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  Biloxi City Cemetery
aka Old Biloxi  Cemetery
Harrison County, MS
Tombstone Photographs

1166 Irish Hill Drive, Biloxi

Location: This cemetery runs from HIghway 90 all the way across the reilroad tracks and the front section near the highway is called the old section

File Description Size Date Submitter
Agregaard, Mary L. Holliman Image 124K Oct 2005 John Pritchard
Andrews, Dudley Charles & Margaret Gilchrist Image 90K Oct 2005 John Pritchard
Andrews, G. W. Image 134K Oct 2005 John Pritchard
Aufdemorte, Suzanne Oswald & Frank H., Sr. Image 127K Oct 2005 John Pritchard
Aufdemorte, Viola Image 117K Oct 2005 John Pritchard
Baker, Albertus Image 74K Oct 2005 John Pritchard
Baker, Joseph, Jr. Image 51K Oct 2005 John Pritchard
Baker, Margaret Wilson & Joseph, Sr. Image 59K Oct 2005 John Pritchard
Baker, Walter Edwin     John Pritchard
Bass, Aeoline Gabrich     John Pritchard
Bass, Frank P. Jr. "Buddy"     John Pritchard
Bayly, Edward L.     John Pritchard
Bayly, Georgie     John Pritchard
Bayly, Lee Vern Davis w/oWilliam Bayly     John Pritchard
Bayly,Mary S.     John Pritchard
Bayly, Capt. William     John Pritchard
Bayly,Capt. W.W.     John Pritchard
Beck, Zebulon V. and Anna May Beck     John Pritchard
Becnel, John Septime and Mary Amanda Becnel     John Pritchard
Becnel, Katherine Farley and John A. Becnel     John Pritchard
Bellais, A..A._Sr.     John Pritchard
Bennett, Andrew, Charlotte & James Edward Image 98K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Bessey, Charles A.   Medal of Honor Monument      
Bessey, Elizabeth M.      
Biers, Thelma T. Image 79K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Boehm, Al & Albertine Ruth Boehm Image 105K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Bouron, Louis L. May 5, 1863-Jan. 21, 1943      
Bouron, Louise P.Cuevas w/o Phillippe J. Bouron 1846-1886      
Bouron, Phillippe J.  May 1, 1835-Sept. 30, 1895      
Bowen, Edith B. Wilcox      
Bowen, James J.      
Bowen, Johanna Laage      
Bowen, Lilly M.      
Bowen, Llewellyn R.      
Bowen, L.R.      
Bowring, Wilda Image 110K Feb 2006 Suzanne Giaimo
Braun, Louis Erich      
Brisco, Bridget Image 70K Feb 2006 Suzanne Giaimo
Broussard, Wilson "Neg"      
Bynam, Mrs. Emaline died Dec. 19, 1890 aged 76 years      
Caillavet, Adolphine Gillard & Charles A. Image 105K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Carter, Alicia Whinery      
Carter, Etna Coleman Image 90K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Carter, Thomas Whinrey and Annette Emily Truxillo Carter      
Catrett, John L.      
Catrett, Zulia Moran      
Clark, Moses, Katherine S. Brown & Katie A. Image 67K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Clark,W.B. and Marie L.Clark      
Coleman, Leven Shrieve      
Coleman, Ramona B(iers) Image 79K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Collier, Walter and Margaret Collier      
Cox, Louise Josephine Curet      
Cox, Wayne Milton      
Crawford, William R. and Delia L. Crawford      
Curet, Armand & Ella Image 119K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Curet, Leslie A. Sr.      

DeGlee, Elsie E.

Image 105K

Nov 2005 John Pritchard
DeGlee, Jeanette  Image 105K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
DeGlee, Max  Image 105K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
deLamarre, Rosa Trahant      
DeLin, Martin      
DeLin, Olga Miller Image 105K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Delvaille, Marie J.      
Dubaz, Irene Theriot photo on marker and Luke J. Dubaz      
Dulion, Image 100K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Dulion, Amy Park & Theodore Paul Image 107K Jul 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Dulion, Arnaud Image 90K Jul 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Dulion, Arnaud Michel & Effie Elmer Image 95K Dec 2006 Suzanne Giaimo
Dulion, Juanita Image 77K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Dulion, Mary A Image 58K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Dulion, May Image 88K Dec 2006 Suzanne Giaimo
Dulion, Theodore Paul, Theodore Barton, Virgina , Infant Son Image 28K Sep 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Dulion, Ura Claire Image 104K Jul 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Edwards, Henry      
Edwards, Henry "Harry"      
Edwards, Joyce Bassett w/o Henry Edwards      
Egan, Mary      
Eistetter, John "Johnny" Chinn      
Eistetter, Mary Brown      
Elder, James Walker Sr. and Louisa Wyatt Elder      
Elder, Robert E.Lee      
Eleutarius, Craddock      
Eleuterius, Leonidas      
Eleuterius, Martha Mason w/o Leonidas Eleuterius      
Fayard, Emaline T.      
Ferguson, Loanna Bond & Thomas Michel Image 111K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Fillingame, Cecil W. Image 37K Nov 2005 LaDell Williams
Flickner, Lydia Ragusin      
Franklin, Leona Breaux      
Gaupp, Theresa Lalmont w/o Frederick Gaupp/Lena Gaupp/Frederick Gaupp      
George, Richard H. and Emma L. George      
Girardan, Dr. V.      
Glass, Thomas H. Image 105K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Gorenflo, Caroline      
Gorenflo, Daniel J.      
Gorenflo, Jacob      
Gorenflo, Louis      
Gorenflo, Mary Broerman w/o Jacob Gorenflo      
Gorenflo, Theresa w/o Wm. Gorenflo      
Hahn, John      
Hambalek, Marie A.      
Hannibal, Austin S._      
Hannibal, Josephine      
Hannibal, Julia      
Hannibal, Sina S.      
Hannibal, Waldon S.      
Hannibal, William H.      
Helm, Conrad Oct. 5, 1890-June 18, 1914      
Helm, John  Sept 13, 1867-May 7, 1959      
Helm, Johnny April 10, 1895-July 5, 1915 Lost at Sea      
Helm,  Josephine died Sept. 13, 1914 age 57      
Helm, Martha Taylor      
Holley, Adelia L      
Holley, Anson H_      
Holley, Burissa Bradford_ w/o B. Holley      
Holley, Edna M.      
Holley, George      
Holley, Pauline and Lyman B. Holley      
Johnson, Christian W.      
Johnson, Gertrude Braun double marker with L.E. Braun      
Jones, George E.      
Kneale, Roy Aken and Norma Walther Kneale      
Korman, William/Jacob Korman/Anna Korman      
Kornmann, Louise M. and Antone W. Kornmann      
Kornmann, Vera Louise      
Kuhn, Christian      
Kuhn, Joseph      
Lopez, Belle Markey Image 90K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Ladnier, Francis Cook      
Ladnier, John      
Lamey, Alvin      
Lamey, James      
Lamey, Marie Bill w/o James Lamey      
Landry, Etta White Image 103K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Latimer, Annie G._      
Latimer, Hugh E.      
Lee, Elias      
Lee, Mary E.      
Lewis, Isaac Mott and Augusta L. Lewis      
Llado, Henry Albert and Joan Ryan Llado      
Lopez, Clara Image 89K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Lopez, Clara Image 49K Feb 2006 Suzanne Giaimo
Lopez, Florian Image 92K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Lopez, John Image 23K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Lopez, Josephine Image 1014K Dec 2006 Suzanne Giaimo
Lopez, Julius M Image 91K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Lopez, Julius M., Jr. Image 21K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Lopez, Juanita Image 77K Dec 2006 Suzanne Giaimo
Lopez, Lazaro And Julia Dulion Image 88K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Lopez, Lily Image 94K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Lopez, Monument Image 88K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Maxwell, James Lyle (multiple people on stone)      
Maxwell, Mary Scott  (multiple people on stone)      
Mazara, Steve born in ?,  Austria 1862-1900      
McCabe, Family of James  no dates      
Meyer, Jeanne F. 1817-1892 and Joseph F. Meyer 1848-1931      
Miller, Byron_Lee s/o John and Janet Miller      
Miner, Ada Moore  w/o J.E. Miner      
Monk, Emma C.      
Moody, Mrs. S.A. w/o F. Moody      
Moran, Delphine      
Moran, Laura Mary      
Moran, Marie Virginia      
Moran, Milton Pa      
Moran, Moses      
Mozaro, Anne and _Lucas_Mozaro      
Murray, James      
Murray, Mary Porter      
Murray, W.J.      
Norbo, Anton P_      
O'Donohoe, James and Jane Rooney Husband and wife      
O'Sullivan, Timothy      
Padella, Mary G. amd M.K. Padella      
Pagett, JohnNewton and Josephine M. Treloar      
Park, Barton Image 84K Jul 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Park, George Edward Image 30K Jul 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Perez, Peter Garcia and Annie Scanlon Perez      
Perrilla, William and Frances Perrilla      
Pitfield, Venus Bennett      
Ragausin, Anthony S. and _Mary S._Ragusin      
Rice, C. A., Dr. Image 61K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Roberts, Percy W.      
Roberts, Sallie Aston Glover and Joseph M. Roberts       
Rogge, Christina Breslow w/o Wm. Rogge      
Schmidt. Sarah Ridgeway and Charles W. Schmidt      
Schmidt, Sophia Image 81K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Scott, Alexander C. (multiple people on stone)      
Scott, Edna Florence (multiple people on stone)      
Scott, Jane Shepherd  (multiple people on stone)      
Seidule, Joseph C. Sr.      
Snyder, Charles Carter      
Trabue, Cora L._      
Treloar, Agnes Murray_ w/o Aristide Treloar      
Treloar, John W.      
Treloar,William H.      
Truxillo, Edward Jesse      
Truxillo, Henry Warren      
Vice_Oleuse & Felicie      
Vuyovich_Arthur M.Sr.      
Vuyovich_Harold A.      
Vuyovich, Marco H.      
Wambscans, Charles D, Sr. Image 107K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Wambscans, Kathryn Lopez Image 22K Oct 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Walters_Delores Louise      
Wambsgans_Claire T.      
Webster_Beatrice Edna      
Wells_Mr. George A.      
Wells_Louise R.      
Wentzell, Charles H., Alice Cox., Edgar A., Alice Mary, George, & George O. Image 103K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
White, John Dawson, Sr., Eliza Josephine Image 103K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Wilhelmy_Joyce Elaine      
Wilkerson_Annie R.      
Wilkerson_Sinnie Edna      
Williams_Anna Cox      
Williams_Bernard F.      
Williams_Carroll Sr.      
Williams, Elleanor Image 113K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Williams, James Image 67K Nov 2005 John Pritchard
Williams_John G.      
Williams, John R. Spanish American War      
Williams, John R.  C.S.A.      
Williams_Retta Norma Lincoln      
Williams_Rosemary Provost      
Wilson_Elzie E.      
Wilson, Ernest      
Wilson_Maude R      
Wiltz_Donoville Joseph & Hattie Marie      
Yaeger,  Benjamin A. and M. Eliza Yaeger      
Yaeger, Mary Holley      
Yenewine_Charles P. & Sallie Lewis Yenewine      
Yenewine_Frank M.      
Young_Mattie L. & Walter G.      
Younghans, Perry, Maria, Miranda, and Edward Image 90K Jul 2005 Suzanne Giaimo
Yousko_Frank Joseph & Rose Jesko & Frances Josephine & Eugene Cyrit      

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