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Albrecht, William Atkinson, Stephen Eugene Beachly, W.P. Benton, Charles Henry
 Brady, Thomas A. Crosby, Howard Dennison, James A. Dickinson, Wallace D.
Eliot, C.D. Ellis, John J. Frizzell, John W. Gelsthorpe, William
Gibson, Paris Gies, Charles Jensen, Stuart. Johnson, Fred G.
Lapeyre Brothers Longeway, Albert Forrest McClelland, J.F. Moore, Edgar G.
Nathan, A. Paul, Asher Ware Skinner, Harry J. Tintinger, Frederick A.

Cemetery Index by Surname
Cemetery Codes A Ba-Bl Bo-By Ca-Cl D E F G Ha-He Hi-Hy I J K L
M-Mc Md-Mz N O P Q R S-Sl So-Sy T U V W Y Z

File Description Size Date Submitter
Lundquist, John 1945 1K Jan 2015 Richard Lundquist

File Description Size Date Submitter
History Of Eden Valley (Cascade County) November 13, 2009 21K Nov 2009 Jennifer Keith

Land Records
File Name Submitter

BLM Land Records for Cascade County

File Description Size Date Submitter
Largent, Ella - Laurence, Robert E. December 25, 1895 2K Apr 2008 Teresa Taramasso
Schmitz, Dorothy May - Schwendler, Howard James September 23, 1943 2K Mar 2014 John Schwendler
Schoultz, Adeline R. - Jacques, Louis December 1900 1K Apr 2008 Teresa Taramasso

File Description Size Date Submitter
Sad News For Mr. T. L. Ritch November 22, 1892 3K Sep 2011 Danielle Mozingo
This Marriage A Failure. December 1900 2K Apr 2008 Teresa Taramasso

Description Size Date Submitter
Canary, E.J. ? ? Pamela Berry
Duvall, John C. July 1901 2K Apr 2008 Teresa Taramasso
Egloff, Paul December 1900 1K Apr 2008 Teresa Taramasso
Powell, Edward R. ? ? J.L. Powell
Goon, Barbara September 1900 1K Apr 2008 Teresa Taramasso
Johnsrud, Orin Linton July 23, 1958 3K Mar 2014 Deidre Badker
McClelland, F. J. November 1896 2K Apr 2008 Teresa Taramasso
Roberts, Sadie S. 1900 1K Apr 2008 Teresa Taramasso
Skelton, John L. ? ? Jana Sanders
Skelton, John V. ? ? Jana Sanders
Skelton, Richard ? ? Jana Sanders
Skelton, Sadie ? ? Jana Sanders

File Name Submitter
Corson, Clara Foulk G.A. Howard
Corson, George Washington G.A. Howard
Corson, Clara Minnie & Three Girlfriends G.A. Howard
Corson, Clara Minnie & Two Children G.A. Howard
Corson, George W. or Byron G.A. Howard

File Description Size Date Submitter


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