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Tombstone Photographs


The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
John Pritchard (jp)
The number beside the name is the Section and grave number (example 53-109 is section 53 grave 109) (25-1-1 is Grave 1, row 1, section 25)


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Taite, Tiny53-39(jp)
Talley, Barbara Virginia53-102(jp) 
Tankersley, Grover S.4-4-8(jp)
Tarazano, John J. 61-109(jp)
 Tauzin, Harry L.4-4-1(jp)
Tauzin, William R.4-1-1(jp)
 Taylor, Clarence A. 61-9(jp)
 Taylor, Elbert 53-37(jp) 
Taylor, Rick L.53-122(jp) 
Taylor, Robert D. 13A-2-10(jp)
Taylor, Stanley E. Sr. MA-15(jp)
 Taylor, William Raymond, Sr.53-588(jp)
Teichman, Gerald L. 61-113(jp)
 Temple, Oscar L.53-124(jp) 
Templeton, D'arcy M. B-9(jp)
 Terrell, Raymond W.57-69(jp)
Terry, John Conway4-3-10(jp)
Thames, Ronald D. 53-528(jp)
Thaxon, Robert L. 53-38(jp)
Thayer, Norris Allen53-66(jp)
Therrell, Hiram H.4-3-6(jp)
Thigpen, Ellis53-165(jp) 
 Thomas, Benjamin W. Jr. 61-21(jp)
Thomas, Charles Bernard 53-327(jp) 
Thomas, Edward A.  A-399(jp)
Thomas, Guy C. 52-8(jp)
Thomas, Henry 13A-1-16(jp) 
Thomas John M. 4-1-7(jp)
Thomas, Maedell wife of Henry Thomas13A-1-17(jp)
Thompson, Albert 6-3-4(jp)
Thompson, Horace6-4-12(jp)
Thompson, James E.52-33(jp)
Thompson, John D. A-400(jp)
Thompson, Lorel 53-483(jp)
Thompson, William C.8-3-1(jp)
Thorne, Ivy M.25-1-12(jp)
Thornton, Harvey Gerald53-447(jp)
Thornton, Henry G. and wife Margaret E. 20-2-7(jp)
 Thornton, Theodore53-62(jp)
Thurston, Robert M.8-4-11(jp)
Tibbits, Albert A.6-4-16(jp)
Tierney, Elizabeth 52-104(jp)
Tillman, Joseph N. 25-2-4(jp)
Tinley, James Harry E-99-D(jp)
Tisdale, Floyd W.57-47(jp)
Tobias, John53-150(jp) 
Todd, Samuel D. 56-67(jp)
Tolliver, Elmer F.25-4-15(jp)
Tomlin, Jimmie Jr. son of SP4 and Mrs.Jimmie Tomlin Sr.A-1(jp)
Tomley, Martin B. 6-1-4(jp)
Toney, Winter Ann53-522(jp)
 Tonner, Charles Jr.53-106(jp) 
Tonner, Robert B. 53-59(jp)
Topping, Nathaniel Bundy Jr. A-73(jp)
Touchet, Shelton J.  F-292(jp)
Townsend, Charles E. Sr.53-378(jp)
Tracy, Daniel B.53-511(jp)
Trask, James L.T. 61-121(jp)
Travis, Oscar Eli A-13(jp)
Traxler, Emlis Ray53-466(jp)
Trochesset, Shannon M. 53-473(jp)
Trosclair, Joseph53-485(jp)
Trott, Raymond C. 6-3-16(jp)
Trout,. Willie Ray  A-51(jp)
Truett, William Oscar 6-1-14(jp)
 Tucker, Walter G.53-266(jp) 
 Tully, Richard T. 53-382(jp)
Tuozzo, Vincent A-35(jp)
Turner, Hanest Tim52-27(jp)
Turney, Hector J.12-4-13(jp)
 Tysinger, Harold L. E-101(jp)

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