Duplin County, NC

Company E, 20th N.C. Regiment Reunion of 1904

Standing, Left to Right:

(1) Daniel A. Cogdell (1838-1920) 2nd Lt.
Joseph B. Oliver (1841-1915) 2nd Lt.
E. Faison Hicks 1844-1918) Sergent
James D. Ireland 1844-1918) Pvt.
John H. Loftin 1829-1905) Pvt.
Augustine D. Hicks (1842-1919) 1st. Lt.
(2) Benjamin B. Carr (1837-1905) Pvt.
(3) Lewis Giddens (1835-1909) Pvt. - Musician

Kneeling, Left to Right:

(4) Giles Monroe Martin (1841-1930) Pvt.
(5) Henry J. Williamson (1844-1914) Pvt.
George F. Kornegay (1838-1920) Cpl.
Kenan Millard (1843-1919) Pvt. - Drummer
Reuben Branch (1834-1913) Pvt.
John H. Blalock (1833-19--) Sergent
Oliver Summerlin (1830-1911) Pvt.

(1) Cousin of Jethro William Oates
(2) B.B. Carr married Susan E. Millard, first cousin of Mittie (Martin) Oates
(3) Lewis D. Giddens was founder of Giddens Jewelery in Goldsboro, N.C. The cross-roads community of Giddensville in Sampson County was named in honor of an ancestor.
(4) Brother of Mittie Martin Oates. Giles was wounded in the hip by a mini-ball at Gettysburg, which he carried for life. He teased we kids by bending over, touching his head and saying "feel my mini-ball".
(5) Henry J. Williamson was grandfather of Grace (Williamson) Turner of Wilson, N.C. "Miss" Grace was thrilled to receive a copy of the above photo, it being the only known photo of her grandfather at the time I gave it to her. A devoted researcher at the North Carolina State Archives and History, she is ever willing to assist the novice, with a smile.


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