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The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
John Pritchard (jp)


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 Anderson_Alice Gates (jp)
 Anderson_Katherine wife of Wm.C Anderson.(jp)
 Baham_Violet Kersh.(jp)
 Berry_Eva Mae Patrick(jp)
 Boone_Burl M.(jp)
 Brady_Mary E.(jp)
 Brinson_Thomas M.(jp)
 Brown_William O.(jp)
 Burgham_Mary Elizabeth.(jp)
 Burnham_Charels Russell.(jp)
 Burnham_Ellis R.(jp)
 Burnham_Irvin Jr.   Photo on grave(jp)
 Burnham_Irvin A.(jp)
 Burnham_Robert Carroll and Ina Gene Kline Burnham.(jp)
 Carlson_Lisle D.(jp)
 Carter_Alta Mae.(jp)
 Carter_John Wesley and Odessel Lee Carter.(jp)
 Carter_Lester A.(jp)
 Carter_Sarah Catherine.(jp)
 Carter_Wilba Glynn.(jp)
 Chapman_Auburn C. and Willie S. Chapman.(jp)
 Chapman_Mary Ella and Joe Allen Chapman.(jp)
 Cole_Ausstin P. and Mary Gladys Cole.(jp)
 Cook_James Larry and Mary Virginia Cook.(jp)
 Corley_Laura A.(jp)
 Cox_Alton Lamar and Gertrude Huff Cox.(jp)
 Cox_Edgar Ray.(jp)
 Cox_Samuel W.(jp)
 Cox_Vera L.(jp)
 Crain_Charlie C.(jp)
 Crain_Linnie M.(jp)
 Crain_Leo N.(jp)
 Devine_James Nelson.(jp)
 Devine_James Randall.(jp)
 Donnell_Arthur F.(jp)
 Donnell_Annie G. and Oliver O. Donnell .(jp)
 Donnell_L. Caroline.(jp)
 Donnell_Mary Elizabeth.(jp)
 Donnell_Need K.(jp)
 Easter_Lou Ella.(jp)
 Fairley_Walter E.(jp)
 Fairley_Walter Enon and Winnie Welch Fairley.(jp)
 Ferguson_Grace M.(jp)
 Ferguson_John D.(jp)
 Ferguson_John Daniel_Jr.(jp)
 Ferguson_Pearl L.(jp)
 Gates_Albert A.(jp)
 Gates_Hulon H.(jp)
 Gates_Laura E.(jp)
 Gates_Myrtis L.(jp)
 Gates_Susie Elizabeth.(jp)
 Gates_Thomas J.(jp)
 Gordon_Edward Foy.(jp)
 Hays_Willie Milburn.(jp)
 Jones_Caley T. Jr. and Chesteen C.Jones.(jp)
 Jones_Kiley C.(jp)
 Joplin_Ardie Lee.(jp)
 Joplin_Jon William.(jp)
 Kersh_Bertie W.(jp)
 Kersh_Clifton E.(jp)
 Kersh_Ella L.(jp)
 Kersh_Howard H.(jp)
 Kline_Ina Stevens and  David Alexander Kline.(jp)
Lewis, Dollie(jp)
 Lewis_Ella Butler.(jp)
 Lowery_Emma Elizabeth.(jp)
 Martin_Doris Donnell.(jp)
 Mayfield_Haskell H. and Lavelle S. Mayfield.(jp)
 McElroy_Kristina Marie.(jp)
 McIntyre_Eugenia "Jean".(jp)
 McIntyre_Macon Chester.(jp)
 McIntyre_Minerva Jane.(jp)
 Mitchell_Carl E.(jp)
 Mize_Emma Searcy.(jp)  
 Mize_Grover C.(jp)  
 Mosley_Ethel E. and Eula Belle Mosley(jp)  
 Moyers_Alford Paine.(jp)  
 Murray_George Dallas and Glynda Ruth Murray.(jp)  
 Murray_John E.(jp)  
 Murray_William J. and Annie Murray.(jp)  
 Neely_Billy Wayne photo on grave.(jp)  
 Neely_Charles Bradley.photo on grave(jp)  
 Neely_Sammie E. and Corinne T. Neely.(jp)  
 Norwood_Edrie Patrick.(jp)  
 Patrick_Dan Kelly and Marie Anderson Patrick.(jp)
 Patrick_Eula Burnham and Joseph Welsey Patrick.(jp)
 Patrick_Howard Quinn.(jp)
 Patrick_James R.(jp)
 Patrick_Laura Susan Donald.(jp)
 Patrick_Ruby Kline and Wade R Patrick.(jp)
 Patrick_Ralph R.(jp)
 Patrick_William David.(jp)
 Pevey_James Edward and Gladys Bernice Pevey.(jp)
 Ponder_John Lindsey and Willie Jean Ponder.(jp)
 Price_Polly D.(jp)
 Riddle_Charles Lamar.(jp)
 Robbins_Billy Bert.(jp)
 Robertson_Lois Bryant.(jp)
 Roby_Aubrey A.(jp)
 Russell_Lennis Crook and Eula Mae Russell.(jp)
 Smith_Sharon Patrick and John Thomas SmithJ.(jp)
 Stevens_Wilson W. and  Nola Welch Stevens.(jp)
 Thames_Charley Otys.(jp)
 Thames_Hattie E.(jp)
 Thames_Lee Owen.(jp)
 Thomas_Eva M.(jp)
 Thompson_James Sylvester.(jp)
 Thompson_Mary E.(jp)
 Thompson_William G.(jp)
 Thornton_Margaret Elizabeth Brinson.(jp)
 Traxler_Dave Cornelius.(jp)
 Traxler_Earnest Leo.(jp)
 Traxler_Gertrude K.(jp)
 Traxler_Ida Collier.(jp)
 Traxler_Mollie Oreathus.(jp)
 Traxler_N.P.son of H.A. and I M Traxler(jp)
 Traxler_William H.(jp)
 Turner_Miss Johnnie Lucille.(jp)
 Varner_Barry Dwendell.(jp)
 Varner_Billy Dewayne.(jp)
 Walter_Karen Joy.(jp)
 Walter_Lawrence E.(jp)
 Webb_Mirta Beatriz.(jp)
 Welch_H. Elton.(jp)
 Welch_Henry O.(jp)
 Welch_Mary J. Donnell  wife of H.G. Welch.(jp)
 Williams_Linda daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Williams.(jp)
 Williams_Mims Odell and  Esther Ruth Williams(jp)


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