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Tombstone Photographs

Church Sign(jp)

Cemetery Sign (jp)

View from the NorthWest (jp)

The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
John Pritchard (jp)


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 Attaya_Sarah P. O'Bryant(jp)
 Barrett_Henry R. & Adeline Scarborough Barrett(jp)
 Baxter_Harold T.(jp)
 Blackwell_Alton A. & Ella J. Blackwell(jp)
 Byrd_Infant son of S.W. and R.A.Byrd(jp)
 Byrd_Joseph S.(jp)
 Byrd_Rebecca Ann(jp)
 Clark_Mildred S.(jp)
 Cook_Billy Dewitt & Yvonne McQueen Cook(jp)
 Crabtree_Willie Van & Margaret Lee Crabtree(jp)
 Deloney_Vada M.(jp)
 Deloney_Walter J.(jp)
 Dobson_Albert Lee (jp)
 Ellis_Lorren V. & Alice M. Ellis (jp)
 Ellis_Thelma E. (jp)
 Fayard_Walter J_Jr.(jp)
 Fitch_Clinton Sanford_Jr. (jp)
 Gay_Winnie (jp)
 Johnson_Arintha (jp)
 Johnson_Lavinia Smith(jp)
 Johnson_Noah Webster(jp)
Jordan_Catherine Scarborough (jp)
 Jordan_John Bowen(jp)
 Krohn_Hazel McQueen(jp)
 Krohn_Irene Catherine(jp)
 Krohn_Joseph S. & Laura McQueen Krohn(jp)
 Krohn_Orey Oliver(jp)
 Lee_Robert E. & Fay L. Bellew Lee(jp)
 McKay_Henry D.(jp)
 McKay_Spicie Sylvester Parker(jp)
 McKay_Wallace Columbus(jp)
 McQueen_Charles E.(jp)
 McQueen_Emma H. & Eli McQueen(jp)
 McQueen_Eli & R. Jane Byrd McQueen(jp)
 McQueen_Ellen M.(jp)
 McQueen_Emily Scarborough(jp)
 McQueen_Francis M.(jp)
 McQueen_George L.(jp)
 McQueen_Helen L. & Clinton McQueen(jp)
McQueen_James E.(jp)
 McQueen_James E. & Clara S. McQueen(jp)
 McQueen_Mary D.(jp)
 McQueen_Marilyn Marleen(jp)
 McQueen_Norman A.(jp)
 McQueen_Ola Bosarge & Ernest Walter McQueen(jp)
 McQueen_Ronald Earl "Ronnie" (photo on grave) (jp)
 McQueen_Thelma (jp)
 McQueen_Wallace T. "Pete" (jp)
 Murrell_Hilda S. (jp)
 Neubauer_Lloyd J. Sr. & Avis MArie Krohn Neubauer(jp)
 O'Bryant Elliott S. & Erna Voight O'Bryant (jp)
 O'Bryant John Milton Hugh & Hortense W. English O'Bryant (jp)
 O'Neal_Henry A. (jp)
 O'Neal_Velma I. (jp)
 Orrell_Christopher S. (jp)
 Palmer_Denise Hancock (jp)
 Parker_Helen E. Johnson & James Coy Parker(jp)
 Parker_James Milton(jp)
Parker_Laverne "Lana" (photo on maker)(jp)
 Parker_Leland W. & Barabara Ann Parker(jp)
 Parker_Litchel C.(jp)
 Parker_Mary V.(jp)
 Parker_Stephen L.(jp)
 Pavlov_George R. & Martha "Cricket" Pavlov (photo on maker)(jp)
 Peterson_Lymon A.(jp)
 Quave_Wallace Peter & Bertha Ellen Quave(jp)
 Reid_William Clay(jp)
 Rogers_Stephens A.(jp)
 Scarborough_Alex & Alice Mouring Scarborough (jp)
 Scarborough_Alvin L.(jp)
 Scarborough_Billie Jean(jp)
 Scarborough_Clifford Earl(jp)
Scarborough_Eliza E. Hickman(jp)
 Scarborough_Elizabeth F.(jp)
Scarborough_Elizabeth W.(jp)
Scarborough_Elum A.(jp)
 Scarborough_Emma Johnson(jp)
 Scarborough_Felton L.(jp)
 Scarborough_John C.(jp)
 Scarborough_L.L. (jp)  
 Scarborough_Lester Lamar(jp) 
 Scarborough_Levi. (jp) 
 Scarborough_Mary Margaret Lamas(jp)
 Scarborough_Pearl G.(jp)
Scarborough_Posie H. & Josie McQueen Scarborough(jp)
 Scarborough_Toler F.(jp)
 Scarborough_Vincent C. & Flora G. Scarborough(jp)
 Scarborough_William & Laura Fayard Scarborough(jp)
 Scarborough_Walter Oliver(jp)
 Sims_Emma Jane McQueen (photo on marker)(jp)
 Skinner_Carie B.(jp)
 Smith_Michael (jp)
 Swinney_Charles W. & Patricia F. Swinney(jp)
 Thomas_Terry L_Sr.(jp)
 Thomson_Charlotte J.(jp)
 Valentine_James Clifford(jp)
 Walker_Margaret Elise Johnson(jp)
 Wells_Myrtle Elizabeth (jp)
 Young_Fredric  A. (jp)

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