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 Cemetery_Sign (jp)

 Crucifix (jp)

 View from North East (jp)

 View from South East (jp)

Mourner (jp)

Location: Pass Road and Anniston Avenue

The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
John Pritchard (jp)


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August and _Mary C._Bellande(jp)
 John_Bodisch (jp)
Julianna Suszter_Bodisch (jp)
Lewis Michael and Orena DuVerger_Bodisch(jp)

Bonteill-Mage marker
Bridgit Bonteill/Peter Bonteill/Mary Mage(jp)

 Rev. Thomas Patrick Bowe(jp)
William Thomas and _Rose Lee_Branager(jp)
William Thomas_Branager_Jr.(jp)

Callen and Terrell Marker(10 people)(jp)

Martin Casey 1857-1915 and Mary L. Casey 1861-1943(jp)
Arthur A._Catchot_Sr(jp)
Cheryl Ann David_Catchot(jp)
Curtis H.Cissell(jp)

Christovich marker
Maxie Christovich, Seraphia Christovich, Katherine Levine Christovich and Mary Ellen Levine Christovich(jp)

Marie B. Correjolles(jp)
Creel, Albert & Mary Loria Creel(jp)
 J.F._Cruthirds (jp)
Louise_Cullinane (jp)

Robert Kelly Daniels_Sr.(jp)
Irma_Darling (jp)
Cecilia R. Davis(jp)
 Henry J. Davis(jp)
 Agnes B. and William B._Delmas(jp)
Rev. Camille D'Hougue(jp)
Hester Boyle w/o Chas. Donnelley(jp)
 Michelle L._Ducre (jp)
  Mary_Dulcich June 8, 1861-Sept. 4, 1901(jp)

Francis F._Erhard (jp)
John T._Erhard_Jr.(jp)
 John T. and Mary J. Erhard (jp)

Cyril T._Faneca(jp)
Micahel Wm. Farrell 1853-1976 h/o Elizabeth V. Farrell (jp)
Norman B._Feehan (jp)
 Annie Donnelley Flanagan and Charles Frances_Flanagan(jp)
John James and _Joseph_Flanagan(jp)

Flanagan marker
Sidney L. Flanagan Feb 13, 1920-April 25, 1987,
Philip A.Flanagan Aug. 2, 1931-Nov. 9, 1983,
and William_J. Flanagan Sept. 28, 1924-March 20, 1989 (jp)

  Frank Leon_Floyd (jp)
Susan Ross_Floyd(jp)
Walter T._Foley(jp)
 Allen Joseph_Foretich(jp)
Charles J._Foretich(jp)
Mae C. McCleland Fortich (jp)
Henry Gautier Frederic (jp)
 Marie G. Frederic (jp)
 Paul A. Frederic (jp)

 Dominic Gericevich(jp)
Marie Antoinette_Gordon (jp)
Mary Poulin Gorham (jp)
 Maurice Greenwald (jp)

Mary_Hartman (jp)
Joseph C._Hawthorne (jp)
Edna Redfield_Herbert (jp)
Horace William Herbert 1903-1904 and _Mildred_Herbert  1913-1913 (jp)
Theresa May_Herbert 1901-1985(jp)
William Henry_Herbert(jp)
 Wm. H. Billy_Higgins(jp)
William Lewis_Higgins(jp)

Grace V. Jackson_ (jp)

Captain Jake and Minnie Barbara Kahler(jp)

Kelly marker
Mary Troyers w/o John Kelly born in Galway, Ireland died at Miss. City Jan. 4, 1871 age 40 years
Ann McDermott w/o John Kelly born in Parish Kelkrow, Galway, Ireland died at Miss. City April 24, 1834
John Kelly son of Nicholas Kelly and ? Ward born in parish of Moore Co. Rosecommon , Ireland (jp)

 James E._Kirby (jp)
Leo P. and Mary L.Kowrach (jp)
Rose Ida Stiglets w/o Ray F. Krebs(jp)

Claire N._Layman(jp)
Mary Ellen_Leech (jp)
Alvin T. and Roxie L. Lewis_ (jp)
 Dave T. and Emma F. Lewis (jp)
Essie Eula_Lewis (jp)
 James H. Lewis (jp)
 Mary w/o James Lewis (jp)
Richard J. and Annie S._Lewis(jp)
Leo J. and Rose C. Lizana (jp)
 Louis E. Lizana (jp)
 Norma Logel died July 16, 1927 age 50 Mother and Daughter Norma Logel died Jan. 11, 1926 age 21 (jp)
 Thelma and Bessie Lyons(jp)

Peter_Mage (jp)
W.C. Mary F. Mage died Dec. 24, 1934 (jp)
James E. and Mary D. Magner (jp)
 Thomas Magner (jp)
Monsignor John T_Martin 1909-1978 Pray for your former pastor (jp)
Charles J._Martinolich(jp)
Frank A.Martinolich(jp)
Inez  D._Martinolich (jp)
 Joseph D._Martinolich_Sr.(jp)
Maria and Frank_Martinolich (jp)
Homer Wayne_McEniry(jp)
Sybil Sutherland_McEniry Feb. 11, 1898-Feb. 4, 1974(jp)
William T._McEniry(jp)
William T._McEniry_Jr.(jp)
Catherine Morrissey w/o F.M.Michon born Dec. 7, 1836 died June 27, 1902(jp)
 June Switzer_Miller (jp)
Inez A._Monroe (jp)
John Charles_Monroe (jp)
Donna Louise Bodisch_Moore(jp)
Murphy Charles Florain(jp)
Murphy Laura Louise (jp)

August Samuel_Nicovich(jp)
Louise Fritcher Nicovich April 17, 1887-July 4, 1943(jp)

Michael J. O'Leary (jp)
Ellen Ridgley_O'Neil (jp)
 John H._O'Neill  1854-1910 (jp)
Lawrence A_O'Neill(jp)

John Allen and Elvere Marie_Palmer(jp)
Emery T. Pecoul_ (jp)
 Ferdinand A. and _Eldora G._Pecoul(jp)
J. Ferdinand_Pecoul (jp)
Joaquin Polit 1838-1908 (jp)
Lusta A._Prichard (jp)
Mary_Prichard 1911-1970 (jp)

Benjamin F. Randall and Clara M. Randall(jp)
James D. Reames_infant son(jp)
 Josephine Knoph Reckenbeil(jp)
Mignonette Foretich_Rippy (jp)
William Hensel_Rippy(jp)
Kathleen_Ross (jp)
Lorena_Rubson (jp)

Mary Margaret_Schaefer (jp)
Elizabeth S._Sepich (jp)
Evelina Sepich (jp)
John C._Sepich (jp)
Nicholas_Sepich (jp)
Lucy Cassidy_Shepherd(jp)
John_Stiglets June 24, 1855- Dec. 3, 1930 (jp)
Victoria Richards w/o John Stiglets(jp)
Chester W._Storey(jp)
Jessie Louise_Storey(jp)
Thomas J._Storey  Sept. 17, 1903-April 30,1974(jp)
Mary Belle Austin_Switzer (jp)

Joseph H. and _Loretta A._Talley(jp)
Annie Stiglets w/o Frank_Taltavaul(jp)
Frank_Taltavaul (jp)
 Bernadette A Delmas Taylor and _Merrill_Taylor(jp)
Wilbur R. and _Dorothy D._Thames(jp)
Harold R. Tomb(jp)
 John Albert_Tunia (jp)
Anthony J. Turpin(jp)

Wagatha-Wulff-Chalin marker(9 people)(jp)

Ellen Magner Webb and John Arthur Webb(jp)
 Mary Ann Webb(jp)
 George M._Wynne (jp)
 Patricia A._Wynne (jp)

 Roy E._Zimmerman(jp)

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