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Coxburg, Holmes County, MS

Tombstone Photographs


The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
John Pritchard (jp)


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 Andrews,_Gertrude Wigley Rodgers (jp)
Harthcock,_Bettie Brown and _James Edward(jp)
 Harthcock,_Ellie Virginia (jp)
 Harthcock,_James T. (jp)
 Harthcock,_John T. (jp)
 Hathcock,_Berta E. June 21, 1927- May 26, 1965 and _Warren W. Aug 21, 1914-May 5, 1976(jp) 
 Hathcock,_Myrtle June 5, 1888-Nov. 10, 1949 (jp)
 Hathcock,_S.J.w/o J.M. Wigley (jp)

 Killebrew,_Dessie Lee d/o J.S. & H.L. July 17, 1916-July 18, 1916(jp)
 Killebrew,_Ethel Lee 1916-1968 and _Chester G. 1910-1959 (jp)
 Killebrew,_John R. (jp) Husband of Susie
 Killebrew,_James Raiford (jp)
 Killebrew,_James Stanfield (jp)
 Killebrew,_Laurie S. Sept 16, 1920- and _James W. Oct. 9, 1914-Oct. 25, 1980(jp)
 Killebrew,_Mollie Ragland w/o R.S. Killebrew (jp)
 Killebrew,_Pauline Wood (jp)
 Killebrew,_Robert S. son of J.R.and S.E. (jp)
 Killebrew,_Rosa Lee Jan 8, 1889-July 7, 1958(jp)
 Killebrew,_R.S. Born June 23, 1846 died Nov. 11, 1919 (jp)
 Killebrew,_Susie Ella (jp) w/o John
 Pritchard,_Lyman T.(jp)
 Pritchard_Marie(jp) first wife of Henry F. Pritchard
 Pritchard, Minnie_Lee (jp)w/o Lyman
 Wigley Family marker for Train/car wreck victims Ben Stigler Sr. and Jr., Willie Belle, Mary Katherine, Audrey Wallace, Pearl Virginia (jp)
 Wigley,_Annie Pearl(jp)
 Wigley,_David Jefferson Jan 2, 1888-Dec. 25, 1941 "Father" (photo on marker) (jp)
 Wigley,_Daniel Cordell(jp)
 Wigley,_Doris Oct. 12, 1934-April ?, 1937 d/o Willie and Janie(jp)
 Wigley,_Florence Davis(jp)
 Wigley,_Gracie D.(jp)
Wigley,_Gracie D. and _R. Andy  (jp)double marker
Wigley_R. Andy (jp)
 Wigley,_George M.(jp)
 Wigley,_Ida E.(jp)
 Wigley,_Joseph Monroe Jan 30, 1913-Dec. 30, 1992 and _Dorothy Edwards Wigley April 16, 1918- married 1940(jp)
 Wigley,_J.M. born June 12, 1832 died Dec. 24, 1910 masonic emblem(jp)
 Wigley,_Nancy Edwards "Nannie"(jp)w/oWalter C. Wigley
 Wigley,_Robert E.July 12, 1881-Mar. 30, 1946(jp)
 Wigley,_Thomas D. (jp)
 Wigley,_Walter C."Josh" (jp) h/o Nancy Edwards Wigley
 Wigley,_W.E. "Will" 1886-1964 (jp)
Windham, Betty Ree Pritchard (jp)

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