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    Free Church of God Holiness Church Cemetery

Gulfport, Harrison County, MS

Tombstone Photographs

Sign (jp)

View of cemetery looking west (jp)

LOCATION: Three Rivers Road and O'Neal Road

The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
 John Pritchard  (jp)


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 Allen_Daisy Goldemer (jp)
 Anderson_Bertha C."Carol"(jp)
 Armour_Peter A. (jp)
 Bang's_Ishmael W. (jp)
 Bigot_Murray and _Martha Bigot (jp)
 Bosarge_Albert A. and_Sherry L. Bosarge (jp)
 Bosarge_Lester H. (jp)
 Breland_Peter Sr. (jp)
 Broadwater_Lemmie M. (jp)
 Brock_John Daniel "Jr." (jp)
 Brock_James E."Jim"(jp)
 Brock_Lorraine I. (jp)
 Brown_Florence Flossie  (jp)
 Burkett_Seth Micah  (jp)
 Carrol_Martha Jane and  _Thomas Elijah Carrol (jp)
 Carver_Dorothy O.   (jp)
Cashman_Madison J.  (jp)
 Chandler_Maude O.(jp)
 Clark_Kenneth M.(jp)
 Clark_Todd Allen (jp)
 Cole_Thomas L. (jp)
 Cole_Thomas M.(jp)
 Conway_Charlie (jp)
 Conway_Pearl R. (jp)
 Cruthirds_Flossie Ann Battles (jp)
 Dangler_Billy Ray(jp)
 Dangler_Henry George (jp)
 Danley_Lois "Dee" (jp)
 Davis_Joseph R. and Glenda J.Davis (jp)
 Delancey_James E. (jp)
 Eley_John R. and Lula Carroll Eley (jp)
 Felton_Annis J.(jp)
 Felton_Gerald W. Jr.(jp)
 Felton_Gerald W. Sr. (jp)
 Felton_Louis H. and Florence Felton (jp)
 Felton_Sarah Christine (jp)
 Flick_Andy Marshall (jp)
 Flowers_Jack and Ruth Flowers (jp)
 Gill_Joseph C. (jp)
 Gill_John Frances (jp)
 Girtman_Theresa K. (jp)
 Graves_James L. (jp)
 Harrison_Marvin A. (jp)
 Harrison_Zula M. Phillips (jp)
 Henderson_Helen Lynn (jp)
 Jamison, Rev._Amos D.  (jp)
 Jamison_Mary J. (jp)
 Jarrell_Ashley Marie Hill  (jp)
 Jarrell_Catherine E.  (jp)
 Jarrett_Claressa Lynett  (jp)
 Jones_Ander  (jp)
 Ladner_Beulah B.  (jp)
 Ladner_Tony J.  (jp)
 Ladner_Virginia E.  (jp)
 Lampkin_Bruce Alan  (jp)
 Lampkin_Ike Zack Jr. (jp)
 Lewis_Clinton E.  (jp)
 Loper_Curtis Leon and Mary Carol  (jp)
 Lott_Ava Mae(jp)
 Lott_Otho Ervin(jp)
 McCormick_William c. and Lethia G. McCormick(jp)
 Miller_Barbara Alice Parker(jp)
 Miller_Carl Chester(jp)
 Mitchell_Thomas F.(jp)
 Moran_Ruby P.(jp)
 Munger_Walter C. and Wilma M Munger(jp)
 Myrick_Ervin Ranzie and Daisy Loretta Myrick(jp)
 Nelson_Bertie S.(jp)
 Nelson_Calvin A.(jp)
 Nelson_Willie E. and_Lucy H.Nelson(jp)
 Oakes_Andrew J. Jr.(jp)
 Owen_Jessie Lee(jp)
 Page_Glen D.(jp)
 Page_Joseph Sr.(jp)
 Page_Joseph  Jr. and Alice Page(jp)
 Page_Renis (jp)
 Peace_Aubrey R. (jp)
 Pearce_Jacob O Sr.(jp)
 Pearce_Mattie C. (jp)
Pearce_Tina L. (jp)
 Phelps_A.B. (jp)
 Phelps_Curmit L.(photo on marker) (jp)
 Phelps_Elsie B.(jp)
 Phelps_Thomas Watson (jp)
 Pratt_Austin Kyle (jp)
 Prine_Joseph J. (jp)
 Raffeo_Timothy L. (jp)
 Rayner_Edison E. (jp)
 Rayner_Tina Jean (jp)
 Richardson_Mamie L."Nip"(jp) 
 Robinson_Goldie M. (jp)
 Roessling_Jerrica Ann (jp)
 Seymour_Eurise A.(jp)
 Sharp_Willie M.(photo on marker) (jp)
 Shivers_Fountain S. and _Christine E. Shivers (jp)
 Shoemaker_William Wesley and Ida Corrine Shoemaker(jp) 
 Siess_Robert Douglas (jp)
  Singley_W. M. Harvey and _G. Maebell Singley(jp)
 Sison_Virginia L.(jp)
 Spooner_Priscilla J. Craig(jp)
 Stanley_Mildred M.(jp)
 Steiner_Henry M.(jp)
 Steiner_Mathilde Bonin(jp)
 Tillman_Aandrew J.(jp)
 Urie_Charles H.(jp)
 Usry_Joan Staley(jp)
 Varnado_Frankie M.(jp)
 Varnado_Spencer L.(jp)
 Waller_Jessie Lee(jp)
 Waller_Jimmie Ray(jp)
 Waller_Susie Jane(jp)
 Warden_Oliver E.(jp)
 Watts_Jason Joe(jp)
 White_Rosa Patrick(jp)
 White_Zed B.(jp)
 Wiggins_Alex E. Sr.(jp)
 Wiggins_Annie M. (jp)
 Wilson_Donald Earl (jp)
 Wilson_Edgar Earl (jp)
 Wilson_Edward G. (jp)
 Wilson_James Alfred (jp)
 Wolf_James Edward (jp)
 Wolking_Karen Dee (photo on marker)(jp) 
 Wright_Grandma Hampton (jp)

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