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    Concord Baptist Church Cemetery

 Yazoo County, MS

Tombstone Photographs

Location: Concord Church Road
Little Yazoo, Yazoo, MS

Concord Baptist Church(jp)


The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
John Pritchard (jp)


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 Agnew_Lucy P.(jp)
 Allen_Celia A. Bailey(jp)
 Allen_Charles Edward(jp)
 Allen_Donald Burton(jp)
 Allen_Edgar D.(jp)
 Allgood_Gwendolyn M.(jp)
 Allgood_Ina M.(jp)
 Allgood_Virgie C.(jp)
 Allgood_Wm. Ed. Sr.(jp)
 Ashley_G.G. (stone hard to read)(jp)
 Bailey_David Joe(jp)
 Bailey_Mollie Ellen(jp)
 Bailey_Mary Elizabeth(jp)
 Bailey_Vickie B. & James C. Bailey(jp)
 Boyd_Mrs. Katie(jp)
 Bradley_Alice A.(jp)
 Brent_Katherine Lurine & Elzie Lee Brent(jp)
 Butler_Harry B. & Ruth B. Butler(jp)
 Cagle_Maggie Binns(jp)
 Calliham_Mrs. M.H.wife of R.L. Calliham(jp)
 Cheatham_Elizabeth Kirk (jp)
 Cheatham_John Lawrence & Vera Warrington Cheatham (jp)
 Cheatham_John Richard (jp)
 Cheatham_Johnie Thomas (jp)
 Cheatham_Susie Bland (jp)
 Church_Betty Ruth (jp)
 Clark_Charlie (jp)
 Cohen_Eudora (jp)
 Corbit_Clara C.(jp)
 Cottrell_Nellie Mary(jp)
 Ely_Jimmie R(jp).
 Ely_Ray E.(jp)
 Ely_William P.(jp)
 Fisher_Laura R.(jp)
 Germany_Evia D.& W. Clarence Germany(jp)
 Germany_Robert Edward(jp)
 Germany_Robert L. Sr.(jp)
 Germany_Robert L_Mrs.(jp)
 Germany_Ruby Mae(jp)
 Gerrard_John Bunyan & Barbara Fisher Gerrard(jp)
 Gerrard_William R & Martha E. Gerrard(jp)
 Giesham_Mary F.(jp)
 Hennis_Burl David & Willie Elizabeth Hennis(jp)
 Hennis_Burl David _Jr.(jp)
 Hester_Eugene L.(jp)
 Hester_Willie K.(jp)
 Hill_Willis Madison(jp)
 Huff_Helen N.(jp)
 Hurt_John H.(jp)
 Hurt_Leonard L.(jp)
 Hurt_Mrs. Roxie L.(jp)
 Ivers_Banyon Jones & Mary Neely Ivers(jp)
 Jones_Elizabeth Martin(jp)
 Jones_Madison E.(jp)
Kelly_Albert Gallatin(jp)
 Kelly_Annie Garrett(jp)
 Kelly_Emily Jane(jp)
 Kelly_Helen Elizabeth(jp)
 Kelly_Hugh L.(jp)
Kelly_Littleton son of T.M.Kelly(jp)
 Kelly_Rowena Cheatham(jp)
 Kinard_Andrew P.(jp)
 Kinard_Carl Ray(jp)
 Kinard_Laura H.(jp)
 Kirk_Cyrus W.(jp)
 Kirk_George W. Sr.(jp)
 Kirk_Ida Ellzey(jp)
 Kirk_Sally L.(jp)
 Kirk_Wylodine M. & Jack H. Kirk(jp)
 Kirk_Woodrow W. & Robbie Kate Kirk(jp)
 Lacy_Joe H.(jp)
 Lacy_Molly K.(jp)
 Lamkin_Mary J.(jp)
 Lamkin_Paul H.(jp)
 Manor_Archie S.(jp)
 Manor_Edwin C. & Lenora B. Manor(jp)
 Manor_Earnest S.(jp)
 Manor_Lennie May &  S.R. Manor(jp)
 Manor_Madeline (jp)
 Manor_Roby Lee (jp)
 Manor_T. Alvan (jp)
 Manor_Little Thomas W. (jp)
 March_Tallulah Screws (jp)
 March_William Calvin (jp)
 Martin_James A. & Catherine C. Martin(jp)
 May_Mrs. Anna W.(jp)
 May_Curtis Jr.(jp)
 May_Eldridge M.(jp)
 May_Orrie L.(jp)
 May_Robert S.(jp)
 McCoy_Clara Bell P.(jp)
 Neely_Burnice B.(jp)
 Neely_Frances B.(jp)
 Neely_J. W. & Martha Neely(jp)
 Neely_Joseph Leo(jp)
 Neely_Lillian C.(jp)
 Neely_Oscar Taylor(jp)
 Neely_Sidney S.(jp)
 Perry_Annes Spiars(jp)
 Perry_Frank W. &  Willie J. Perry(jp)
 Perry_Hannah C.(jp)
 Perry_Jesse Gully(jp)
 Perry_Jessie O.(jp)
 Perry_John R. Leonidas(jp)
 Perry_Sarah Judson(jp)
 Perry_Thomas Sanders(jp)
 Perry_Valerie Clunan(jp)
 Ray_George E.(jp)
 Robinett_Barbara A.(jp)
 Ross_Barney Kelvin(jp)
 Ross_Daniel Allen(jp)
 Ross_Donie L.(jp)
 Ross_James Robert(jp)
 Ross_Louis G.(jp)
 Ross_Mary M.(jp)
 Russell_David Clifton "Cliff" & Clara Mae Milner Russell(jp)
 Saxton_Carrie B.(jp)
 Scarborough_Lillian Madoline(jp)
 Scarborough_Perry Dale(jp)
 Seale_Abbie Kelly(jp)
 Seale_Effie Gertrude(jp)
 Seale_Lena May(jp)
 Seale_Dr. William Eureka(jp)
 Shelley_Ada Manor(jp)
 Shelley_William Winston(jp)
 Sigh_Billy M.(jp)
 Sigh_Mary Joy(jp)
 Sigh_Walter T. & Annie Mae Sigh(jp)
 Stampley_Allie Miley(jp)
 Stampley_Charlie C.(jp)
 Warnock_Elmer A.(jp)
 Warnock_Ellen E.(jp)
 Warnock_Luther S.(jp)
 Warren_George T.(jp)
 Welch_Perry Leroy(jp)
 Woodruff_Carrie C.(jp)
 Woodruff_Emma B.(jp)
 Woodruff_Green C.(jp)
 Woodruff_Jno. R.(jp)
 Woodruff_Thomas J.(jp)
 Wynn_Audrey M.(jp)
 Wynn_Murry L. (jp)

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