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Location:  From Hwy. 11 in front of the Vo Tech Building at Pearl River Community College, turn East on Larkin I. Smith Drive.  Cemetery is about 1 block on the right.

The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by Hardy L. Williams and contributed by his wife,
Hardy L. Williams  (hlw)


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Lorenzo Bond, h/o Rosa Lee Marganey Martha Bourn, 1861-1944  (hlw)
Lawrence Lorenzo, s/o Lorenzo Bond Batson & Rosa Lee Marganey Martha Bourn, 1893-1951  (hlw)
Rosa M. (Bourn), w/o Lorenze Bond Batson, 1869-1952  (hlw)
Flora Bell, 1889-1918  (hlw)
Mary Letha (Bilbo), 1st w/o Thomas Boyd Byrd  (hlw)
Hilton Winfield, h/o Obedience Magania Stewart, 1871-1949  (hlw)
Obedience "Beady" Magania (Stewart), w/o Hilton Winfield Fornea, 1877-1948  (hlw)
Clarence Guinn, h/o Vivian Mae Smith, 1902-1979 (hlw)
Vivian Mae (Smith), w/o Clarence Guinn Fugler, 1901-1990  (hlw)
Eva Pearl, w/o Jones Earl Williams & Clyde H. Gunn, 1904-1987 (hlw)
Joseph L., h/o Missouri O. Strahan, 1891-1912 (hlw)
Missouri O. (Strahan), w/o William Singleton Rester, 1872-1952  (hlw)
Eddie (Caver), w/o Hezekiah K. Rouse, 1875-1973  (hlw)
Esther V., 2nd w/o William Andrew Rouse, 1883-1979  (hlw)
Hezekiah Kara, h/o Eddie Caver, 1874-1950  (hlw)
Martin Haywood, Capt., h/o Sarah Elizabeth Rouse, 1848-1921  (hlw)
Norman C., s/o H. K. Rouse & Eddie Caver, 1907-1968  (hlw)
Sarah Elizabeth, w/o Capt. Martin Haywood Rouse, 1851-1914  (hlw)
William Andrew, h/o Esther V., 1871-1948  (hlw)
George Thomas, h/o Laura Ann Missouri Smith, 1866-1956  (hlw)
Hiram Elijah, Sr., h/o Bessie Belle Bickham, 1872-1949  (hlw)
Ida Isabelle (Wheat), w/o James Andrew Harvey Smith, II, 1870-1939  (hlw)
James Andrew Harvey,  h/o Ida Isabelle Wheat, 1866-1933  (hlw)
James Pascal "Poplar Jim", h/o (1) Nancy Ann Wheat, (2) Mary Jane Strahan, 1811-1891  (hlw)
Joseph Ann, h/o Mary Ann Pemelia Harvey, 1836-1903  (hlw)
Kindred Jeremiah, s/o Joseph Ann Smith & Mary Ann Permelia Harvey, 1890-1971  (hlw)
Laura Ann Missouri (Smith), w/o George Thomas Smith, 1870-1940  (hlw)
Mary Ann Pemelia (Harvey), w/o Joseph Ann Smith, 1847-1940  (hlw)
Mary Jane (Strahan), w/o James Pascal Smith, 1822-1892  (hlw)
Anne (Duepree), w/o William Curtis Stewart, 1910-1961  (hlw)
Annie Elizabeth (Smith), w/o James Otho Stewart, Jr., 1884-1974  (hlw)
Evelyn (Scott), w/o Harvey Slayden Stewart, 1893-1973  (hlw)
Harvey Slayden, h/o Evelyn Scott, 1888-1974  (hlw)
Hiram Griffin, h/o Sarah Lois Smith, 1847-1917  (hlw)
James Elmore, h/o Ollie Mae Moody, 1903-1946  (hlw)
James Otho, Jr., h/o Annie Elizabeth Smith, 1882-1964  (hlw)
James Prentiss, h/o Alma Scott, 1885-1962  (hlw)
Robert John, h/o Geneva Athlee Stafford, 1909-1983  (hlw)
Rose Mary (Middleton), w/o William Hampton Stewart, 1924-1990  (hlw)
Sarah Lois (Smith), w/o Hiram Griffin Stewart, 1849-1924  (hlw)
William Curtis, h/o Anne Duepree, 1906-1987  (hlw)
Adelaide Marie (Sullivan), w/o John Hubert Strahan, Sr., 1895-1965  (hlw)
Alice Gertrude, d/o John Lemuel Strahan & Martha Smith, 1907-1968  (hlw)
Dora (Thomas), w/o William Wiley Strahan, 1866-1902  (hlw)
John Hubert, Jr., h/o Margie Nell Lumpkin, 1915-2000  (hlw)
John Hubert, Sr., h/o Adelaide Marie Sullivan, 1891-1944  (hlw)
John Lemuel, h/o Martha Smith, 1857-1915  (hlw)
Martha (Smith), w/o John Lemuel Strahan, 1867-1949  (hlw)
Wiley A., h/o Zemily A. Brasfield, 1818-1897  (hlw)
Wiley Curtis, s/o John Lemuel Strahan & Martha Smith, 1892-1974  (hlw)
William Wiley, h/o Dora Thomas, 1861-1932  (hlw)
Zemily A. (Brasfield), w/o Wiley A. Strahan, 1830-1864  (hlw)

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