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New Zion Cemetery is located 6 miles west of Monticello, MS off Hwy 84.  Go 4.5 miles West of Monticello on Hwy 84, turn right on unnamed paved road at sign to New Zion Baptist Church.  Go about 1.5 miles to cemetery on left.

The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
Hardy L. Williams  (hlw)


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Carrol Dean, s/o Carl E. Alexander & Iris Laverne Williams, b&d 1942  (hlw)
Harvey, 1937-1990  (hlw)
Marshall W., h/o Patricia A., 1941-1996  (hlw)
William Narce, h/o Helen L., 1915-1967  (hlw)
Euveta C., w/o G. Huert Brodie, 1893-1970  (hlw)
G. Hubert, h/o Euveta C., 1888-1963  (hlw)
Audrey (Davis), w/o Sam B. Carr, 1908-1977  (hlw)
Benson F., h/o Ellen P., 1892-1971  (hlw)
Charlene (Smith), w/o Claude Carr, 1921-1995  (hlw)
Chessie Lee, s/o William Henry & Katie C. Carr, 1918-1977  (hlw)
Claude, h/o Charlene Smith, 1916-1991  (hlw)
Ellen P., w/o Benson F. Carr, 1891-1969  (hlw)
Francis A., w/o Hiburn B. Carr, 1876-1963  (hlw)
Hilburn B., h/o Francis A., 1872-1949  (hlw)
James Hamilton, h/o Bettie Booth, 1916-1989  (hlw)
Katie C., w/o William Henry Carr, 1893-1975  (hlw)
Ray, s/o Benson F. & Ellen P. Carr, 1920-1961  (hlw)
Sam B., h/o Audrey Davis, 1898-1978  (hlw)
Texie Geneva, d/o Benson F. & Ellen P. Carr, 1926-2000  (hlw)
Wilford Paul, h/o Juanita Jane, 1929-2000  (hlw)
William Henry, h/o Katie C., 1894-1949  (hlw)
Charlotte T., w/o Walter F. Cox, 1908-1986  (hlw)
Paul K., Sr., h/o Joyce H., 1930-1987  (hlw)
Troy Anderson, h/o Agnes King, 1912-1972  (hlw)
Troy Jerry, h/o Irene Cox, 1933-1986  (hlw)
Laura Odelia (Maxwell), w/o Willie Andrew Cox, 1893-1970  (hlw)
Walter F., h/o Charlotte T., 1900-1976  (hlw)
William Purvis, 1909-1964  (hlw)
Archie, Rev., h/o Myrtle Russell, 1892-1966  (hlw)
Benton E., h/o Thelma Maxwell, 1914-1977  (hlw)
Brooksene James, w/o Atley A. Davis, 1932-1998  (hlw)
Edgar J., h/o Venion W., 1906-1989  (hlw)
Myrtle (Russell), w/o Rev. Archie Davis, 1897-1977  (hlw)
Thelma (Maxwell), w/o Benton E. Davis, 1921-1995  (hlw)
Walter Emmitt, s/o Archie & Myrtle Davis, 1920-1968  (hlw)
Myra (Carr), R.N., 1907-1990  (hlw)
JoAnn (Davis), 1936-1993  (hlw)
John Richard, 1935-1992  (hlw)
Marvin, h/o Lizzie Lee, 1907-1994  (hlw)
Lloyd, h/o M. Boncile Brodie, 1898-1976  (hlw)
Gloria Jean, d/o Robert Lamar Hedgepeth & Lula J. Hyde, 1951-1970  (hlw)
Lula J. (Hyde), w/o Robert Lamar Hedgepeth, 1932-1993  (hlw)
C. Alton, h/o Ella Lamar Maxwell, 1894-1961  (hlw)
Ella Lamar (Maxwell), w/o C. Alton Hillman, 1900-1959  (hlw)
Elenor Z. (Russell), w/o H. L. Johnson, 1876-1895  (hlw)
Eula Mae, w/o George P. Johnson, 1912-1992  (hlw)
George P., h/o Eula Mae, 1894-1977  (hlw)
Jason W., s/o Kenneth A. Jordan, 1983-1993  (hlw)
Jonathan A., s/o Kenneth A., 1978-1993  (hlw)
Kenneth A., 1955-1993  (hlw)
B. Lynn, h/o Nellie Mae, 1910-1997  (hlw)
Cullan Ray, 1933-1996  (hlw)
Lori Gabrielle, d/o Robert Wayne Lambert & Catherine Denice Jones, 1992-1995  (hlw)

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