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Worth County Missouri
Cemetery Records
File Name Description Size Date Submitted by:
allendal.txt Allendale Cemetery Smith Twp. 24Kb Mar1998 Caron Burns Tait
grntcmty19-28.txt Grant City Cemetery page 19-28 17Kb 1997 Caron Burns Tait
hnyindx.txt Honey Grove Cemetery Index 6.1Kb Mar1997 Caron Burns Tait
hnycmty84-88.txt Honey Grove Cemetery, Fletchall Township Page 84 through 88 6Kb Jan1997 Caron Burns Tait
hnycmty89-94.txt Honey Grove Cemetery, Fletchall Township Page 98 through 94 6Kb 1997 Caron Burns Tait
miller.txt Miller Cemetery & Casper Abplanalp Farm 24Kb 1997 Caron Burns Tait
mtveron.txt Mt. Cernon Cemetery Greene Twp. 13Kb 1997 Caron Burns Tait
oxfrdindx.txt Oxford Cemetery Index Greene Twp. alpha with page 6.7Kb 1997 Caron Burns Tait
oxford.txt Oxford Cemetery Greene Twp. by alpha 18Kb 1997 Caron Burns Tait
oxfrdcmty11-22.txt Oxford Cemetery Greene Twp. by page 21Kb 1997 Caron Burns Tait
ptrycmty.txt Petry Cemetery 3.2Kb 1997 Caron Burns Tait

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