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Red Hill Methodist Church Cemetery
Old River Road
Jackson County, MS

Tombstone Photographs

Directions:  Take Hwy. 57 North off of I-10 to Old River Road, about 6-1/2 miles.  Continue North on Old River Road about 10 miles.  Church is on the right, cemetery is behind church.

The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
Ona Mae Cook  (omc)


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Carl Andrew  1900-1966 (omc)     
Otta Alexander 1902-1973 (omc)


 William M. World War I (omc)


Harry Lee 1935- 2000(omc)


Elmer  1921 - 1974(omc)


Andrew Roscoe1913-1969(omc) 
Elsie Havens born 1913 (omc)
William F. 1898 -1954(omc)


Lloyd Daniel 1909-1989 (omc)
Odette Fletcher born 1918(omc)

Gerald Glynn, h/o Mary Ellen Havens, 1939-1992  (omc)
Mary Ellen (Havens), w/o Gerald Glynn Harrington, 1941-living in 2001  (omc)

Albert E.  1889 -1952  h/o  Mary Corine Havens(omc)
Berton Columbus, s/o John Pliney Havens & Eunice Victoria Holden, 1928-1988  (omc)
Eunice V. Holden 1907- 2001  w/o John Pliney Havens  d/o  Simon P. and Ellen M. Holden   m/o  Hubert, Berton, Edwina and Mary Ellen(omc)
George E   World War II 1916-1969 (omc)
Henry Thomas (omc)
Henry Washington, h/o Mary L., 1884-1964  (omc)
James Lacy  s/o: Henry and Mary Havens   h/o:  Rosemary Hays Havens(omc) 
Joanna (Roberts)., w/o William Charles Havens, 1879-1969  (omc)
John Pliney, h/o Eunice Victoria Holden, 1890-1960  (omc)
Mary Corine  Died 1948  w/o Albert E. Havens(omc)
Mary Lacey, w/o Henry W. Havens, 1900-1993  (omc)
Rosemary Hays born 1946 w/o JamesLacy Havens (omc)
William Charles, h/o Joanna Roberts, 1876-1944  (omc)


Fern 1900 -1993(omc)
Randall 1910-1991 (omc)


Arthur H. 1944-1995 (omc)


Frank  Died 1971(omc)


Helen Fletcher 1903-1978(omc)
John Christian 1904-1974(omc)
Mary Evelen Billknap 1937-1987(omc)
Taze Peterson 1931-1997(omc)


Hunter Luciena Cain 1889-1972(omc)
William Bradford 1925-1986(omc)


Carl Delaney Seymour 1910-1979 (omc)
Seymour Infant #1(omc)
Seymour Infant #2(omc)
Seymour Infant #3(omc)


Laurabelle D. born 1913(omc)
Walter Ira 1910-1970 (omc)


Gwendolyn Ottis 1912-1987  h/o:  Orpha Diniapha Smith Tootle  s/o:  Nellie Beasy and John Lewis Tootle (omc)
John Lewis 1886-1957 (omc)
Lillye Irene Smith 1908-1956  w/o:  Elliot Tootle(omc)
Nellie Beasy 1887-1987(omc)
Orpha Diniapha Smith 1916-2001   w/o:  Gwendolyn Ottis Tootle(omc)

Alfred Elmo 1943-1996  s/o:  Elmo and Marjorie F. (Flurry) White (omc)
Elmo, h/o Marjorie F., 1915-1980  (omc)
Hazel Ramsay (omc)
Jack Dempsey 1921-1987(omc) 
Marjorie F., w/o Elmo White, 1919-living in 2001  (omc)

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