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Description Date Size Submitter
Beaver Island Baptist Church Cemetery Nov 2000 2 kb Howard Sparks
Clearview Baptist Church Feb 2004 4 kb Howard Sparks
Fair Grove Methodist Church Cemetery (Partial) Dec 1997 1 kb Louise T. Overton
Flat Rock Church Cemetery (Partial) Dec 1997 1 kb Louise T. Overton
Garrett Family Cemetery Nov 2002 2 kb Allan G. Joyce
Green Family Burials Apr 2006 5 kb Bev Hockett
Haw Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Partial) Sep 2007 2 kb Norman Hockett
Howard's Chapel Christian Church Feb 2004 7 kb Howard Sparks
Lewellyn Cemetery Nov 2000 5 kb Howard Sparks
Lovelace Family Cemetery Jun 2000 2 kb Gary W. Lovelace
Lowes United Methodist Church Cemetery Jun 2001 1 kb Crystal Soyars
Lowe's United Methodist Church Cemetery Mar 2001 12 kb Louise T. Overton
Lynn-Benton-Soyers-Lee Cemetery Feb 2002 4 kb Crystal Soyars
Matthew's Chapel Cemetery (Partial) Apr 2001 1 kb Howard Sparks
Nathaniel McKinney Family Cemetery Jan 2007 3 kb Adam Oldham
McKinney Family Cemetery Jan 2007 3 kb Adam Oldham
Mt. Bethel Christian Church Cemetery (Partial) Oct 2003 2 kb Howard Sparks
Patrick Family Cemetery Apr 1998 2 kb Faye Moran
Pearson Chapel Church Cemetery Jul 2006 1 kb Rita Lea
Reidlawn Cemetery (Partial) Oct 2002 4 kb Crystal Soyars
Roberts Family Cemetery Nov 2002 1 kb Allan G. Joyce
Robertson Family Cemetery Oct 1998 2 kb Lucy McGhee
Ruffin Community Cemetery Jul 1999 27 kb Julie Goodman
Speedwell Presbyterian Church Cemetery Sep 2013 DiagramBetty Bradford
Speedwell Presbyterian Church Cemetery Jan 1998 7 kb Louise T. Overton
Stone Family Cemetery Apr 2001 2 kb Howard Sparks
Stoneville Municipal Cemetery Apr 2001 5 kb Howard Sparks
Thompsonville Baptist Church Feb 2002 19 kb Crystal Soyars
Three Family Cemeteries Apr 2001 3 kb Howard Sparks
Walker Family Cemetery Jan 2007 2 kb Adam Oldham

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