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  Blackwell  Cemetery

 Harrison County, MS

Tombstone Photographs


Location: Blackwell Farm Road
Harrison County, MS

Blackwell Cemetery Marker(jp)

The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
John Pritchard (jp)


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 Adams_Ira L.(jp)
 Alexander_Sidney F. & Rose B. Alexander(jp)
 Blackwell_Ada Lott(jp)
 Blackwell Adam Harper & Sadie E. Fleming Blackwell(jp)
 Blackwell_Anderson A.& Virginia B. Blackwell(jp)
 Blackwell_Anderson L.(jp)
 Blackwell_Annie S.(jp)
 Blackwell_Bonnie Weldon(jp)
 Blackwell_Dempsey D.(jp)
 Blackwell_Edna C.(jp)
 Blackwell_Homer A. & Leah J. Blackwell(jp)
 Blackwell_Hoyt Merle(jp)
 Blackwell Jack Alexander & Judith Clark Blackwell(jp)
Blackwell_Jeff Alex(jp)
Blackwell_Jefferson Davis(jp)
 Blackwell_Jesse A.(jp)
 Blackwell_John Jay(jp)
 Blackwell_John Newton(jp)
 Blackwell_Leonard Adam & Myrtis Pearl Durr Blackwell(jp)
 Blackwell_Lanell Parker(jp)
Blackwell_Margie N. (jp)
 Blackwell_Maud wife of A.J. Blackwell(jp)
 Blackwell_Millard Sidney (jp)
 Blackwell_Morris.jpg (jp)
 Blackwell_Priscilla Whittington(jp)
 Blackwell_R. Nicholas (jp)
 Blackwell_Sardon W. (jp)
 Blackwell_Sephronia Byrd (jp)
Blackwell_Sidney Anderson & Ada Redmond Blackwell (jp)
 Blackwell_Travis Jeff (jp)
 Blackwell_Wade H. (jp)
 Blalack_James M. & Ethel B. Blalack(jp)
 Bosarge_Davenies Edward Sr.  & Gladys Saucier Bosarge(jp)
 Broadus_Ethel T. Michell(jp)
 Broadus_Noel S.(jp)
Carson_Christopher Roger (photo on marker)(jp)
 Carson_Hubert & Lela Carson(jp)
Fairley_Amanda J.(jp)
 Fairley Archie R. & Justine J. Fairley(jp)
 Fairley_Flora Etta(jp)
 Fairley_Hulon C.(jp)
 Fairley_James Edward(jp)
 Fairley_James R.(jp)
 Fairley_James Stanley(jp)
 Fairley_Lunette Roberts(jp)
Fairley_Melvin Edgar & Verda Johnson Fairley(jp)
 Fairley_Melvin M. & Brenda R. Fairley(jp)
  Fairley_Milton Edward(jp)
 Fairley_Marianne T.(jp)
 Fairley_Peggy Bond(jp)
 Fairley_Peter Harper(jp)
 Fayard_Bertha D.(jp)
 Fayard_Eugene & Lena McQueen Fayard(jp)
 Fayard Elam Elijah & Virilla S. Fayard(jp)
 Fayard_Earl Vane(jp)
 Fayard_Earnest W.(jp)
 Fayard_Henry Antwine & Mary C. Williams Fayard(jp)
 Fayard_Kenneth Eugene(jp)
 Fayard_Oliver C.(jp)
 French_William & William M. Jr. "B.J." & Barabara F. French(jp)
 Gill_Robert Ray(jp)
 Hebert_Alene Vogle(jp)
 Hebert_Odey T.(jp)
 Hunter_William L_Jr.(jp)
 Johnson_Anita W.(jp)
 Johnson_Daneil A. & Juliet K. Johnson(jp)
 Johnson_Eluid & Ann E. Johnson(jp)
 Johnson_Eliza Cates(jp)
 Johnson_Hosey H. & Desha O. Johnson(jp)
 Johnson_Henry Paine(jp)
 Johnson_Idell B.(jp)
 Johnson_Ira B.(jp)
 Johnson_John K."Johnny" & Dolores Dee Johnson(jp)
 Johnson_Judson B.(jp)
 Johnson_James J.(jp)
 Johnson_Maud Blackwell & Jordan Willard Johnson(jp)
 Johnson_Noll Newitt(jp)
 Johnson_Quitman A.(jp)
 Johnson_Thomas Abb(jp)
 Jordan_Charlie W. & Sadie F. Jordan(jp)
 Jordan_Everrett W. (jp)
 Lynch_Caroline Madlyn Broadus (jp)
 Lynch_Kimberly Suzanne (jp)
 Martin_Ruth Lillian Peirce (jp)
 Owen_Roger D. (jp)
 Preston_Daniel "Dan" (jp)
 Preston_James Henry (jp)
 Preston_Malissia M. (jp)
 Preston_Newitt W. (jp)
 Redmond_Thomas Yet (jp)
 Robinson_Adrian M. (jp)
 Robinson_Betty S. & Willie E. Robinson(jp)
 Robinson_Dona Blackwell (jp)
 Robinson_Delmus D. (jp)
 Saucier_Alvin C. & Nancy J. Saucier(jp)
 Scarborough_Curtis M.(jp)
 Scarborough_Lela Ray(jp)
 Scarbrough_Floyd Preston & India Vogle Scarborough(jp)
 Seymour_Arthur Nick & Mary B. Seymour(jp)
 Suppe_William A.E. & Quilla B. Suppe(jp)
 Vogle_Annie Catherine(jp)
 Vogle_Charles Trenton(jp)
 Vogle_Edna Willie(jp)
 Vogle_Faye Gill(jp)
 Vogle_Homer Edward Sr.(jp)
 Vogle_Mary Blackwell(jp)
 Vogle_Robert A.(jp)
 Vogle_Trenton & Margaret Josephine Turan Vogle(jp)
 Walden_Delbert Blan & Myrtle Lee Fayard Walden(jp)
 Watson_John M.(jp)
 Wescovich_Verlena Fayard(jp)
 Williams_Morris Martin(jp)
 Williams_Pearl J. (jp)
 Williams_Quitman Leroy (jp)
 Wilson_Samuel (jp)
 Wilson_Timothy W. (jp)
 Wilson_Woodrow H. & Myrtle N. Wilson(jp)

Morris Hill Church is Next to the Blackwell Cemetery(jp)

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