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Wright County Missouri
Cemetery Records
File Name Description Size Date Submitted by:
boatman.txt Boatman Cemetery 7Kb Sep 2000 Debbie Ellis Linton
brown.txt Brown Cemetery 3Kb Jun 2003 Frank Brown
davis.txt Jesse P. Davis Cemetery 2Kb Jun 2003 Frank Brown
findley.txt Findley Cemetery 3Kb May 2002 Noel Findley
friend.txt Friend Cemetery 30Kb May 2002 Carol Boykin
green.txt Greem Mountain Cemetery 15Kb Apr 2004 Carol Boykin
lttlvine.txt Little Vine Cemetery 9Kb Mar 1999 Cindy Ferrier
lonestar.txt Lone Star Cemetery (Partial Listing) 2Kb Sep 1997 Angie Clark
locrewse.txt Lower Crewse Cemetery 1Kb May 2002 Carol Boykin
simmons.txt Simmons Cemetery 7Kb May 2002 Carol Boykin
mt.txt Old Mountain Grove Cemetery 17Kb May 2003 C. M.
swedish.txt Swedish Cemetery at Mt. Grove 11 .kb Sep 2004 C. M.
union.txt Union Chapel Cemetery 7Kb Apr 2001 C. M.
upcrewse.txt Upper Crewse Cemetery 1Kb May 2002 Carol Boykin
ussery.txt Ussery Cemetery 1Kb April 2002 Carol Shevchuk

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