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 Siloam Baptist Church Cemetery
Franklin County, MS

Tombstone Photographs

Location:  RR 3, Meadville, MS

The photographs in this portion of the archives were taken by:
Debbie DeFoi


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A. H., 1830-1908
Mae, 1851-1933
Claude O., Sr., 1909-1988
W. Whuite, s/o I. R. & ? Cartheran, 1887-1901
John, s/o J. A. & Jane Cathern, 1889-1915
Mollie, 1892-1926
Nolen, 1892-1949
Carrie, w/o E. Cothren, 1902-1995
E., h/o Carrie, dates illegible
Gwendolyn Earline, 1921-1960
James M. Cothren , 1919 - No death date
Lucian, 1905-1945
Regina, 1926-1983
Yvonne Cothren - birthdate illegible - no death date
Alvie Dillon, 1908-1975 (military marker)
Dewey Elisha, h/o Winifred, 1907-1986
Winifred, w/o Dewey Elisha, dates illegible
Mae Dees, 1889-1963
Roy, 1911-1974
Tyson W., 1876-1966
W. L., 1918-1926
J. A., 1855-1932
James, s/o J. A. & J. L. Gothren, no dates
Jamie, dates illegible
Luther C., 1895-1921
Lucy M., 1898-1986
Bob, 1870-1937
Frank, no dates
Charley C., s/o S. A. & S. A. McManus, 1880-1901
Elizabeth C., 1868-1951
Etta M., d/o O. F. & N. A. McManus, 1899-1899
Herman E., 1922-1946
K. C., 1862-1934
Sophronia A., d. 1925, age 73 years
Stephen A., 1825-1910, CSA marker
Tiny Bell, d/o O. F. & N. A. McManus, 1910-1917
Torrence T., 1886-1968
Wilborn H., s/o S. A. & S. A. McManus, 1882-1901
E. Orean, w/o Hoyt Rollinson, 1914-no death date
Hoyt, h/o E. Orean, 1909-1995
Roddis P., 1934-1980
Thomas Walton, h/o Mary Ann, 1939-no death date
Mary Ann, w/o Thomas Walton Speed, 1942-1984
Jesse A., 1893-1972
Margret, 1887-1947
Pauline (Temple), 1901-1989
S. W., 1866-1947
Charles S., h/o May Miller, 1880-19?
May (Miller), w/o Charles S. Strong, dates illegible
James Truly, h/o Lola Cotten, 1899-1975
Lee Gardner, 1894-1990
Lola (Cotten), w/o James Truly Temple, 1906-1976
Lucien H., 1882-1969
Annie F., w/o Henry B. Thornton, 1895-1988
B. F., 1858-1926
Curtis J., h/o Vada M., 1910-1979
Ellen C., 1896-1973
Henry B., h/o Annie F., 1891-1984
Herbert H., 1898-1957
Jewell, 1923-1974
John Shelby, 1889-1955
Lula D., 1895-1962
Malissa, 1861-1900
Vada M., w/o Curtis J. Thornton, 1914-1995
Grace (Goodwin), 1916-1999
Robert Elihu "R.E.", 1912-1981

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