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Tombstone Photographs

Location:  From Hwy. 11 in Purvis, MS, turn West onto Shelby Speights Drive.  Cross railroad and bear right, onto Main Street about 3 blocks, turn left onto Mulberry Street between parking lot and new Courthouse.  Follow approx. 2 miles to paved crossroad with a Primitive Baptist Church sign (Cemetery Road).  Turn right, go about 1/2 mile to Coletown Church on right and main part of cemetery on left.

The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
LaDell Williams (ldw)


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Willie Lemuel, h/o Wynema Foshee, 1918-1989  (ldw)
Ella M., 1888-1968  (ldw)
Ada (Clark), w/o George Locklin Bounds, 1879-1911  (ldw)
Nancy (Willard), w/o Rubin Bounds, 1906-1978  (ldw)
Rubin, h/o Nancy Willard, 1900-1986  (ldw)
Albert Quitman, h/o Pearlie Fillingame, 1881-1960  (ldw)
Hilbert, h/o Lula Fay Rouse, 1908-1940  (ldw)
Lula Fay (Rouse), w/o Hilbert Broadus, 1905-1987  (ldw)
Pearlie (Fillingame), w/o Albert Quitman Broadus, 1888-1950  (ldw)
Demaris (Simmons), w/o John Terrell Carley, 1846-1910  (ldw)
Edna (Lane), w/o Wallace Carley, Sr., 1910-1960  (ldw)
John Terrell, h/o Demaris Simmons, 1843-1912  (ldw)
Wallace "Wab", Sr., h/o Enda Lane, 1906-1975  (ldw)
J. D. "Dick", 1913-1960  (ldw)
Maxie M. (Waltman), w/o William B. Dearman, 1894-1965  (ldw)
William B., h/o Maxie M. Waltman, 1889-1973  (ldw)

Angeline Housley    1846 - 1834  W/o Daniel B. Fillingame(ldw)
Daniel B.  1848 - 18 Jan 1936 (ldw)
Joseph  14 Sep 1885 - 18 Jul 1924(ldw)
Lillie Mae Powell Bryant   23 Jul 1899 - 18 Jul 1924 w/o Joseph Fillingame (ldw)
James Heard, h/o Mattie F., 1846-1896  (ldw)
Mattie F., w/o James Heard, 1852-1928  (ldw)
Ella (Bounds), w/o John Hartfield, 1874-1951  (ldw)
John, h/o Ella Bounds, 1868-1960  (ldw)
Phillip, s/o John Hartfield & Ella Bounds, 1896-1917  (ldw)
George Wilson, h/o Stella Ione Foxworth, 1865-1916  (ldw)
Ernest Cecil, h/o Viola "Vicky" McGregor, 1918-1991  (ldw)
Fannie B., w/o John R. Moragne, 1884-1974  (ldw)
Herbert Clyde "Hub", h/o Sarah Martha "Mattie" Fillingame, 1891-1957  (ldw)
Isaac P., MS Pvt., 155th Inf., 39th Div. - WW I, d. 1931  (ldw)
John R., h/o Fannie B., 1880-1956  (ldw)
John William, h/o Mary Frances, 1857-1951  (ldw)
Mary Frances, w/o John William Moragne, 1861-1939  (ldw)
William Harris, 1899-1948  (ldw)
Edwina (Clark), w/o John Pulford, 1886-1909  (ldw)
Calvin Abney, h/o Minervia Annie Murray, 1889-1964  (ldw)
Minervia Annie (Murray), w/o Calvin Abney Purvis, 1893-1942  (ldw)
Oliver C., 1916-1984  (ldw)
Phyllis A., 1957-1979  (ldw)

Fannie L, 1915-1979  (ldw)
Tera Marquerite, b. & d. 1979  (ldw)
Annie Bell (Caton), 1st w/o William Edwin Stewart, 1904-1921  (ldw)
Bertha, w/o Rex Stewart, 1904-1990  (ldw)
Catherine D. (Hartfield), w/o Daniel Webster Stewart, 1856-1903  (ldw)
Daniel Webster, h/o Catherine Hartfield, 1855-1918  (ldw)
Hattie Leona (Bond), w/o Peter Harvey Stewart, 1894-1969  (ldw)
James Asa, h/o Virginia Bourgeouis, 1880-1951  (ldw)
Lee, h/o Alma, 1905-1968  (ldw)
Ora B., w/o W. E. "Gene" Stewart, 1902-1980  (ldw)
Peter Harvey, h/o Hattie Leona bond, 1892-1971  (ldw)
Rex, h/o Bertha, 1914-1990  (ldw)
Virginia (Bourgeouis), w/o James Asa Stewart, 1883-1964  (ldw)
W. E. "Gene", h/o Ora B., 1902-1983  (ldw)
William Edwin, m.(1) Annie Bell Caton, (2) Ethel Johnson, 1895-1929  (ldw)
Thomas M., Maj. WW II, 1917-1945  (ldw)
Thomas E., 1942-1977  (ldw)

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