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    Cedar Lake United Methodist Church Cemetery

 Harrison County, MS

Tombstone Photographs

Location: Cedar Lake Road
Biloxi, Harrison, MS

Cedar Lake United Methodist Church (jp)

Cemetery View Cedar Lake(jp)

The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
John Pritchard (jp)


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 Allman_Louise Rushing(jp)
 Blair_Ethel Hulsey(jp)
 Cannette_Henry T.(jp)
 Cates_Eveline Krohn(jp)
 Cates_John Vincent(jp)
 Cates_Milton D.(jp)
 Cates_Ronald Dee(jp)
 Davis_Almedia (jp)
 Davis_Noel J. (jp)
 Deaton_Dr. G.O. (jp)
 Fayard_Amelia B. & Henry F Fayard(jp)
 Fayard_Hiram (jp)
 Fayard_Ruth Hudson (jp)
 Fortenberry_Julian Percy & Catherine L. Fortenberry(jp)
 Fountain_Mildred B. (jp)
 Foutain_Thomas J. (jp)
 Graul_Katherine Marie (jp)
 Havard_Clinton D_Jr.(jp)
 Hill_Winona & Clarence Hill (jp)
 Hodges_Huel Alex (jp)
 Hood_Annie L. (jp)
Hudson_Ada M. (jp)
 Hudson_Annie Krohn (jp)
 Hudson_Clareis (jp)
 Hudson_Edwin L. (jp)
 Hudson_George Haywood (jp)
 Hudson_Ina Clarice (jp)
 Hudson_Isabell Smith (jp)
 Hudson_Norward Preston (jp)
 Hudson_Theran Clarence (jp)
Hudson_W. T. (jp)
 Hudson_Woodrow W. & Vesta L. Hudson(jp)
 Hudson_William (jp)
 Hudson_William_Jr. (jp)
 Hurlbert_Agnes Krohn (jp)
 Hurlbert_James W. (jp)
 Hurlbert_Mamie Lee (jp)
 Hurlbert_M.L. (jp)
 Husley_Frank Avery (jp)
 Husley_Joseph Martin & Laura Odeal Husley(jp)
 Husley_Mary Joan(jp)
 Husley_Samuel Teodia "Todd"(jp)
 Husley_Teodia E. (photo on marker)(jp)
 Husley_William II "Jake"(jp)
 Husley_Zora F.(jp)
 Jernigan_Lillian Morris & John Thomas Jernigan(jp)
 Johnson_Lillie Merle(jp)
 Jones_Regina & E.Jones(jp)
 King_Mary Lee "Judy"(jp)
 Krohn_Bennie R.(jp)
 Krohn_Herbert W. & Evie M. Krohn(jp)
 Krohn_Henry Lee(jp)
 Krohn_John H.(jp)
 Krohn_Joseph Murphy(jp)
 Krohn_Leslie Ann(jp)
 Krohn_Lewis Dewey(jp)
 Krohn_Moses L. & Catherine Hosle Krohn(jp)
 Krohn_Octavia Seymour(jp)
 Krohn_Peter W.(jp)
 Krohn_Wilbur R. & Rudolph A. Krohn Jr.(jp)
 Krohn_William N.(jp)
 Lamey_Alice & William(jp)
Lamey_Alice Earline(jp)
Lamey_Alonzo A.(jp)
 Lamey_Douglas W.(jp)
 Lamey_Juanita Parker(jp)
 Lamey_John W.(jp)
 Lamey_Marion C.(jp)
 Lamey_Myrtle Roberts(jp)
 Lamey_Ollie Lewis & Mamie Schonewitz(jp)
 Lindsey_Leona (jp)
 Lindsey_Lena M. (jp)
 McQueen_Josephine M. Krohn (jp)
 McWillliams_Tammy Lamey (jp)
 Moran_Edwin "Eddie" (jp)
 Moran_Inez Hudson(jp)
 Morris_Bernice E.(jp)
 Morris_Charles E.(jp)
 Morris_Elizabeth S.(jp)
 Morris_Fannie B.(jp)
 Morris_Ida D.(jp)
 Morris_John C.(jp)
 Morris_Joseph O.(jp)
 Morris_Lee C. & Julia G. Morris(jp)
 Morris_Lillian S.(jp)
 Morris_Mary Shaulie(jp)
 Morris_Nettie Bufkin(jp)
 Morris_Oliver L.(jp)
 Morris_Olivia V.(jp)
 Morris_Vance Lee(jp)
 Morris_William H.(jp)
 Nickson_Audre Olena Lamey(jp)
 Nix_MSGT Horace Jack(jp)
 Parker_Allan Lloyd (photo on marker)(jp)
 Parker_Harold Lloyd(jp)
 Parker_Lois M. Lamey(jp)
 Parks_Claude D.Sr.(jp)
 Parks_Jessie Bland(jp)
 Robinson_Fred B. & Ernestine H. Robinson(jp)
 Rosso_Vinnie Morris(jp)
 Rushing_Eva B. & Charles J. Rushing(jp)
 Rushing_Mrs. Eliza(jp)
 Rushing_Robert J.(jp)
 Rushing_Rufus W.(jp)
 Scarborough_Michael Terrance(jp)
 Simpson_Rudolph "Rudy" V. (jp)
 Steele_Beldon & Mamie H. Lamey Steele (jp)
 Thompson_Glenn Howard (jp)
 Thompson_Mattie Mae Marvin (jp)
 Walter_Norma Jennie (jp)
 Williams_Robert W. (jp)
 Woods_Elkin (jp)
 Woods_Joe (jp)


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