Rutherford County, North Carolina

Ancestry of Greenberry Sanders


G B Sanders, son of Moses and Priscilla Sanders, was born in Rutherford County, N.C. in the year 1825. His father, Moses Sanders, born in Montgomery? Co., N.C. lived in various in various other counties in Sd. State. He (Moses Sanders) was a son of James Sanders, who was born in Scotland? and so he was a Scotchman, & lived in Montgomery? Co. N.C. G B Sanders' mother was an illegitimate daughter of Cassendra Coco, or perhaps, Cocoa, or Coker, which name was generally used in speaking of her. She was of Welch blood, or of Welch lineage. The above statement is as far back as I am able to go with my ancestry. Have studied on the matter closely. Jan. 14th 1905.

GB Sanders

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