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Tombstone Photographs

Location:  On Highway 53 south of Poplarville, MS

The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
Helen Alexander Clunie  (hac)
Mardi Byrd Kelly  (mbk)
Max H. McCumber (mhm)

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Francis, s/o Francis David Alexander & Missouri Ella Spiers, 1911-1983  (hac)
Francis David, h/o Missouri Ella Spiers, 1881-1958  (hac)
George R., h/o Missouri Jarrell, 1871-1930  (hac)
Ida Belle (Smith), w/o John J. Alexander, 191201969  (hac)
John J., w/o Ida Belle (Smith), 1907-1995  (hac)
Missouri Ella (Spiers), w/o Francis David Alexander, 1878-1958
Missouri (Jarrell), w/o George R. Alexander, 1881-1957  (hac)
Rufus R., s/o George R. Alexander & Missouri Jarrell, 1901-1932  (hac)
Joseph Ottis, 1905-1926, s/o Obediah Holliman Amacker & Susan Josephine Smith  (mbk)
Obediah Holliman, 1881-1940, h/o Susan Josephine Smith  (mbk)
Susan Josephine (Smith), 1880-1960, w/o Obedah Holliman Amacker  (mbk)
Myrtle H., 1901-no d.d., w/o Patrick E.  (mbk)
P. J., 1864-1938   (hac)
Patrick E., 1905-1963, h/o Myrtle H.  (mbk)
Cecil J., h/o Wilma Ladner, 1911-1967  (hac)
Wilma (Ladner), w/o Cecil J. Bucum, 1910-1964  (hac)
Carl Hayward, 1960-1960  (hac)
Velma Rae (Smith), 1907-1945, w/o Clarence Y. Berry  (hac)
Alma, 1892-1945, d/o James Monroe Bilbo & Elizabeth Moody  (mbk)
Elizabeth (Moody), 1867-1961, w/o James Monroe Bilbo  (mbk)
George Washington, 1867-1926, h/o Plina McCurdy  (mbk)
George Washington, 1816-1860, h/o Prissiller Smith  (mbk)
James Monroe, 1864-1938, h/o Elizabeth Moody  (mbk)
James Oliver, 1837-1917, h/o Obedience Wallace  (mbk)
Joe Elias, 1837-1917, h/o Maggie Holden  (mbk)
John Alonzo, h/o Molcie Eliza (Smith) 1872-1953  (hac)
Maggie (Holden), 1890-1937, w/o Joe Elias Bilbo  (mbk)
Molcie Eliza (Smith), w/o John Alonzo Bilbo, 1873-1954  (hac)
Obedience (Wallace), 1837-1913, w/o James Oliver Bilbo  (mbk)
Prissiller (Smith), 1818-1904, w/o George Washington Bilbo  (mbk)
Rose Ann (Smith), 1870-1943, w/o Thomas DeLoach Bilbo  (mbk)
Sedgie K., 1895-1938, s/o James Monroe Bilbo & Elizabeth Moody  (mbk)
Theodore Gilmore, Governor of MS, 1877-1947  (hac)
Thomas DeLoach, 1871-1934, h/o Rose Ann Smith  (mbk)
William, 1850-1862, s/o George Washington Bilbo & Prissiller Smith  (mbk)
William Edward "Jerry", 1941-2000, h/o Judith Ann Harriel  (mbk)
Elijah Sherrod, h/o Laura A.M., 1829-1910 (mhm)
Laura A. M., w/o Elijah Sherrod,  1825-1879  (mhm)
Janna Celeste, d/o Robert Michael Cain & Rebecca Eunice Howard, 1996-2000  (hac)
Louie Payton, h/o Mary Bennett, 1903-2000  (hac)
Mary (Bennett), w/o Louie Payton Childs, 1904-1985  (hac)
Eunice Carrie (Smith), w/o John Hubert Cowart, 1911-1992  (hac)
Evelyn M. (Sweat), w/o John Paul Cowart, 1939-no d.d.  (hac)
John Hubert, h/o Eunice Carrie Smith, 1911-1980  (hac)
John Paul, h/o Evelyn Sweat, 1935-1996  (hac)
Richard Ameal, s/o John Hubert Cowart & Louise Seal, 1836-1997  (hac)
Versia R., 1926-1961  (hac)
Mattie (Smith), d/o Wiley Peter Smith & Margaret Elizabeth Baxter  (hac)
Lydia Jane (Gaines), 1929-1975  (hac)
Carroll, 1890-1977  (hac)
Dallas, 1894-1939  (hac)
Hans H., h/o Wynell A. Odom, 1938-1999  (hac)
Wynell A. (Odom), w/o Hans H. Felber, 1939-no d.d.  (hac)
Flossie (Smith), 1893-1959  (hac)
Milton Lee, 1897-1978  (hac)
G. W., 1858-1936  (hac)
Darwin L., 1949-1954, s/o Luther Nathan Harriel & Doris T. Smith  (hac)
Doris S., 1925-2000  (hac)
Larry, 1940-1940, s/o Luther Nathan Harriel & Doris T. Smith  (hac)
Joseph Clark, Jr., h/o Theresa Scarborough, 1899-1962  (hac)
Theresa (Scarborough), w/o Joseph Clark Jarrell, Jr., 1898-1982  (hac)
Robert Jackson, h/o Ruby Mae Jarrell, 1910-1987  (hac)
Ruby Mae (Jarrell), w/o Robert Jackson King, 1909-1989  (hac)
Amelia (Chambers), w/o Moses Kirkland, 1843-1936  (mbk)
Grace Juanita, 1898-1898  (mbk)
Isaac Simmons, h/o Mary Emeline Smith, 1868-1939  (mbk)
Jesse, 1905-1905  (mbk)
Mary Emeline (Smith), w/o Isaac Simmons Kirkland, 1873-1940  (mbk)
Moses B., h/o Amelia Chambers, 1840-1908  (mbk)

Baby, No dates  (mbk)
Dona O., 1900-1980  (mbk)
Elijah, Jr., h/o Victoria Breland, 1869-1911  (hac)
Guice, 1923-1962  (hac)
Hollis, 1919-1923  (mbk)
Jule, h/o Martha E., 1862-1936  (mbk)
Lelia Faye (Stewart), 1902 - 1970  (mbk)
Lemuel E., h/o Lelia Faye Stewart, 1894-1972 (mbk)
Lemuel Lumo, h/o Martha Ann Wheat, 1896-1968  (hac)
Martha Ann (Wheat), w/o Lemuel Lumo, 1906-1995  (hac)
Martha E. (Breland), 1866-19??  (mbk)
Mary Hazel (Baucum), w/o Walter Ladner, 1913-no d.d.  (hac)
Victoria (Breland), w/o Elijah Ladner, Jr., 1885-1976  (hac)
Virginia S., 1934-1971  (hac)
Walter, h/o Mary Hazel Baucum, 1895-1987  (hac)
Edna (Smith), w/o L. B. Lovelace, 1896-1980  (hac)
Mayna I., w/o William Chalmers Lumpkin, 1909-1976  (hac)
William Chalmers, h/o Mayna I., 1906-1968  (hac)


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