Mitchell County, NC

Nature's Own Story

Sometimes nature can tell a story even better than us. This past Sunday I found this tree that appeared to be birthing an old tomb stone. It was located on the old Simon Thomas Street Plantation where the new Beech Creeks Resorts has located in Mitchell County. I think it has a story for all us that have a passion to preserve the history of the past for the future.

In long forgotten days,
A member of the Street family,
Was laid to his or perhaps her, final rest
At the crest of the hill
On the mighty grand Street Plantation,
Tears run like the waters of Beech Creek for a short while,
By those broken hearts that missed her.
They visited for 100 years plus and more. A long, long time,
But then they moved away,
And the grave was finally forgotten.
She returned from which she came,
To the elements of the earth,
Her flesh become one with the Mother Earth,
But the tomb that marked her spot,
Found itself in the womb of tree,
As if trying to be rebirthed again,
Perhaps to stop and make us notice,
She once lived,
And because she did,
We do, too.
She died the first death when the organs cease to function.
She died the second death when they viewed her that last time,
But darn,
Life was too beautiful on Beech Creek to be forgotten,
She refused to die the last that final death.
When your name is spoken for the last and final time.
She or He
Found a way to make us notice,
And talk again,
About the Street's roots, buds and shoots,
That makes us who we are today.
Even those who have moved a thousand miles away,
But in heart and soul have roots here in
Toe River Valley.

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