeson Lot 23

ERICKSON, Edward Lot 21
ERICKSON, Thora Lot 21
ERICKSON, Cora Berg Lot 41
ERICKSON, Clifford H. Lot 41
ERICKSON, lone Lot 50
ERICKSON, Julius Lot 50
ERICKSON, Helen Lot 50
ERICKSON, Arthur Lot 41
ERIKSON, Marthe Haugen Lot 5
ERIKSON, Hans Lot 5

FALIEDE, Karoline Erikson Lot 5
FEVOLD, Ellen Johanna Lot 17
FEVOLD, Bertha Lot 17
FEVOLD, Jessie Lot 17
FEVOLD, Anna Lot 17
FEVOLD, Jacob Evenson Lot 17
FEVOLD, Bertha-Mrs.J.E. Lot 17
FRIESE, John Albert * Lot 49
FRIESE, Laura Odegard Lot 49
FRIESE, Emil A. Lot 49

GUNDERSON, Verna Dunbar Lot 59-A
GUNDERSON, Clifford Lot 59-A
GUNDERSON, George B. Lot 53

HANSON, Frances Knutson Lot 42-A
HANSON, Martin Lot 20
HANSVEEN, Ole Gunderson Lot 27
HAUGEN, Annie K. Lot 33
HAUGEN, Maren Sjorbotteri Lot 12
HAUGEN, Ethel Lot 12
HAUGEN, Axel B. Lot 12
HAUGEN, Arne B. Lot 12
HAUGEN, Brede A. Lot 12
HAUGEN, Roy Burton Lot 6
HAUGEN, Lillian Beatrice Lot 6
HAUGEN, Lars P. Lot 6
HAUGEN, Eli Sjorbotten Lot 6
HAUGEN, Marthe Olson Lot 6
HAUGEN, Peder A. Lot 6
HAUGEN, Nils B. Lot 7
HEATH, Margaret Ruth Lot 3
HEATH, Erastus Leroy Lot 3
HELMS, Olive M. * Lot 34
HENDRIKSON, Heridrik (Henry) C. Lot 3
HESGARD, Nils Gilrnan Lot 15
HESGARD, Clarence Edwin Lot 15
HESGARD, Ingeborg B. Lot 15
HESGARD, Nellie Rosina Lot 15
HOWLAND, James Harvey Lot 10

INGVALSON, Ingval E. Lot 18
INGVALSON, Annie Thompson Lot 18
INGVALSON, Malvin Lot 18
INGWALSON, Eline M. Lot 18
INGWALSON, Erik B. Lot 2
INGWALSON, Kari-Mrs.Erik Lot 2
INGWALSON, Elsie Julie Lot 2
INGWALSON, Bjorri (Ben) Lot 2
INGWALSON, Baby Lot 40
INGWALSON, Irving E.S. Lot 40
INGWALSON, Ellef Lot 40

JACOBSON, Gutorm B. Lot 19
JACOBSON, Ragnild Clauson Lot 19
JACOBSON, Arthur Lot 19
JACOBSON, Georgirie Lot 19
JACOBSON, Malviri Lot 19
JOHNSON, Bernt Lot 14
JOHNSON, Lena Larson Lot 14
JOHNSON, Lyda Beatrice Lot 14
JOHNSON, Elina Einarsdtr. Lot 14
JOHNSON, Oscar Human Lot 14
JOHNSON, John Magnus Lot 14
JOHNSON, Mina Lot 14
JOHNSON, Mareri Johannesdtr. Lot 20
JOHNSON, Karelius Lot 14
JOHNSON, Alethe-Mrs.Karelius Lot 20
JOHNSON, Anna Lot 20
JOHNSON, Charley Lot 11
JOHNSON, Albert Lot 11
JOHNSON, Lovise Lot 11
JOHNSON, Christian Lot 11
JOHNSON, Carl Lot 44
JOHNSON, Gene A. Lot 44
JOHNSON, Elmer Ferdinand Lot 44
JOHNSON, Corienne Lot 44
JOHMSON, Martha B Lot 24
JOHNSON, Serine Lot 24
JOHNSON, Britta Lot 24
JOHNSON, Berge B. Lot 24
JOHNSON, Lenhard B. Lot 24

KNUTSON, Albert J. Lot 32-A
KNUTSON, Clara Odegard Lot 32-A
KNUTSON, Kenneth Lot 32-B
KNUTSON, Clara Jacobson Lot 42-A
KNUTSON, Dr.O.A. Lot 42-A
KNUTSON, Carl E. Lot 35-B
KNUTSON, Randi-Mrs.Carl Lot 35-B
KVAMME, Hilda Botten Lot 60-A
KVAMME, Ben Lot 60-A

LAMPLAND, Charles A. Lot 19
LANDA, Clara Berthina Lot 30-B
LARSON, Ellen Carson Lot 34
LEROM, John E. --Lot 57-A
LEROM, Ellen-Mrs.J.E. --Lot 57-A
LEROM, Edith-Mrs.G.A. --Lot 1
LEROM, George A. --Lot 1
LEROM, Oscar --Lot 48—B
LEROM, Alice Aune --Lot 48-B
LEROM, Hattie L. --Lot 4
LEROM, Ida B. --Lot 4
LEROM, Bertha --Lot 4
LEROM, Inger Othilda --Lot 4
LEROM, Ingmar Hildus --Lot 4
LEROM, Minnie --Lot 4
LEROM, John I. --Lot 4
LEROM, Jorgine (Jennie) Grogard --Lot 4
LEROM, Janet Nesvig --Lot 29
LUNDE, Bertha 0. --Lot 30-A
LUNDE, Andrias 0. --Lot 30-A

MIKKELSON, Melvin --Lot 37
MIKKELSON, Gertie Mathilde --Lot 37
MIKKELSON, Hilda Marthine --Lot 37
MIKKELSON, Borre --Lot 37
MIKKELSON, Pauline Pederson --Lot 37
MIKKELSON, Herman Gustav --Lot 37
MIKKELSON, Louis H. --Lot 59-B
MOHN, Lloyd E. --Lot 47
MOHN, Albin G. --Lot 47
MOHN, Estelle-Mrs.A.G. --Lot 47
MOHN, Baby #1 --Lot 47
NOHN, Baby #2 --Lot 47

NELSON, Robert Earl * --Lot 48-A
NELSON, Baby boy --Lot 48-A
NESVIG, Lois Mae Seablom --Lot 16
NESVIG, James --Lot 29
NESVIG, Josephine --Lot 29
NETTUM, Leroy James --Lot 27
NETTUN, Martin --Lot 27
NETTUM, Agnes --Lot 27
NETTUM, Vernon --Lot 27
NETTUM, Vance --Lot 27
NETTUN, Arvid --Lot 54
NEY, Gina Hesgard --Lot 15
NIELSON, Dr. Ralph N. --Lot 42-B
NOMLAND, Knudt --Lot 38
NOMLAND, Julian --Lot 38
NOMLAND, Sarah --Lot 38

ODEGARD, Marla Joan --Lot 55-B
ODEGARD, Jennie Louise --Lot 13
ODEGARD, Oliver --Lot 13
ODEGARD, George --Lot 13
ODEGARD, Gun Grogard --Lot 13
ODEGARD, John L. --Lot 13
ODEGARD, Helene --Lot 13
ODEGARD, Anna --Lot 13
ODEGARD, Oliver K. --Lot 22
ODEGARD, Christian L. --Lot 22
ODEGARD, Karen Eriksdtr. --Lot 22
ODEGARD, Eddie --Lot 22
ODEGARD, Gene Karen --Lot 22
ODEGARD, Louis C. --Lot 39-A
ODEGARD, Inger Dokken --Lot 39-A
ODEGARD, Orlando --Lot 39-B
OLSON, Mancur --Lot 56
OLSON, Clara Fuglesten --Lot 56
OLSON, Garth Anders --Lot 56
OLSON, Lars K. --Lot 31
OLSON, Martha Ostreim --Lot 31
OLSON, Loyd --Lot 31
OLSON, Ole Andreas --Lot 31
OLSON, Clarence Theophilus --Lot 31
OLSON, Baby --Lot 31
OLSON, Ole L. --Lot 63-B
OSTERHEIM, Knud --Lot 31

PEDERSON, Hans --Lot 26
PEDERSON, Maren Lovise Hanson --Lot 26
PEDERSON, Henry Lewis --Lot 26
PEDERSON, Arne Hildus --Lot 26
PEDERSON, Hans, Jr. --Lot 26
PEDERSON, Johanne Haakenson --Lot 26
PETERSON, Clara Erikson --Lot 5
PETERSON, Nellie Botten --Lot 60-B
POLlS, Beverly Ingwalson * --Lot 40

ROGENES, Mary Layne --Lot 43
ROGENES, Oscar --Lot 52
ROGENES, Grace Broderson --Lot 52

SANDVIG, Josephine --Lot 7
SANDVIG, John J. --Lot 7
SANDVIG, Bertha Solberg Haugen --Lot 7
SANNES, Thomas A. --Lot 33
SOLBERG, Marthea S. --Lot 7
SOLLOM, Laura Erikson --Lot 5
SWANSON, Laura Bredeson --Lot 23

VANG, Marvin --Lot 10
VANG, Ameline Syverine --Lot 10
VANG, Martin 0. --Lot 10
VESTRING, Avis Erickson --Lot 50

WHEELER, Theodore --Lot 46-A
WHEELER, Alice- Mrs.Theodore --Lot 46-A
WHEELER, James Morris --Lot 46-A
WONG, Martin C. --Lot 25
WONG, Signe (Sarah)-Mrs. Martin --Lot 25
WONG, Theodor M. --Lot 25
WONG, Ida --Lot 25
WONG, George O. --Lot 25
WONG, Minnie --Lot 25