Davidson County, North Carolina

Loftin Cemetery

Located near downtown Denton, Davidson County, North Carolina. Near the corner of Handy and S. Main Street, approximately 2 miles from downtown Denton. I am not positive of the true name of this cemetery, but assume it would be the Loftin Family Cemetery, since that is the predominate name there with the exception of what looks like slaves that belonged to the Loftin family. I am assuming the stones that list a first name only were slaves. The exception to that is Joseph Daniel who I am not sure of. He may be a Daniel, or this may be a first and middle name and he could be a slave as well of the Loftin family. I do not have any connection to this cemetery at all. I am only submitting it in an effort to help others who may be searching for their family history. I live in the area, but know nothing of those who are buried there, or their descendants. I have pictures of each stone in this cemetery that is marked as well as one of the cemetery itself. I am very happy to share those in the form of an e-mail attachment in JPEG format with anyone who would like one. Please feel free to contact me.

Kearnie- Son of Wm. And  Elizabeth Loftin-No dates

Benjamin Franklin Loftin- No dates

John Franklin Loftin- No dates

David- No last name listed- Died March 17, 1818

Alexander-Son of Mary and  Wilburn Loftin-b. 1860

Marker Stone- In this cemetery 12 slaves buried names unknown

Negro Buck- No dates

Margaret-Daughter of Wilburn & Mary Loftin-b. 1858

Here Lies Joseph Daniel-Died Dec. 1809

John-Son of John &  Sally Loftin-Died Dec. 1, 1848-Aged 15 yrs. 6 mos., 2 D's

John Loftin-Died Oct. 1, 1820-Aged 72 yrs., 2 mos. 28 D's

Sally-Wife of John-Died April 17, 1882-Aged 84 yrs., 2 mos. 19 D's-
Broken Stone

Gene Kerney-son of W. M. & Elizabeth Loftin-Died Mar. 10, 1895-
Aged 9 yrs., 10 mo.

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